Bingo Wings - know your Jaba flab from your Rump Lumps (and how to get rid of them)

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle

The large flaps of skin which hang underneath the triceps are hated by three quarters of women, according to research.

But experts have now discovered six different types of bingo wing, which all require specialist fat-busting exercise techniques.

Personal trainer Rich Jones, creator of new arm-toning product Powerspin, has also highlighted celebrities who are afflicted by each type of wing:

  • Rump Lumps - so called because they look like a "small backside" at the top of the arms.

  • Denise Welch apparently suffers from Rump Lumps. Mr Jones said: "It's the result of a little extra weight at the top of the arms and also on the pectoral muscles."

  •  Double Chubble - a bingo wing on top of a bingo wing, afflicting those "verging on obese" such as American actress Gabourey Sidibe.

  • Jabba Flabba - where arms have "several rolls of unsightly fat that extends from the wrist to the upper arm". The name comes from Jabba The Hut, a large slug-like creature who appears in the Star Wars film saga.

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  • Arm Charms - a fold of skin which hangs loosely from the arm. Spotted on celebrities including Madonna and Anne Robinson. Arms Charms are common on dieters who shed huge amounts of weight, says Mr Jones, who has developed a routine to banish them using Powerspin.

  • Classic Bingo Wings - often suffered by slim women including Jessica Simpson who carry too much weight and lack tone in their upper arms.

  • Chap Flaps - suffered by men, with Prince Andrew and Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen debuting theirs on the beach. Mr Jones added: "Men tend to suffer from Chap Flaps when they put weight on generally."

He claims exercise is not enough to target bingo wings and suggest drinking water to help sufferers lose weight and appear thinner.

Women who do the same gym exercises should increase their training intensity by trying hill sprints, wind sprints and boxing.

Mr Jones also suggests skipping to kick start weight loss and help define arms as well as  focusing on just biceps and triceps on their own day during a gym workout.

Training with heavier weights with less repetition helps to grow muscles and help tone the arms.

He added: "Eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables and good meats will help you tone your arms. Weight loss is easier too. So if something has been processed, avoid it.

"It doesn't matter how nice your muscles are, if there is a layer of fat covering them, you will never get to see them.

"So, if you are having trouble toning your arms then perhaps you should shift your focus to weight loss practices like a clean diet and good cardio as opposed to weight training five days a week."

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