BKFC star Lorenzo Hunt suspended 18 months for astronomically high testosterone levels

BKFC star Lorenzo Hunt has been suspended after a failed drug test displayed elevated testosterone levels.

The positive test came in connection with his April 27 loss to Mick Terrill at KnuckleMania 4 in Los Angeles. On June 10, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) suspended Hunt for 18 months retroactive and fined him $40,500 (40 percent of his $100,000 purse plus $500 WADA panel test fee). Fight Opinion first reported the failure before MMA Fighting reported the terms of the sanctions.

Per CSAC documents obtained by MMA Junkie, Hunt was flagged for the epitrenbolone, a metabolite of the anabolic steroid trenbolone, as well as elevated testosterone levels. Hunt’s testosterone-to-epitestosterone level was 172-to-1, significantly above the maximum of 4-to-1.

Two sanction options were initially proposed for Hunt – one with a six-month suspension and a $25,000 fine; the other with a nine-month suspension and a $40,000 fine – that were dependent on how long it would take him to pay the owed amount. However, when Hunt failed to appear at his CSAC hearing.

Hunt has yet to comment publicly on the matter, but an exhibit provided by the CSAC displayed an email in which Hunt denied taking any banned substances.

Hunt, 41, is one of the most prominent figures of homegrown BKFC talent. A 3-5 professional MMA fighter, Hunt quickly emerged as one of the promotion’s top talents when he transitioned to bareknuckle fighting in 2019. He went on to win titles at light heavyweight and cruiserweight before the failed heavyweight championship bid vs. Terrill, which he lost due to an arm injury.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie