Carlos Sainz wins British GP as Lewis Hamilton fights his way onto podium in crash-hit Silverstone thriller

Carlos Sainz celebrates victory at Silverstone - REUTERS
Carlos Sainz celebrates victory at Silverstone - REUTERS

All hail Silverstone, the purists’ paradise. So often this vast reclaimed airfield has had its Formula One future questioned, but here, in front of a rapt audience of 142,000, it delivered a race for the ages.

This was a tapestry of theatre, encompassing everything from Zhou Guanyu’s ghastly upside-down crash to Lewis Hamilton’s glorious double overtake, detonating an ecstatic ovation along the pit straight that bears his name. Even Tom Cruise, a man who choreographs action sequences for a living, looked drained by the drama of it all.

Somehow, Carlos Sainz navigated a path through the maelstrom to secure his maiden win, despite a fierce team orders row at Ferrari and a first-lap incursion of five eco-warriors on to the track, where they sat cross-legged until security officials muscled them away.

With the paddock traumatised by Zhou’s first-lap wipe-out – from which he miraculously escaped, despite his helmet scraping along the gravel and his car flipping into the catch fence – Hamilton ensured this British Grand Prix would also be remembered for the racing, waging a fearsome scrap with Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc until the bitter end.

Lewis Hamilton (right) celebrates his podium finish - AP
Lewis Hamilton (right) celebrates his podium finish - AP

While he was ultimately denied his ninth Silverstone triumph, squeezed into third, this result ranks highly in his collection of 185 podium finishes. For the final few laps he was less the seven-time world champion than the born racer back in teenage prodigy mode, battling for an edge over Leclerc for all he was worth. Sainz was out of sight but neither Hamilton nor his Monegasque rival would yield an inch.

No sooner had Hamilton vaulted from fourth to second in a single move than Leclerc wrested back the advantage with a sweeping manoeuvre around the outside of Copse corner. It was the overtake of this or any other season, and precisely the type of spectacle for which F1 cars were redesigned. The intensity of back-and-forth scrapping had not been seen at Silverstone in years, and the vast galleries – among the largest audiences in the history of British sport – screamed their approval.

This sport can be an unwieldy and imperfect beast, but here it enjoyed one of its finest days. Quite apart from the ferocity of the battle on track, the halo, the wishbone-shaped safety device introduced in F1 cars in 2018 to minimise head injuries, saved two lives in the space of four hours.

First Formula Two’s Roy Nissany had a merciful reprieve, protected by the halo after Dennis Hauger’s car landed on top of his. But it was a mere prelude to Zhou’s horrifying catapult into the barriers, his Alfa Romeo turned on its axis by a collision with George Russell, then smashed to pieces when it hit the tyre wall and flew into a steel fence.

Zhou Guanyu crashes into the barrier - PA
Zhou Guanyu crashes into the barrier - PA

Silverstone held its collective breath. Initially, fans in the stand just behind the impact rushed for cover from the shattering of carbon fibre. Soon, though, a mood of bleak foreboding settled over the team garages.

In a worrying sign, the broadcasters would not show any replays. Finally, after an agonising 20-minute wait, reassurance arrived over the radio to Zhou’s Alfa Romeo team-mate, Valtteri Bottas. “Zhou is OK,” the Finn’s engineer announced.

It was a staggering turn of events, a reflection of the brutal forces that these cars are capable of withstanding. Even five years ago, pre-halo, the fate that could have awaited Zhou scarcely bears thinking about.

This time, within an hour, he was passed fit by the medical centre and seen chatting calmly with team principal Frederic Vasseur and F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali. Considering the tangled wreck from which paramedics had extricated him, it defied all logic.

Zhou Guanyu somehow avoided serious injury from his horror crash - AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Zhou Guanyu somehow avoided serious injury from his horror crash - AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

It is at times like these that you appreciate the drivers’ fortitude and mental strength more than ever. Having watched Zhou hurled into mortal peril, they had to head out and do it all over again at the restart. Fortunately the repeat was less harrowing, but still full of intrigue as Sainz fiercely defended his lead from a swarming Max Verstappen. Such was the Dutchman’s race pace, Sainz could not afford to make the slightest mistake. When, under sustained pressure, he slid wide for Verstappen to pounce, the outcome appeared settled.

But the championship leader had problems of his own, having damaged the rear of his Red Bull when he drove over some debris. “The car is 100 per cent broken,” he said. His mood was not helped by the emergency pit stop aimed, Verstappen complaining: “I don’t know why the f--- you put me on these tyres.”

Up ahead, the two Ferrari drivers were drawn into deep internal strife, with Sainz struggling to convince Ferrari that he should not make way for Leclerc, far ahead of him in the world title race.

Ferrari struggled to decide whether to back Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc - GETTY IMAGES
Ferrari struggled to decide whether to back Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc - GETTY IMAGES

Unless Sainz hit a strict time target, Ferrari warned, they would be “swapping the cars”. “One more lap,” the Spaniard appealed. “Not good enough,” came the reply. It was a mystifying piece of strategy, which threatened to cost Leclerc valuable time and hand the initiative to Hamilton.

That impression only sharpened when Esteban Ocon limped off with a shredded tyre, necessitating a safety car. Hamilton took the invitation to pit for a set of softs, laying a platform to attack Leclerc, a sitting duck on 14-lap-old hard tyres.

Cue mayhem as the green flag was waved once more. Hamilton found himself wheel-to-wheel with Leclerc and a resurgent Perez, propelled into second and in the hunt for Sainz. But for all the strides Mercedes have made, their car is still not quick enough to reel in Ferrari on the straights.

Third, in the end, was the best Hamilton could manage despite his remarkable display of racecraft. The glory belonged to Sainz, a winner at last his 150th attempt. “It hasn’t quite sunk in yet,” he said. “I’m waiting for the minutes to go by, to realise what has actually happened.”

It was a sentiment shared by the vast human throng who applauded him, struggling to compute a race that beggared belief.

British Grand Prix: as it happened

05:42 PM

Updated constructor standings

05:40 PM

Updated driver standings: Top 10

It's not as good as it could have been for Leclerc. But it could have been worse.

05:38 PM

That's Ferraris first win for a while

Probably the 'wrong' drivers taking the top two positions from Ferrari and Red Bull's perspective. But that's a good thing for the championship.

05:32 PM

Hamilton speaks after a battling podium

We don't see this [the crowds] anywhere else around the world. I gave it everything today. I was trying to chase down the Ferraris. Congratulations to Carlos. We've made a step closer to them [the frontrunners]. At the end it was difficult. Once you get a Red Bull behind them, they are so fast on the straights. Thank you to everybody. We're going to continue to push.

05:30 PM

Perez reacts to second

It was a great comeback. We didn't give up, we kept pushing. The opportunity came at the end. It was a great fight first with Charles and then with Lewis. It was a good fight.

05:28 PM

Sainz reacts to his win

I don't know what to say. It's amazing. First race win, 150 races later, with Ferrari in Silverstone. I cannpt ask for more. It's a very special day - a day that I will never forget. Lewis was on it today I heard. It was one of his days but we managed to hold on and I'm incredibly happy.

It was not easy. I struggled quite a bit with the balance, especially in the first stint. The SC gave me the opportunity to get back on it and we did it. You can imagine the nerves on the SC restart knowing that we needed to get it down.

05:24 PM


  1. SAI

  2. PER

  3. HAM

  4. LEC

  5. ALO

  6. NOR

  7. VER

  8. MSC

  9. VET

  10. MAG

  11. STR

  12. LAT

  13. RIC

  14. TSU


Hamilton with the fastest lap.

05:23 PM


What a race that was! After all the chaos at the front (Zhou has been released from the medical centre, thankfully), Sainz takes his first win and for Ferrari! He becomes the second Spaniard to take a race win in F1.

Perez second (and he will not drop down, no further investigation on that incident), Hamilton third, Leclerc fourth.

05:21 PM


Sainz starts his final tour of what, he hopes, will be his first Grand Prix win.

Perez second, Hamilton third. Hamilton has been in contention for all day. His pace never dropped off. Sainz's pace has been variable but is a bit fortunate, perhaps, to take advantage of the late SC. But he has had a fair bit of bad luck so far this season, too.

Only a few corners left for him to complete.

05:19 PM

Lap 51 of 52 - Sainz crusing here

What an up and down race it has been for Ferrari. And Perez! Who damaged his front wing fighting with Leclerc earlier. Verstappen holding off Schumacher for seventh.  Alonso still with DRS range of Leclerc for fourth. Can he hold on here?

05:18 PM

Lap 50 of 52 - Mick Schumacher having a ding-dong battle with Verstappen

TV images not showing the fight up front. Sainz looking comfortable here.

Hamilton has dropped off the back of Perez. Three seconds the gap now.

05:16 PM

Lap 49 of 52 - Sainz leads Perez by 3.5s

Hamilton 2.4 behind Perez (who may get a penalty), Leclerc 1.6 behind Hamilton but now under huge pressure from Alonso. Verstappen is in seventh. This could have been an excellent race for Leclerc's championship hopes... but it is not looking that way at the moment.

Verstappen is, however, under pressure from Mick Schumacher.

05:15 PM

Lap 48 of 52 - Hamilton gets Leclerc around the outside of Luffield

But Leclerc fights back and retakes the position around the outside of Copse! On the hard tyres! That is astonishing!

Hamilton then gets the position back into Stowe! This is just excellent racing. Hamilton into third... but surely nobody can stop Carlos Sainz now?

05:14 PM

Lap 47 of 52 - Perez being investigated for leaving the track and gaining an advantage

In that incident on the last lap. Hamilton very close to Leclerc through Copse but loses a bit of time on exit. He gets DRS and Leclerc forces him around the outside... but the move doesn't stick.

It's close again into the Club chicane but still Leclerc holds position. Sainz leads Perez by 3.8s...

05:12 PM

Lap 46 of 52 - Hamilton drops back!

He leaves the door open for Perez and is back down to fourth behind the Mexican and Leclerc! Alonso is getting involved in his Alpine in fifth! This is brilliant racing on an excellent track. Is Hamilton even going to get a podium here? Can Alonso sneak in there?

05:11 PM

Lap 45 of 52 - DRS enabled

That makes it more interesting. Sainz the big favourie for this race. Perez right up onto Leclerc now. Hamilton tries to stay in touch.

Perez will get DRS down the Hangar Straight but will that be enough? He's close on the exit...

He dives up the inside! But Leclerc fights back! They get tangled up into Club and Hamilton takes the position for second...

05:09 PM

Lap 44 of 52 - Sainz leads Leclerc by 1.7s

Hamilton gets fighty up the inside of Woodcote! And then Copse!

Sainz is now scampering up the road, with a near two-second lead. Hamilton needs to make this move very soon... but Perez is fighting well against Hamilton, not for the first time.

Quickest lap by Sainz. 

05:07 PM

Lap 43 of 52 - Race restarts

It's the Ferraris who lead the way away but Perez gets an excellent restart and is challenging Hamilton! He takes the place from Hamilton as Sainz takes the lead from Leclerc into Luffield!

Could Perez win this race?!

Hamilton's chances have just taken a step back here... a big one? Yes, I think so. Still plenty of laps to go if he has the pace.  But Sainz has good pace.

05:06 PM

Lap 42 of 52 - SC in this lap

Magnussen will also be vulnerable. He's on 19-lap old medium tyres. Vettel on new mediums. Leclerc on old hard tyres. Everyone else on fresh(ish) softs.

Sainz told to give 10 car lengths under the SC before the restart to Leclerc to give him some space. He is not happy about that at all. He will be in much better shape than Leclerc to win this race.

Here we go...

05:03 PM

Lap 41 of 52 - Lapped cars now allowed to overtake

It's only two of them, I think. The SC goes around another lap, then.

"Guys, I'm going to be a lot quicker than Charles," Sainz says. "Copy," is the reply. 10 laps of racing it will be, then.

05:01 PM

Lap 41 of 51 - Ocon's car has been removed from danger

Here's the order:

  1. LEC

  2. SAI

  3. HAM

  4. PER

  5. NOR

  6. ALO

  7. VET

  8. MAG

  9. VER

  10. STR

It looks like it's only going to be Leclerc on old hard tyres for the final laps. We might have 10 or 11 laps of racing now. Where will Leclerc end up here? He will be extremely vulnerable and the pack will be bunched up greatly.

05:00 PM

Lap 40 of 52 - Safety Car out

Hamilton goes onto the softs and questions the tyre choice. Well, sort of. Nothing too harsh. "Are you sure this is the right tyre?" he says. Sainz also onto the softs.  They might get eight or nine laps of racing with a rolling restart. The softs are quite durable on this track.

Verstappen stops under the SC.

04:58 PM

Lap 39 of 52 - Ocon has a problem!

Verstappen overtakes him and then he slows down and pulls to the side of the track...

He tries to get to the end of the pit lane exit but he can't. This is surely going to be a safety car...!

Will anyone stop? Sainz does. Hamilton does! Leclerc stays out. That removes Hamilton's tyre advantage over Sainz... but gives him one over Leclerc. Is that going to work out for Ferrari? Using Sainz as a blocker?

04:56 PM

Lap 38 of 52 - Quickest lap of the day last time around for Hamilton

He's flying. But he wasn't that much quicker than Leclerc. Sainz is first up, though. So let's not get ahead of ourselves.

04:54 PM

Lap 37 of 52 - Hamilton's tyres are coming in now

He set the fastest final sector... six seconds to leader Leclerc, so that's about 0.4s per lap to catch Leclerc. Sainz should be an easier proposition.

Ocon gets Verstappen at Stowe! Miserable afternoon for Verstappen. But this is what the championship needed. he has Mick Schumacher only a second behind now. And Magnussen three seconds behind him too.

04:53 PM

Lap 36 of 52 - Leclerc just set the fastest lap

It was (only?) four tenths quicker than Hamilton, though. Hamilton was three tenths or so quicker than Sainz.

Leclerc is banging in some quick sectors now. Extending his lead over Sainz and building that advantage over Hamilton.

04:51 PM

Lap 35 of 52 - Top six and gaps after Hamilton's stop

  1. LEC

  2. SAI +1.9

  3. HAM +5.9

  4. PER +25.7

  5. NOR +39.4

  6. ALO +42.0

Hamilton not yet on blistering pace. But we saw that Leclerc lost pace with his loss of downforce towards the end of the first stint. Bit of sliding? Hamilton told that tyre warm-up will be a problem but that his pace should be good once they come in.

04:49 PM

Lap 34 of 52 - In comes Hamilton!

18 laps to go. He will come out likely behind Sainz and Leclerc... but he will have fresher tyres. 13 laps fresher than Sainz and eight laps fresher than Leclerc. Was it a bit of a slow stop? Yep. 4.3s. That's cost him 1.5s probably. That wouldn't have been enough to get him ahead of Sainz but it's extra time he needs to make up now.

04:47 PM

Lap 32 of 52 - Hamilton does his fastest lap of the race

He's 18..4s ahead of Leclerc now. But Leclerc has just done the fastest middle sector.

04:45 PM

Lap 31 of 52 - Sainz lets Leclerc through on the Wellington Straight

That's fair enough. Right, now what happens with Hamilton and his pit stop? He will have tyres five laps (at least) fresher than Leclerc.

04:44 PM

Lap 30 of 52 - It's still Sainz from Leclerc in second and third

This is harming Ferrari... losing time to Hamilton.

04:43 PM

Lap 29 of 52 - Top eight and gaps

  1. HAM

  2. SAI +18.3

  3. LEC +19.1

  4. NOR +29.6

  5. ALO +31.7

  6. PER +41.2

  7. VET +68.2

  8. VER +72.2

Sainz is told that he has to hit a target lap time of 1:32.2 or they are going to swap the cars.

04:41 PM

Lap 28 of 52 - Hamilton's pace is still good

Leclerc is the quicker Ferrari again but he is behind Sainz. Leclerc told that he is free to fight for the win with Sainz. They are losing out to Hamilton here, who might well end up coming out in the lead after his stop...

04:38 PM

Lap 27 of 52 - What is Hamilton's pace on old mediums like compared to the Ferraris on new hards?

It's there or thereabouts. Perhaps even quicker. Is Hamilton now the new favourite for this race? Not sure. Depends how much longer he goes for. Now it's a one-stopper will a tyre advantage help towards the end of the race?

04:37 PM

Lap 26 of 52 - Verstappen not happy at his new tyres

Or the decision to do so. Leclerc comes out two seconds behind Sainz, so that damage is presumably costing him now. Or at least it cost him when he was on older rubber.

Hamilton says his tyres are still good.

04:36 PM

Lap 25 of 52 - Hamilton taking 0.2-0.3s out of Leclerc's lead every lap now

He's now within DRS range!

In comes Leclerc to the pits and Hamilton assumes the lead! They do not change his front wing. 

Hammer time? Surely. 

04:34 PM

Lap 24 of 52 - Top 10

  1. LEC

  2. HAM +1.4

  3. SAI +19.0

  4. NOR +23.4

  5. ALO +25.4

  6. PER +40.4

  7. VET +59.5

  8. VER +60.8

  9. LAT +63.8

  10. OCO +65.3

Vettel gets Verstappen for seventh!

04:33 PM

Lap 23 of 52 - Hamilton says his tyres are still strong

He has set the fastest lap of the race. Again. He's driving really well here. He will be within DRS range of Leclerc within three or four laps here. Sainz now on a different strategy to Leclerc, who has stayed out for a few laps. Will Ferrari also change Leclerc's damaged wing at the front?

In comes Verstappen again.

04:31 PM

Lap 22 of 52 - Hamilton still eating into Leclerc's lead

His pace has not been superb since he went into clean air.

04:29 PM

Lap 21 of 52 - Hamilton definitely in this race now

He's reminded that Leclerc has some front wing damage.

04:29 PM

Lap 20 of 52 - Sainz stops from the lead

Will that be what works out for Ferrari? Maybe, maybe not. They really would prefer Leclerc up ahead. Quick-ish stop, 2.5s. Will Leclerc come in too? Hamilton is within three seconds of Leclerc now...

Sainz went onto the hard tyres. Leclerc now leads Hamilton.

04:27 PM

Lap 19 of 52 - Sainz told he needs to push

Verstappen's lap times are well off the leaders now. Nearly two seconds at the moment. Hamilton not making enormous in-roads into the leaders, but doing it steadily. He posts the fastest lap again.

04:25 PM

Lap 18 of 52 - Sainz told to hit a 1.32.9

He's a few tenths off that at the moment. Does Hamilton get within undercut range here? Ferrari have been... not good operationally this season.  Hamilton sets the fastest lap, a few tenths quicker than the two red cars ahead.

04:24 PM

Lap 17 of 52 - This Ferrari squabble is helping Hamilton

He is flying. Six-tenths quicker than leader Sainz last time around. I can't see Sainz giving this one up too easily... but it may come out in the strategy.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz of Spain steers his car during the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022 - AP
Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz of Spain steers his car during the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022 - AP

Leclerc has lost five points of downforce here, too. Is Hamilton in this for the win? He has to be. He has the pace at the moment.

04:22 PM

Lap 16 of 52 - Top 10 and gaps

  1. SAI

  2. LEC +0.7

  3. HAM +4.9

  4. NOR +16.9

  5. ALO +18.5

  6. VER +25.1

  7. OCO +29.1

  8. LAT +30.3

  9. BOT +30.7

  10. RIC +31.3

Leclerc says this is messing up his race. Well, he doesn't say "messing" exactly, but you get the picture.

04:20 PM

Lap 15 of 52 - Verstappen says he's losing the car everywhere

But is basically just told to carry on with it but that he's not in danger. Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race as the Ferraris start to squabble.

04:20 PM

Lap 14 of 52 - Bodywork damage for Verstappen

He is told it is not critical but there is performance loss. Hamilton now within five seconds of Leclerc, who is within DRS range of Sainz.  Decision for Ferrari now?

04:18 PM

Lap 13 of 52 - Big lock up as he crossed the pit lane line from Verstappen

He has gone onto a new set of medium tyres.

Sainz leads Leclerc. Verstappen says he thinks there's something broken on the rear. The new tyres haven't solved the problem (completely or at all?).

"The car is 100 per cent broken," he says.

04:16 PM

Lap 12 of 52 - Sainz retakes the lead!

Verstappen has a problem! He says he thinks he ran over some carbon fibre and has a puncture! He dives into the pits and now it's a Ferrari 1-2! With Hamilton in third...

04:15 PM

Lap 11 of 52 - Synchronised spinning from AlphaTauri

I think there was a collision as they went into turn three...

Sainz now has Leclerc on his rear wing.

Hamilton the quickest man on the track... Sainz probably holding up Leclerc, which means Ferrari might have a decision to make here.

04:13 PM


He runs wide on the exit of the esses and Verstappen takes the lead! It's another mistake from Sainz and what a costly one. Is that his race for victory over?

04:11 PM

Lap 9 of 52 - "He's a bit quicker," Sainz says

Cannot argue with that. Leclerc actually hasn't dropped back by all that much from the front two. Perez the fastest man on track on fresh medium tyres.

Verstappen is closer than ever into Club. Roles reversed from the last race in Canada.

04:09 PM

Lap 8 of 52 - Sainz leads by 0.9s

Hamilton has decent pace in fourth, though he has nearly six seconds to make up on Leclerc. Though Leclerc has damage and has dropped back from the front two.

04:08 PM

Lap 7 of 52 - Sainz leads Verstappen but by 0.9s

That's not very much.

04:06 PM

Lap 6 of 52 - Hamilton gets Norris with DRS down the Wellington straight

Into fourth now and that is popular with the crowd. Well, parts of it. One Brit on another.

04:04 PM

Lap 5 of 52 - Sainz leads Verstappen by 1.4s

Perez has dropped back a bit in fourth and is under pressure from Norris. Leclerc is told that he has lost the front end-plate from his front wing somewhere.

Hamilton getting close to the back of Norris as well now. Perez dives into the pits and Hamilton thinks about a dive on Norris.

04:03 PM

Lap 4 of 52 - Sainz leads Verstappen

  1. SAI

  2. VER

  3. LEC

  4. PER

  5. NOR

  6. HAM

  7. GAS

  8. ALO

  9. TSU

  10. OCO

04:02 PM


It's an incredibly aggressive start from Sainz and generally from the front few! Sainz gets very aggressive in moving across and defending his lead at turns one and two and he does it aggressively. He keeps the lead!

As they come into the end of the loop section Leclerc is getting involved in the act, taking Perez for third! And nearly more...

Perez then tags the back of Leclerc (I think) and has front wing damage, with some debris flying off...

That was a fun restart... Hamilton down into sixth now, behind Norris.

03:59 PM

Sainz has gone onto the mediums, then

Or stayed on them. Verstappen has changed to them.

03:58 PM

The cars are circulating behind the SC now

See no reason why it won't be a standing start. Indeed it is.

03:55 PM


1. SAI 2. VER
3. LEC 4. PER
5. HAM 6. NOR
7. ALO 8. LAT
9. GAS 10. BOT
11. TSU 12. RIC
13. OCO 14. MAG
15. VET 16. MSC
17. STR

Three cars (Zhou, Albon and Russell) will not take the restart.

03:53 PM

Watch: Zhou's first lap crash

03:48 PM

It looks like the grid has reverted to the order at the start

They didn't complete a racing lap before the race was red flagged (and possibly not even a sector), so I guess that's it, perhaps. Shame for Hamilton. I wonder if he'll put on a set of soft tyres. And shame for Verstappen, too. Wonder if he stays on the softs.

03:46 PM


Just about 10 minutes.

03:43 PM

This fan's perspective is a little scary

Doesn't fully do it justice, I am sure.

 Update: Zhou is in the medical centre, has no fractures and "in the circumstances, is pretty okay" according to his team.

03:40 PM

A few more images of Zhou's crash

Alfa Romeo driver Guanyu Zhou of China crashes at the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022 - AP
Alfa Romeo driver Guanyu Zhou of China crashes at the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022 - AP
Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 Mercedes' George Russell and Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou crash out at the start of the race - REUTERS
Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 Mercedes' George Russell and Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou crash out at the start of the race - REUTERS
British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou is stuck in the car as Mercedes' George Russell looks on after they crashed out at the start of the race - Pool via REUTERS 
British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou is stuck in the car as Mercedes' George Russell looks on after they crashed out at the start of the race - Pool via REUTERS

The final image shows George Russell standing on the barriers at the scene of the accident.

03:28 PM


No word on an update yet. Think they are now removing Zhou's car.

Replays show that Zhou's car actually leapt over the tyre barrier and went into the catch fencing. He was clipped on his rear right by Russell, who was caught in the middle. Nasty, in short. Albon was punted from the rear by Vettel and went sideways into the near-side barrier, putting him out of the race.

It's another dramatic start at Silverstone...

03:19 PM

Sounds like Zhou is out of the car

He is on a stretcher and moving and now into an ambulance. That's good news, but we don't know any more than that at the moment.

Still no replays of the incident so we don't know exactly who did what but it looked quite nasty.

Alfa Romeo driver Guanyu Zhou of China crashes at the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022. - AP
Alfa Romeo driver Guanyu Zhou of China crashes at the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit, in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 3, 2022. - AP

We're still under red flag and may well be for a little while.

03:11 PM

Sounds like Zhou's car is in a difficult position to get him out of the car

Sideways or upside down and in the barriers.

03:09 PM

Order under the red flag

The extraction team are trying to get Zhou out of the car.

  1. VER

  2. SAI

  3. HAM

  4. LEC

  5. ALO

  6. PER

  7. NOR

  8. LAT

  9. BOT

  10. RIC


Tsunoda and Ocon have damaged cars but under red flag conditions they will be able to remedy that. Very little chance of that happening with Russell... but you never know.

03:06 PM


Not surprisingly they have red flagged the race.

03:06 PM


Verstappen on the soft tyres takes the lead with his quicker rubber! Hamilton is up into third ahead of Leclerc and Alonso...

But there's a multi-car crash at the start which had Zhou upside down at the first corner... he went backwards upside down into the barriers.

Russell was caught up in it and is out, Albon is also out, Tsunoda and Ocon were also caught up in it and were limping home.

Russell looked to be running towards Zhou's car. We have not yet seen a replay or any further footage.

03:02 PM

It's a bit dark behind the Hangar Straight

Sainz on pole ahead of Verstappen, Leclerc and Sergio Perez. Hamilton in fifth.

03:01 PM

Formation lap begins!

Looks like Charles Leclerc is all good.

Everyone in the top 10 is on mediums apart from Verstappen and Latifi who are on softs and George Russell who is on hards.

02:59 PM

Looks like the threat of rain has receded

02:55 PM

Final starting grid

02:51 PM

Strategies for today

Wouldn't be surprised to see a few one-stoppers in the midfield.

02:48 PM

Big day for this man

Carlos Sainz - PA
Carlos Sainz - PA

Think a lot of people would love to see him win his first race. Has had a rocky season, but has driven excellently over the past three or so years in general.

02:43 PM

Bit of late drama on Leclerc's Ferrari on the grid

They are changing some kind of electronic component according to Sky Sports' Ted Kravitz. Under 20 minutes until lights out now.

02:42 PM

Looks like it is a record and sell-out crowd

402,000 or so throughout the weekend, which certainly is a big number.

02:37 PM

Current constructor standings

02:31 PM

There were a few spots of rain earlier not too long ago

But it was nothing significant really. The sun has come out a bit but dark clouds are lurking in the distance as the Red Arrows fly over the track.

02:29 PM

The pit lane opened a few minutes ago

Drivers making their way to the grid now.

A Ferrari leaves the pit lane - Telegraph
A Ferrari leaves the pit lane - Telegraph

02:27 PM

Current driver standings: Top 10

02:16 PM

What was not a nice moment...

...was during the display of historic F1 cars earlier on. There was a Minardi from 1999, but it limped around for just one lap. Sad.

The 1999 Minardi M01 drives on track as part of the Best of British - Historic F1 Cars parade ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone on July 01, 2022 in Northampton, England - Getty Images Europe 
The 1999 Minardi M01 drives on track as part of the Best of British - Historic F1 Cars parade ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone on July 01, 2022 in Northampton, England - Getty Images Europe

02:11 PM

This was a nice moment earlier

02:05 PM

Do you want another weather update?

Of course you do.

A downpour just before the formation lap would be interesting, wouldn't it?

02:02 PM

It is extremely close between Hamilton and Russell in qualifying after 10 races

It is 5-5 in the head-to-head. Just 0.076 per cent separates them in average lap time. And their average qualifying position is the same: 7.7. That's another big check in Russell's book (in my book).

Hamilton could do with regaining some ground in the championship, mind.

01:49 PM

Times after qualifying

  1. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spa) Ferrari 1min 40.983secs

  2. Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull 1:41.055

  3. Charles Leclerc (Mon) Ferrari 1:41.298

  4. Sergio Perez (Mex) Red Bull 1:41.616

  5. Lewis Hamilton (Gbr) Mercedes GP 1:41.995

  6. Lando Norris (Gbr) McLaren 1:42.084

  7. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Alpine 1:42.116

  8. George Russell (Gbr) Mercedes GP 1:42.161

  9. Guanyu Zhou (Chn) Alfa Romeo Racing 1:42.719

  10. Nicholas Latifi (Can) Williams 2:03.095

  11. Pierre Gasly (Fra) Scuderia AlphaTauri 1:43.702

  12. Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Alfa Romeo Racing 1:44.232

  13. Yuki Tsunoda (Jpn) Scuderia AlphaTauri 1:44.311

  14. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus) McLaren 1:44.355

  15. Esteban Ocon (Fra) Alpine 1:45.190

  16. Alexander Albon (Tha) Williams 1:42.078

  17. Kevin Magnussen (Den) Haas F1 1:42.159

  18. Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Aston Martin 1:42.666

  19. Mick Schumacher (Ger) Haas F1 1:42.708

  20. Lance Stroll (Can) Aston Martin 1:43.430

01:43 PM

Weather update...

It's a bit cloudy at the moment.

12:31 PM

Good afternoon F1 fans

And welcome to one of the finest days in the British sporting calendar. And maybe one of the finest days in the world sporting calendar. It's the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It has been an odd and disrupted weekend so far with little running in the dry. FP1 and qualifying were both in wet conditions and yesterday it was Carlos Sainz who prevailed in the soggy conditions, taking his first F1 pole position, putting his Ferrari quickest ahead of Max Verstappen and then team-mate Charles Leclerc.

Sainz said he was surprised to take pole position as he thought his quickest lap in Q3 was "decent" but apparently nothing more. The conditions were consistently wet - though not wet enough for extreme wet tyres - though they did vary slightly. Perhaps had Verstappen not been hampered by a yellow flag in the middle sector on his final run then pole would have been his instead. He was within a tenth of a second of Sainz, after all.

Mercedes - and Hamilton in particular - looked strong throughout the session. Certainly in contention for the front row, if not something even better. Yet Hamilton only managed fifth after what seemed to be a disagreement over a push lap and a warm-up lap. Team-mate George Russell was three places further back after a disappointing session. He starts behind the impressive Lando Norris (McLaren, sixth) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine, seventh). This track was supposed to be better for Mercedes and Hamilton said yesterday that he still held out some hope for a podium. But we will have to wait and see.

Perhaps a surprising sub-plot (or perhaps not) was that Verstappen was booed during his post-qualifying interview. There is, clearly, still a bit of ill-feeling among British (and Hamilton) fans. It was by no means a majority but the noise was not insignificant. In any case, he dismissed them after.

“It was a bit disappointing,” Verstappen said. “I couldn’t really understand Billy – it was a problem. But if they want to boo, they do that. For me, it is not going to change anything. Maybe some of them don’t like me. That’s fine. They all have their own opinions and I don’t care.”

The race gets under way at 3pm BST and we will be here for all the build-up, live updates and reaction from what we hope will be another Silverstone cracker, as so many of them are.