Brooklinn Khoury Claps Back at Critics of Her Reconstructed Nose: 'Matches Perfectly with My Face'

The pro skateboarder, 23, raved that her doctor did “such a good job” with her nose surgery after she was attacked by a pit bull in November 2020

Brooklinn Khoury/Instagram (2)
Brooklinn Khoury/Instagram (2)

Brooklinn Khoury is not letting any critics dictate how she feels about the results of her nose reconstruction.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old pro skateboarder — who lost her upper lip and part of her nose after being attacked by a pit bull in 2020 — made a TikTok video responding to one commenter who said, "I still feel like the surgeons did her nose dirty, rough job. She's absolutely stunning though."

"I strongly disagree," Khoury said in the video, sharing a photo from after the dog attack and before any reconstructive surgeries. "I literally could not breathe. This nose hole was completely shut. I had no cartilage in the tip or under at all."

"This is what I look like after surgery," she added, showing off her new nose with a smile. "I think it matches perfectly with my face."

She added in the caption, "My surgeon did such a good job with this nose surgery. He had to recreate the tip and brace my nostrils because they would collapse. He did so so good."

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In recent weeks, Khoury has been sharing her excitement on social media as she continues to heal from her final lip reconstruction surgery. Last month she explained to her followers what her doctor achieved with her latest surgery.

"Today you can definitely see more definition of the lip," Khoury, 23 said. "Although it is still very swollen, I do see the central columns forming and that dimple as well. Also what my doctor did was raise the lip so I have more teeth show."

"And if you look at your lip, you'll notice you have this right here," she continued, pointing to the unique shape under her top lip. "My doctor was able to mimic that. So my lip looks more natural and aesthetic."

"Still very swollen, but the sutures are out and the lip is healing good!" she added in the caption. "I feel like I am still in shock. I can't believe I have the cupid bow and the lip line! So crazy."

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Brooklinn Khoury
Brooklinn Khoury

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Ahead of her surgery, Khoury opened up to PEOPLE about what the procedure entailed and her feelings as she approaches the end of this long journey.

"Basically, my doctor is recreating the top lip in this surgery — creating a Cupid's bow and central columns. So kind of making my lip look more aesthetic," Khoury told PEOPLE, noting that her surgeries typically take all day to complete. "My doctor's very cautious and wants to do everything perfectly."

Looking to the future, Khoury says she is eager to put these surgeries behind her and resume the high-velocity lifestyle she led prior to the attack.

"That's one of the hardest things is just having to sit still and kind of refocus my attention into not being active and hiking, biking, surfing and skating," she says. "But we're almost at the finish line."

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