What’s coming to Prime Video this October? From The Rings of Power to The Peripheral, this month’s releases

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video)
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video)

As the weather closes in, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the leaves fall past the window – in the company of some excellent television, naturally.

From horror to science fiction, Amazon has some intriguing new shows to enjoy in the coming weeks, so settle back and reach for the remote.

Original Content

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

If you’ve not been watching The Rings of Power, where have you been? Amazon’s blockbuster show is reputed to be the most expensive in history, and you can tell: the visual effects are jaw-dropping, the costumes are gorgeous and the cast are acting their hearts out. It tells the story of the forging of the Rings of Power – as well as a host of other key events in Middle Earth’s history that shapes the world of Aragorn, Frodo and company in The Lord of the Rings. Keep an eye out, as the episodes drop on Prime every Friday.

The Peripheral

Premises don’t get much more intriguing than this: in an alternate reality shaped by new-fangled technology, a woman discovers a window into her own dark future. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, it promises to be a riveting watch, especially for sci-fi fans.

The Devil’s Hour

Get ready to hide behind the cushions. In this star-studded TV series (Call the Midwife’s Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi feature, among others), Raine plays Lucy Chambers, a woman who mysteriously wakes every night at 3.33am – otherwise known as the Devil’s Hour. But why? And what relationship does she have with criminal Gideon (Capaldi) or a murder she’s supposed to know nothing about? Get ready for plot twists galore.

Non-Original Content

Catherine Called Birdy

Nobody wants to get married at the age of 14 – especially if you’re a medieval girl whose father is trying to settle debts by foisting you off onto his friends. In this joyous proto-feminist romp by Girls creator Lena Dunham, Game of Thrones alumnus Bella Ramsey plays Birdy, who resorts to all manner of shenanigans to foil her suitors’ plans for her.

Argentina, 1985

This Argentine-American film follows the events of the infamous 1985 Trial of the Juntas. The trials, which prosecuted the people behind Argentina’s last military dictatorship, were only successful thanks to the hard work of a dedicated group of lawyers determined to bring them to justice. Tune in – but only if you have a box of tissues to hand.

Run Sweetheart Run

Another horror film? Well, it is October, after all. In this thriller, a woman tries to get home through the backstreets of Los Angeles after her blind date unexpectedly turns violent. Needless to say, she’s being pursued, and what follows is an extremely tense two hours of viewing.