Commanders president threatens to restrict reporter's access after 'unprofessional' Carson Wentz interview

Washington Commanders president Jason Wright wasn't happy with the way one reporter handled an interview with quarterback Carson Wentz. Wright implied that he would restrict the reporter's access after a "pompous, unprofessional" back and forth with Wentz.

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The reporter in question is Scott Abraham, who works for ABC 7 in Washington, D.C. Abraham sat down with Wentz and offered up some blunt questions about Wentz's struggles in camp and around the NFL.

Wright took issue with the way the interview went down.

The questions from Abraham were harsh and direct. They could have been asked in a less combative way and were likely phrased in this manner to elicit a response from Wentz. However, all of Abraham's questions were fair. Multiple teams have traded Wentz and there have been reports that Wentz is struggling during camp. Reporters aren't supposed to be cheerleaders for the teams they cover. They are supposed to ask difficult questions. Abraham did that, even if you can quibble with his phrasing.

To Wentz's credit, he handled the situation well. He didn't get flustered or frustrated by the way the questions were asked, and provided decent answers. The interview clip Wright criticized didn't go viral due to Wentz's reaction. It went viral due to the reporter's harsh questions.

With that said, Wright threatening to limit Abraham's "special access" is an extreme step. The interview could be classified as provocative, but the questions were not out of line. By tweeting out the clip and calling out the reporter, Wright brought more attention to something that would have blown over quickly.

Jason Wright with the Commanders.
Commanders president Jason Wright didn't appreciate a reporter's interview with Carson Wentz. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) (Rob Carr via Getty Images)