Conor McGregor highlights conundrum Michael Chandler faces in wake of UFC 303 cancellation

When former UFC title challenger Megan Anderson was asked this week if Michael Chandler should continue to wait for a fight with Conor McGregor, she expressed nothing but frustration at the situation.

“I’d be so upset if I was Michael Chandler right now,” Anderson, who works as an ESPN analyst, said in a TV segment. “I would be upset, but he’s also got himself to blame. He put himself on the shelf for two years waiting for this fight. He could have said, ‘Hey, whenever Conor decides he’s ready then we’ll match it, and I’ll take some fights in between to stay active.’ He could’ve gone that route, but he chose not to. He chose to wait it out, and look where that’s left him.

“He might not ever fight Conor McGregor, and he’s just put himself on the shelf, out of the cage for two years. That’s two years of his prime that he’s losing out on. That’s two years of money that he’s losing out on, and he has a family that he needs to provide for.”

Indeed, Chandler has been exceptionally patient as he’s waited for the biggest fight of his storied career to come to fruition. Chandler is being put to the ultimate test after McGregor revealed Friday that a broken toe caused his sudden withdrawal from their UFC 303 headliner that was set for June 29.

So why would Chandler continue to sit idle waiting for McGregor? “The Notorious” shed some light Friday with pair of X posts in response to critics of Chandler’s decision to stay on the shelf.

Chandler is getting paid 10x of what his contract states for other fights. Meaning he would need to fight 10 fights to make what he would make in this one. I’m The One.

For those saying he could have fought 2 or 3 times by now etc. He’d need 10 to break even with this cheque.

If true, a payday 10 times Chandler’s regular rate would certainly explain the display of patience to this point. The one question that remains is if McGregor will still fight Chandler after McGregor said he looks forward to fighting out his UFC contract – against “Chandler or not.”

All that does is make it clear that Chandler’s patience will continue to be thoroughly tested.

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