Coronation Street fans annoyed at Carla Barlow victim-blaming

Coronation Street's Carla Connor went for the jugular during a confrontation with Daisy Midgeley this week.

In recent scenes which aired on the ITV soap yesterday (May 30), the majority of Weatherfield attended Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter's wedding, while a small group had a fiery confrontation at The Rovers.

After recent events, it's no surprise that when the likes of Ryan Connor, Carla, Daisy, Daniel Osbourne, and acid-attacker Justin Rutherford's sister Karen came together, an argument broke out.

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Carla called out Karen after noticing that she'd been staring at them from afar, but she didn't realise that Karen was related to Justin, who had thrown acid at Ryan and scarred him for life.

"Keep your eyes to yourself or I'll have them out," she warned, which led Daisy to intervene and explain who Karen was and why she was in the pub.

"Before you freak out, she has apologised to me for what her brother did," said the barmaid, but this really lit a fire within Carla.

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"Apologised to you? It's Ryan she should be apologising to..." the Underworld manager replied, with Daniel then sticking up for Daisy and pointing out that she's "been to hell and back".

"Sorry, but whose fault is that?" Carla came back with, before referencing her and Ryan's quick fling: "You've got a track record of leading men down the garden path Daisy".

Following this outburst, some corners of the Corrie fanbase weren't too pleased with Carla's victim-blaming.

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One tweeted: "Nah this ain't it. She doesn't know the hell Daisy went through and she's laughing it off... everyone had to be sympathetic to her over the years."

As another asked in disbelief: "Who else is super shocked that Carla has just victim-shamed Daisy?"

Did she go too far this time?

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