Coronation Street reveals first look at Ryan court scenes for Justin's trial

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has released new spoiler pictures showing Ryan Connor giving evidence at Justin Rutherford's trial.

Ryan makes a brave decision next week as he testifies against Justin at the trial, which forces him to re-live his acid attack ordeal.

In upcoming episodes, Ryan briefly considers skipping the trial altogether as he loses hope that Justin will be found guilty.

Ryan's doubts come after he and Daisy Midgeley are both betrayed by Justin's scheming sister Karen, who spies on them before passing some crucial information onto her brother's defence team.

ryan connor in coronation street

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Ryan enters the witness box and tells the court the full story of how Justin threw acid during a visit to the Rovers Return, intending it for Daisy.

He then recalls how he took the full force of the acid, causing indescribable pain.

The defence barrister harshly cross examines Ryan, accusing him of being in love with Daisy.

Justin's defence then offers up the bizarre alternative theory that Ryan and Daisy both plotted the acid attack themselves.

ryan connor and daisy midgeley in coronation street

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Ryan and Daisy are horrified, but who will the jury believe?

Ryan Prescott, who plays Ryan, recently explained: "Ryan's always had this happy-go-lucky outlook on life and lately, we've seen that drowned by the things that have happened to him.

"But when he goes to court, it's like a little bit of that has come back. He probably doesn't realise how much of a big step he has taken yet, but it may be something that he realises in the aftermath of the trial."

He added: "It's a shock to the system but he faces [Justin] immediately. He doesn't look away and he stares him down, because he is not afraid of Justin but he is afraid of his own situation.

"He holds so much anger and resentment towards Justin that he has been waiting for this moment to look him in the face."

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Coronation Street has been working on Ryan's storyline with guidance from The Katie Piper Foundation and Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), which both offer help and support to real-life survivors.

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