Dak Prescott Is Ready for His Own Reality Show After Working with Real Housewives Stars: 'It'd Be Fun'

Dak Prescott exclusive on his commercial with Housewives for DirecTV
Dak Prescott exclusive on his commercial with Housewives for DirecTV


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is getting ready to take on stars like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes during the upcoming NFL season, but first, he's taking on some unexpected star opponents in a brand new DirecTV commercial.

Prescott appears in DirecTV's "Get Your Together" campaign alongside teammate CeeDee Lamb and reality stars Kyle Richards, Teresa Giudice, and Kenya Moore, who all star in separate franchises of Bravo's Real Housewives.

"It was a great shoot all around, probably top two commercials I've ever done," says 28-year-old Prescott, who has starred in dozens of commercials during his career. The athlete tells PEOPLE that his housewives costars were fun to film with, and that the ladies "bossed the shoot," during filming at SoFi Stadium. "I got to meet Teresa first. We worked on our parts and she was fun," he says, adding that the newly-married New Jersey housewife is "very, very outgoing."

Prescott says Richards, 53, and Moore, 51, filmed their scenes with him and Lamb on the second day of shooting. "Kyle and Kenya came and shot the next day and they're fun as well. I think they enjoyed, as they said, being able to tackle us and score touchdowns on us."

Prescott jokes that the reality stars were "the real athletes of the day."

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Although Prescott admits he doesn't keep up with Bravo's roster, he was excited to work with the reality stars because of their success and impact on women, like his own mom. "I didn't necessarily grow up a Housewives fan or watching any Housewives in my time," Prescott explains. "However, my mom did. So, I know how big they are and just how important they are to women and to the community and just entertainment."

The Dallas star, who is used to being in front of the camera, tells PEOPLE he thinks he'd be good at starring in his own housewives-style reality series. "I don't think I'd be bad," says Prescott.

"I think I could have fun with it, especially after I realized after talking to them that it's not scripted, even though it may seem scripted at times," he says. "I don't like to necessarily script things or more just be who I am in roles. So I think it'd be fun."

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

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As for which of his housewife co-stars he'd predict to have the most success on the field, Prescott says he'd pick Kenya Moore, who stars in Bravo's Atlanta iteration of the Housewives empire. "Well, Kenya, definitely Kenya," Prescott says if he had to pick. "I'm going off of just, her stature, her height and just, I think she probably with her legs can run. So definitely going Kenya."