Daughter’s helmet camera footage reveals sweet conversations she has with her horse

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These TikTok parents discovered that their daughter talks to her horse during horseback riding practice — and what she says is so sweet!

TikTok user Rocket Plumbing and Drain (@rocketdrainpa) recently shared a video of their daughter’s horseback riding practice that proves their daughter is the world’s cutest horse whisperer! 

The video, which racked up 5.8 million views and counting, was recorded on their daughter’s helmet camera, and features audio of their daughter giving her horse a pep talk while she rides. 

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A caption on the video explains, “We watched her helmet cam footage back and had no idea she was interacting with her horse like this!”

The video begins with the TikToker’s daughter, Keira, riding her horse through an open field. As the horse nears its first jump, Keira cheerily tells it not to worry. “No joke,” she says. “It’s like basically two poles. Not even scary, quite honestly.”

After the horse clears the first hurdle, Keira keeps an ongoing monologue. “Oh see this?” she says at the next jump. “Okay, we can get over this. It’s like a roll-toppy thing.”

At one point, while riding, the horse’s lead gets tangled. Fortunately, neither the horse nor Keira lose their cool. Without stopping, Keira deftly untangles the lead, while reassuring her horse, saying, “Let’s fix your lead. Sorry, baby.”

Finally, the video ends as Keira and her equine friend clear the final hurdles. “Oh look, 13. 13’s actually pretty easy,” Keira says to her horse. “It’s not even that big. It’s actually really tiny.”

Then, jumping the next hurdle, Keira explains, “Oh 14! That’s a breeze. It’s just some brushy stuff.”

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Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable video. 

“Now that’s the kind of positivity that horse needed in its life,” one viewer commented. 

“You know this horse is listening to everything she is saying. Her tone is so relaxing and must give the horse confidence,” another TikToker speculated. 

“The positivity and confidence in her motivation. Great parenting! Amazing soul!” wrote another TikToker. 

One viewer even joked that they could use Keira’s pep talks in their day-to-day life, writing, “I need someone talking to me like this when I approach obstacles in life.”

It just goes to show, everyone can benefit from a good pep talk—even horses!

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