Watch: defender scores remarkable header from inside his own half

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If you don’t shoot, you don’t score is a phrase often trotted out in football.

Oftentimes, it leads to players attempting audacious, speculative, long-range efforts that fail to find the target, rarely troubling the keeper and causing embarrassment for the poor soul crazy enough to attempt it in the first place.

However, on that rarest of occasions, these ambitious strikes do reap rewards as was the case for Basford United’s Stef Galinksi in his side’s 3-1 Northern Premier League Premier division win over FC United of Manchester.

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At 1-1 and with FC United looking to mount an attack with a long pass into the Basford half, Galinski leapt high in air winning the header just inside his own half.

Rather than simply clearing the ball from danger, the defender managed to get enough power on the ball to send it deep into opposition territory.

Misjudging the situation completely, Cameron Belford in the FC United goal could only watch as the ball bounced and looped over his head into the net.

Let’s give Galinski the benefit of the doubt and say he actually meant to score.

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