DJ Moore prevents fight from breaking out at Panthers' Fan Fest

You've seen these types of videos thousands of times now. It picks up with two fans at a sporting event arguing over who knows what. Tensions escalate, punches get thrown and other fans are left watching in horror as two grown people duke it out because they disagreed about something as trivial as sports.

Carolina Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore wasn't going to let that happen Thursday night. Moore hopped into the stands to break up a tense situation at the team's Fan Fest.

One fan grabbed video of the altercation, which thankfully did not escalate to a fight.

The video starts in a typical fashion. Two men are arguing and gesturing in each other's faces. But before things get to a dangerous point, Moore pops into the frame. Moore gestures for the guys to cut it out and talks to them in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

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Another fan captured a different angle of Moore talking to the rowdy fans.

Moore's intervention appears to have worked. If the fans had fought and thrown punches, there would be yet another video circulating around the Internet. If that video exists, it hasn't come out yet, and we have Moore to thank for that.

DJ Moore with the Panthers.
DJ Moore stopped a fight at Panthers' Fan Fest. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)