Dodgers Broadcaster's Goofy Trip Down Ballpark Slide Ends With Injuries

A Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster’s epic stunt on a ballpark slide went awry Wednesday, ending with a thud and broken bones.

The team’s on-field reporter David Vassegh was excited to speed down the Milwaukee Brewers’ popular home run slide during the Dodgers’ visit to American Family Field.

Vassegh, recalled fellow Dodgers broadcasters Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra, had been hyping his planned thrill stunt for three days.

The pair proceeded to play the video of Vassegh speeding down the slide on a mat as he screamed “holy crap!” Vassegh slammed into a wall at the end, rolling onto his side and grabbing his ribs in pain.

You can watch Vassegh’s reaction below.

The broadcasters laugh before announcing Vassegh was “OK.”

Vassegh, whose arm appeared in a cast during Wednesday’s game, suffered two fractures in his right hand and wrist, and six fractured ribs, according to Matthew Moreno, managing editor of Dodger Blue.

The injury didn’t go unnoticed by Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes, who talked to Vassegh after the team’s 2-1 win against the Brewers that featured his solo home run.

The home run “was for you,” Barnes said. “I know you had a little accident on the slide so we all rallied today for you.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.