Dozens of Bird Names Linked to Racists to Be Changed

ChuckSchugPhotography/Getty Images
ChuckSchugPhotography/Getty Images

Dozens of birds across the U.S. and Canada will be renamed after researchers discovered many of their names have racist origins. On Wednesday, the American Ornithological Society said it wants to make science more inclusive, which includes ditching around 80 bird names that honor historical bigots. One example is Scott’s Oriole, which was named for Winfield Scott—a military commander who had some heavy influence over the Trail of Terrors. Other names that are culturally derogatory—like the Eskimo Curlew and Inca Dove—will also receive new monikers. “Birds are for everybody. Science is for everybody,” said American Ornithological Society Secretary Sushma Reddy. The project, which is slated for 2024, will be “a major change in how we think about bird names.”

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