EastEnders' Ben makes worrying confession in Lola death aftermath

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Ben Mitchell has made a worrying confession in the aftermath of Lola's death in EastEnders.

Ever since Lola passed away last week, Ben has been on the outs with his entire family because he was in the US trying to organise an experimental treatment for Lola during her final hours.

Ben has acted erratically ever since he returned to the square, and in Monday's (June 5) episode, viewers finally found out why he's been so on edge.


His father Phil Mitchell wasn't pleased once he heard that Ben was planning to put the Arches up for sale, but when he tried to intervene, Ben insisted the sale would be going ahead no matter what.

Only later did Ben confide in husband Callum Highway that the real reason he's selling the Arches because he is thousands of pounds in debt.

Ben explained that he heavily over-extended himself trying to financially support Lola in her final months, then only added to his financial troubles by paying for the US treatment trial that never even took place.

Callum was floored when Ben essentially admitted that the only way they'd be able to stay afloat financially is if he sold the Arches to the highest bidder — no matter who it was!

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Phil was furious when he discovered that Ben was planning to do the most unlikely deal ever for the Arches, by selling it to his long-time nemesis Sharon Watts.

Sharon made no secret of the fact that she was buying the garage as a means to set up a legitimate business that her husband-to-be Keanu Taylor could run.

However, cast member Danny Walters (Keanu) has hinted that the business acquisition could cause more trouble than it's worth for Sharon when she realises Keanu isn't up to running the business by himself.

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