EastEnders' Nish to be arrested in Suki aftermath

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Nish Panesar will be arrested in the aftermath of his wife Suki's shocking accident at home.

As we've already revealed, the BBC soap will be airing game-changing episodes for the Panesar family this week as Suki and Eve's plan to set Nish up drastically backfires.

Although finer details are being kept under wraps, Suki is recovering in hospital at the start of next week, while her distraught son Vinny is left desperately searching for answers about what's happened.

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Vinny ultimately becomes convinced that it was an attempt on her life, leaving a horrified Nish determined to shut down his assumptions.

Eve's own fears regarding Suki's welfare only serve to fuel Vinny's theory.

Eve begins to worry about what Ravi knows about their exit plan and is also convinced that Suki isn't safe at home, but the doctors discharge her regardless.

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When Mitch overhears Eve voicing her concerns about Suki's safety, he fears that Suki is a victim of domestic violence, like his daughter Chantelle.

As Suki returns home, Mitch tries to reach out to her, but Nish declines and says they don’t want any visitors.

Vinny later tries to get Suki to open up about her feelings, but Nish puts a stop to the conversation.

suki kaur panesar, vinny panesar, eastenders

Frustrated, Vinny gives Eve his keys to the house, hoping she can get through to Suki instead.

Once alone, Eve tells Suki there's only one way out of this – she must report Nish for pushing her down the stairs.

As Vinny and Mitch separately continue to fear for Suki's welfare, Nish is angry about being the subject of so much gossip.

nish panesar, suki kaur panesar, eastenders

Nish tells Suki that he's worried that she did this to herself, but she insists this wasn't the case.

Nish is rattled when DS Miles and Callum arrive to speak to Suki and question whether Nish has ever been violent.

After a tense chat, the police take Nish in for questioning and present some evidence that supports their theory that he pushed Suki down the stairs. Nish is then arrested for ABH.

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Nish remains in custody following his arrest, while Ravi attempts to pick up the pieces back on the Square.

Suki is convinced Eve called the police on Nish, but Eve insists she didn't.

Things spiral out of all control when Vinny arrives home full of fury, after Ravi told him that his mum had a suitcase packed and was planning to leave Walford.

nish panesar, vinny panesar, eastenders

He's convinced that Suki is plotting with Eve's help, so she can leave Nish for another man.

Vinny is determined to get to the truth and is later stunned by what he discovers, but what does he know? And what will it mean?

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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