EastEnders teases Cindy fan theory in advanced new spoilers

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has released brand new spoilers which could support a huge fan theory regarding Cindy Beale.

Tabloids recently reported that Michelle Collins is reprising her role as Ian's former wife Cindy, who has been presumed dead since 1998.

She is rumoured to be making her comeback alongside Ian, who was last seen in Walford in January 2020 (with the exception of a brief appearance at Dot's funeral, where we witnessed him having an intriguing phone call to an unknown recipient).

adam woodyatt and michelle collins

Cindy was last seen on screen in 1998, after she was arrested for her attempted hit on Ian.

At the time of her arrest, she was pregnant with her former boyfriend Nick Holland's child – Cindy Junior.

In November of that year, Ian received the news that Cindy had apparently died in childbirth but her baby daughter, also named Cindy, had survived.

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Fast-forward to this year, and the Knight family have descended in Walford.

Talk quickly turned to George's estranged wife Rose who, he claims, just disappeared one day without a trace.

The timing of this mystery, alongside the reports that Cindy is set to make an explosive return, has led fans to speculated that the two stories are connected. And it's looking like they might be onto something.

face, nose, lip, brown, hairstyle, eye, textile, style, brown hair, eyelash,

Tonight's episode (June 6) saw Linda confront George on the mysterious Rose, adamant he knew more than he was letting on.

"She was there one day, gone the next," George said. "No warning. Totally out of character. Don't get me wrong, she was a feisty one that girl, ready to erupt at any point.

"But Rose left us, I thought she did. I don't know where she went or why, or if she's alive or dead."

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Upcoming scenes will see the mystery surrounding Rose take further twists, as Linda continues to search for evidence that George is not who he says he is.

New spoilers for the penultimate week in June confirm that Phil will agree to do some digging for Linda, eventually roping Callum into the investigation as well.

The teasers suggest that Callum finds himself running in trouble following the off-the-book investigation, culminating in an extended final episode on Thursday, June 22 which focuses solely on the Rose mystery.


Other stories that week include Vinny and Eve having a dangerous clash, while Ben makes a mistake with Lexi in the lead-up to Lola's funeral.

EastEnders' new episode billings follow below.

Monday, June 19

Vinny and Eve have a dangerous clash, Phil agrees to do some digging on George for Linda, and Ben and Lexi fall out over Lola's funeral.

Tuesday, June 20

An off-the-book investigation brings trouble to Callum's door, Suki tries to clean up Vinny's mess, and Ben makes a mistake with Lexi.

Wednesday June 21

Phil starts delving into George's past, Ravi takes control at Suki's behest, Bobby tries his best to make Kathy happy.

Thursday, June 22

The truth about what happened to Rose Knight is finally revealed.

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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