Easy pumpkin carving and decorating ideas for Halloween 2021

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Easy pumpkin carving and decorating ideas for Halloween 2021

Halloween is a few days away, meaning it's time to start stocking up on "funsize" sweets and getting your house decked out for the ghoulish festivities.

The tradition of placing pumpkins outside the home began as an ancient Irish custom to ward off evil spirits, but now it's become an artistic showcase of imagination and skill.

The beauty of a bulbous gourd is that it can just as easily be transformed into a spooky jack-o'-lantern as into a chic autumnal centrepiece.

So if you're searching for some inspiration to Halloween-up your home, look no further – we've rounded up our favourite pumpkin designs from across Instagram to give you your most dazzling October 31 yet.

Easy pumpkin designs

Don't fancy getting the carving knife out? Make use of stickers, pens and other easy adornments to create a Halloween look with none of the hassle.

Who says your pumpkin has to be spooky? We love this beautifully autumnal centrepiece – all it takes is a bunch of flowers and an eye for arrangement.​

Add a lick of paint and a playful eye and you could have your own floral pumpkin unicorn.

Call it cheating if you will, but if you're pushed for time and space, citrus fruit can make very handy mini pumpkin substitutes. ​

Pumpkin painting

In case you hadn't heard, pumpkin painting is the new carving. It means less heavy grafting and more experimenting with colour and characters.

Forget about witches and ghosts, dress up your pumpkin however you like.

Or relax and pretend the chaos of Halloween isn't happening.

If you're stuck for ideas, grab your favourite paints and let the colours run down the side of your pumpkin. We love this drip effect!

If you feel like going crazy with the colour, put on your overalls and get splashing.

Or just keep it elegant and simple with a soft but celebratory look.

Spooky pumpkin designs

It's pretty grizzly, but the trend for "cannibal pumpkins" can't be ignored. Carve yourself a toothy monster and make room for its prey.

But don't underestimate a classic jack-o'-lantern. Sometimes original is best, especially when you've nailed your costume...

Transforming your pumpkin into your favourite creepy character is always a fun bet and, again, doesn't need to involve carving.

Funny pumpkin ideas

Got some space and happy to go that extra mile? Create a scene from your favourite film.

Donald Trump's face goes surprisingly well on a pumpkin – it must be that orange glow...

Do these look familiar? Pumpkins make delicious doughnuts.

Artistic pumpkin carving

Your pumpkin is a blank canvas, why not make it a work of art and self-expression?

A combination of paint and carving always goes down a tweet...

If you love the Queen, this is your calling. She's already on our money, why not put her on your pumpkin?

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