Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina LIVE: Result and reaction from Eastbourne quarter-final

 (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
(Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

Emma Raducanu was defeated in straight sets by No. 6 seed Daria Kasatkina who cruised to a 6-2 6-2 victory in the quarter-finals at Eastbourne.

In a stark contrast to the previous days the conditions were windy and blustery effectively nullifying the striking power of the 21-year-old Brit.

Raducanu showcased a few fine shots with some backhand slices and cross court winners drawing encouragement out of the crowd but Kasatkina was professional throughout.

She kept the ball in play, worked Raducanu across the baseline and benefitted from plenty of unforced errors. It wasn’t to be for Raducanu whose focus now turns to Wimbledon.

Relive the latest updates from Eastbourne below:

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina - Rothesay International Eastbourne

  • Daria Kasatkina defeats Emma Raducanu 6-2 6-2 in testing conditions

  • Emma Raducanu leads British charge with stunning victory over Jessica Pegula at Eastbourne

  • Raducanu v Kasatkina start time and how to watch Eastbourne online and on TV

Katie Boulter and Emma Raducanu losses end all-British semi hopes at Eastbourne

18:09 , Mike Jones

Katie Boulter and Emma Raducanu were denied another all-British semi-final showdown ahead of Wimbledon following comprehensive defeats at the Rothesay International in Eastbourne.

British number one Boulter, who registered a last-four win over Raducanu 11 days ago en route to retaining the Nottingham Open title, slipped to a 6-1 7-6 (0) loss against French Open finalist Jasmine Paolini.

Former US Open champion Raducanu was then comfortably dispatched 6-2 6-2 by last year’s beaten finalist Daria Kasatkina.

Katie Boulter and Emma Raducanu losses end all-British semi hopes at Eastbourne

Emma Raducanu beaten 2-6 2-6 by Daria Kasatkina

17:19 , Mike Jones

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(Action Images via Reuters)
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Emma Raducanu 2-6 2-6 Daria Kasatkina*

17:09 , Mike Jones

A forehand volley from the net wrongfoots Raducanu and moves Kasatkina to a 40-30 lead. On match point she serves to Raducanu’s forehand and leaves the return alone as it goes too long.

Kasatkina wins the match in straight sets, taking it 6-2 6-2.

The Russian mastered the conditions better but Raducanu won’t be too disheartened. She’s had a good week at Eastbourne.

Emma Raducanu 2-6 2-5 Daria Kasatkina*

17:04 , Mike Jones

Kasatkina takes the first point of the next game with a couple of forehands to the baseline corner. Raducanu can’t get to them and the Russian moves into the lead.

A poor backhand from Kasatkina misses by a long way to bring Raducanu back to 15-15.

The conditions, mainly the wind, go against Raducanu whose eyes light up when a couple of balls bounce in the middle of court. She goes after both but blazes them out the back.

Kasatkina takes the game, it’s another break, and moves within game of the match.

*Emma Raducanu 2-6 2-4 Daria Kasatkina - BREAK!

17:00 , Mike Jones

Here comes Raducanu!

She’s fighting back with more power and more pace which pushes Kasatkina back behind the baseline. That forces the Russian to adapt and push the ball into the wind.

A few errors takes the game away from her and Raducanu secures a break of serve.

Emma Raducanu 2-6 1-4 Daria Kasatkina* - BREAK

16:56 , Mike Jones

On no!

The crowd response is muted now as Kasatkina unleashes on the Raducanu serve. She takes the first three rallies to set up three break points.

Raducanu saves the first but the floodgates are open again. Kasatkina moves three games ahead and is storming to victory.

*Emma Raducanu 2-6 1-3 Daria Kasatkina

16:52 , Mike Jones


The longest rally of the match sees both players wrestle the momentum between each other. Raducanu draws Kasatkina up to the net then blitzes a backhand past her to set up a break point.

Kasatkina takes the net rally though and moves to advantage as Raducanu can’t get a return of serve back.

Raducanu twice extends the match having clawed Kasatkina back from advantage. The Russian grows a touch frustrated that she can’t get this game done.

There’s more power and drive coming from Raducanu which goes against her as she sends a backhand too wide. Kasatkina holds and secures her break.

Emma Raducanu 2-6 1-2 Daria Kasatkina* - BREAK

16:44 , Mike Jones

And here comes the crowd! The noise level rises as Kasatkina hooks a forehand into the net. Raducanu has belief and so do her supporters.

A cross court forehand from Raducanu hits the tape but drops over court moving the Brit 30-0 up. Kasatkina then misses a return to put Raducanu on the brink of a hold.

She’s take advantage though. Kasatkina falls back on flat, low and powerful strokes to rattle off five points in a row that secures her a second break in this set.

Just stubborn and exceptional tennis from the Russian.

*Emma Raducanu 2-6 1-1 Daria Kasatkina - BREAK

16:38 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu is digging in. She’s holding her own in rallies and waiting for the slip ups from Kasatkina. The Russian obliges and leaves Raducanu with a couple of break points.

A fine body serve means Kasatkina holds the first one but Raducanu drills a great winner down the line to get the second set back on serve!

Emma Raducanu 2-6 0-1 Daria Kasatkina* - BREAK!

16:34 , Mike Jones

Kasatkina is just too good. Her defensive work has been fantastic and, coupled with some errors from Raducanu, it helps her break the 21-year-old and move into the lead in this second set.

*Emma Raducanu 2-6 0-0 Daria Kasatkina

16:32 , Mike Jones

Raducanu gets to work in the second set and focuses on keeping the ball in play. Kasatkina finds the net but then drills a backhand down the line to win the next point.

The Russian whips a forehand too forcefully across court and goes wide putting Raducanu into the lead with the Brit then landing a perfect serve on the centre line for an ace. 40-15.

Oh wow! Raducanu gives up a point then looks in control of the next rally. Kasatkina defends brilliantly before stepping forward and sweeping a forehand winner past the Brit to force the game to deuce!

*Emma Raducanu 2-6 Daria Kasatkina

16:28 , Mike Jones

Daria Kasatkina wins the first set with a strong hold of serve. She’s not had everything her own way, especially towards the end of the set and Emma Raducanu will feel a bit more confident heading into the second set.

Emma Raducanu 2-5 Daria Kasatkina*

16:24 , Mike Jones

Raducanu holds!

That will make her feel a whole heap better as she pulls off an incredible backhand slice that spins away from the Russian and extends this first set.

Can Raducanu possibly break now?

*Emma Raducanu 1-5 Daria Kasatkina

16:20 , Mike Jones

Needing to hold serve Emma Raducanu forces deuce after saving a set point. She serves down the centre line and puts Kasatkina on the back foot only to underhit an attempted drop shot.

Kasatkina goes to advantage but is worked around the court by Raducanu. The Russian catches the wind and puts a backhand over the back.

She then sends another too long and the crowd starts to back Raducanu who moves to advantage herself. The Brit lands her first serve but hooks a forehand wide!

Back to deuce.

*Emma Raducanu 1-5 Daria Kasatkina

16:15 , Mike Jones

Raducanu’s playing some fine shots despite trailing in the match. She goes down and scoops under the bottom of the ball with a backhand slice that brings Kasatkina up the court. The Russian’s return hits the net and Raducanu gets the point.

However, it’s the only one she manages in the game as Kasatkina holds serve.

Emma Raducanu 1-4 Daria Kasatkina* - BREAK

16:10 , Mike Jones

Kasatkina is really taking charge. She somehow gets an awkward volley back over the net to move to advantage before another error from Raducanu gives her another break.

This set is fully in the Russian’s hands now.

*Emma Raducanu 1-3 Daria Kasatkina

16:09 , Mike Jones

That’s good. Kasatkina’s return of serve sends Raducanu to the left and the Russian meets the return with a strong backhand down the line.

Raducanu draws level then skews a driving backhand into the net. She’s hanging in there though and going for her shots. Another rapid backhand wrongfoots Kasatkina and takes the game to 30-30.

The Brit’s accuracy from her first serve has been a potent weapon this week. She utilises it here to edge into the lead but then gets bullied in the next rally.

Kasatkina moves here from side-to-side and leaves only a difficult backhand down the line as an option. Raducanu misses it.

*Emma Raducanu 1-3 Daria Kasatkina

16:03 , Mike Jones

Daria Kasatkina is starting to look comfortable. She’s playing effortlessly and finding the fine angles to spin the ball away from Raducanu who is made to run across the baseline.

In no time, Kasatkina is 40-0 up and holds serve as a backhand slice floats over the back of court.

Emma Raducanu 1-2 Daria Kasatkina* - BREAK!

16:02 , Mike Jones

Raducanu saves another break point after Kasatkina gets up to advantage with a fine cross court volley. In response the Russian dominates the next rally forcing Raducanu over to the right before switching sides with a passing winner.

Kasatkina then takes the game as Raducanu puts forehand too long!

*Emma Raducanu 1-1 Daria Kasatkina

15:57 , Mike Jones

Kasatkina misses out on a driving volley as is punished by a powerful backhand return from Raducanu. The Brit attempts a similar shot in the next rally but hits the ball into the net.

Raducanu seems up for this one and cheers as a slice forces Kasatkina to flick the ball into the net. But, she then double faults. 30-30.

Another slighty low backhand from Raducanu fails to get over the net and leaves Kasatkina with a break point. Raducanu injects a bit more aggressive into her play and forces her opponent off balance. That results in a pushed forehand which goes over the back.


*Emma Raducanu 1-1 Daria Kasatkina

15:52 , Mike Jones

Kasatkina is now serving from the tricky end due to the wind. She makes it look easy though after Raducanu clips the tape and knocks the ball out of play.

A strong return and another Raducanu error puts her to 40-0.

The Russian then lifts a backhand too long as she tries to switch down the line which puts Raducanu on the board in this game. The Brit attempts to take the initiative but overhits a forehand and Kasatkina holds her serve.

Emma Raducanu 1-0 Daria Kasatkina*

15:49 , Mike Jones

Bang! Raducanu holds her serve to love with an ace and takes the opening game. A perfect start for the 21-year-old.

*Emma Raducanu 0-0 Daria Kasatkina

15:48 , Mike Jones

A rather interesting but sedate first rally sees Kasatkina find the baseline a couple of times before being drawn up to the net. A backhand flick goes too long and Raducanu wins the first point.

She takes the second as well with a blazing forehand down the line before whipping one across court to move 40-0 up.

*Emma Raducanu 0-0 Daria Kasatkina

15:46 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu has the first serve. Can she get going quickly and impose herself on this match?

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina

15:42 , Mike Jones

Here come the players.

Emma Raducanu receives a massive cheer and round of applause as she heads out onto court. She’s got a huge smile on her face and seems very relaxed.

One of the things she’ll have to contend with today is the extra wind which played a big role in Katie Boulter’s match against Jasmine Paolini earlier.

When is Wimbledon?

15:40 , Mike Jones

Wimbledon begins next Monday on July 1, and runs until men’s final day on Sunday 14 July.

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Raducanu reacts to beating Pegula

15:32 , Mike Jones

“I’m pretty drained right now, but I just want to say thanks to everyone again for getting me through some really difficult moments in that match,” Raducanu said after the victory.

“It’s incredibly difficult when you’re playing someone who’s so in-form like Jessica. I mean she came off the back of a great run in Berlin and no doubt she’s feeling confident on the grass.

“But I’m really pleased with how I managed to navigate against some really tough situations and I didn’t think to be honest I’d be able to get myself out of it, so I would say this match is one of the more meaningful ones to me.

“I think I’ve been going through some stuff and to come through it has been really nice.”

Katie Boulter vs Jasmine Paolini

15:30 , Mike Jones

Katie Boulter has been beaten!

The Brit managed to fightback in the second set and force a tiebreak but Jasmine Paolini was too good. She powered her way to a 7-0 victory and took the match in straight sets.

Paolini wins 6-1 7-6 (7-0).

Emma Raducanu will be on court next.

Emma Raducanu hails victory over Jessica Pegula after ‘going through some stuff’

15:25 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu admitted to “going through some stuff” after securing her first-ever victory against a top-10 player to reach the quarter-finals at Eastbourne.

The 21-year-old wildcard fought hard, saved match point and pushed world number five Jessica Pegula all the way, before clinching a remarkable 4-6 7-6 7-5 win in almost three hours in sweltering conditions.

It was an ideal follow-up to her stunning first-round win over fellow former US Open champion Sloane Stephens.

Emma Raducanu hails victory over Jessica Pegula after ‘going through some stuff’

Andy Murray offers update on Wimbledon prospects

15:19 , Mike Jones

“Obviously the last week’s been pretty tough,” said the Scot. “There’s obviously a lot going on with me planning on finishing at the Olympics.

“When I had the injury at Queen’s and then had the subsequent scans and doctor’s appointments, it was a pretty difficult situation to be in. I was told I had to have the surgery immediately by multiple surgeons because of the nature of the problem.

“I had a pretty decent-sized cyst on my spinal cord, which had been seen on a scan post-French Open, but it was pretty small and it grew significantly in size over the next two to three weeks.

“Although the surgery is not a major surgery, the problem was a serious problem because, if the cyst continues to grow – obviously at Queen’s I basically lost the strength, coordination and everything in my right leg on my way to the court – you’re likely to have other complications as well.

“Obviously I couldn’t risk that because I was struggling to walk properly because my nerves were getting really compressed. So I had to have the operation, but I was also given multiple different timelines for how long that would take.

“And also was made aware that, if I decided to try to play Wimbledon, there’s some risk associated with that and it’s whether or not I’m willing to take on that risk.

“The operation has gone really, really well and I’m recovering really well. I hit some balls yesterday. I’m not in much pain at all, but the nature of nerve injuries is that they’re quite slow to recover.

“I don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take for the nerve to get to a stage where I’m able to compete or play, whether that’s three days or whether it’s three weeks or five weeks. It’s impossible to say.”

Andy Murray offers mixed update on Wimbledon plans after spinal surgery

15:12 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray remains hopeful of playing at Wimbledon but admits it is unlikely to be in singles.

The 37-year-old, who confirmed he is planning for the Olympics in Paris to be the final event of his career, had surgery on a spinal cyst on Saturday after experiencing weakness in his right leg during a second-round match against Jordan Thompson at Queen’s Club.

Murray called it a day after only five games and revealed he had no choice but to go under the knife.

Andy Murray offers mixed update on Wimbledon plans after spinal surgery

Who is Hannah Klugman? British 15-year-old aiming to qualify for Wimbledon

15:06 , Mike Jones

British teenager Hannah Klugman is just one win away from reaching the Wimbledon main draw after winning her first two matches in qualifying at Roehampton.

The 15-year-old is ranked only 623rd in the world but beat Linda Fruhvirtova, ranked 376 places above her, in three sets on Wednesday.

Klugman, who won the prestigious 18-and-under Orange Bowl tournament in Florida last December, faces world No 121 Alycia Parks on Thursday for a spot in the main draw.

Who is Hannah Klugman? British 15-year-old aiming to qualify for Wimbledon

Katie Boulter vs Jasmine Paolini

15:02 , Mike Jones

Paolini has managed to break Boulter in the second set and has edged into a 4-3 lead. She’s serving the next game and a hold of serve will put her on the brink of winning this match.

Is there a way back for Boulter?

When is Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina?

14:59 , Mike Jones

The quarter-final match at Eastbourne is due to take place on Thursday 27 June. It is the third match on Centre Court and will follow Flavio Cobolli v Billy Harris and Katie Boulter v Jasmine Paolini. It is expected to start around 2pm although may be delayed if the previous matches run longer than expected.

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How can I watch it?

14:52 , Mike Jones

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the British grass court season live on the BBC, with coverage of Eastbourne on BBC Two from 1pm BST. A live stream will be available when play starts at 11am via the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website.

Full Eastbourne order of play

14:46 , Mike Jones

Centre Court - from 11am BST (GB players in bold)

Flavio Cobolli 7-6 6-7 2-6 Billy Harris

Katie Boulter 1-6 2-2 Jasmine Paolini (3)*

(6) Daria Kasatkina v Emma Raducanu

Not before 4pm - (1) Taylor Fritz v Shang Juncheng

*Currently in play.

Emma Raducanu v Daria Kasatkina

14:40 , Mike Jones

Currently on Eastbourne’s centre court is another Briton in Katie Boulter. She lost her opening set versus Jasmine Paolini but is currently 1-1 in the second.

Emma Raducanu’s match against Daria Kasatkina follows this one.

Emma Raducanu v Daria Kasatkina start time: How to watch Eastbourne online and on TV

14:36 , Jack Rathborn

Emma Raducanu will aim to continue her promising grass-court form ahead of Wimbledon next week as she takes on sixth seed Daria Kasatkina in the quarter-finals at the Eastbourne International this afternoon.

Raducanu secured her first-ever victory against a top-10 player when she downed Jessica Pegula in the second round on Wednesday, saving a match point en route to a remarkable 4-6 7-6 7-5 win in almost three hours in sweltering conditions.

Toppling world No 5 Pegula followed a stunning first-round win over fellow former US Open champion Sloane Stephens, where she surged clear to a straight sets victory (6-4, 6-0).

Emma Raducanu v Daria Kasatkina start time: How to watch Eastbourne online and on TV

Emma Raducanu leads British charge with stunning victory over Jessica Pegula at Eastbourne

14:34 , Jack Rathborn

Emma Raducanu proved her grass-court might with a rousing win that sent her through to the quarter-finals of the LTA’s Rothesay International Eastbourne.

The 21-year-old was a double break down and lost the first set against World No. 5 Jessica Pegula, but the former British No. 1 determinedly fought back to take the second with a tie-break, saving a match point in the process.

Into the crucial third, Raducanu fashioned a strong showing to break Pegula in as many games, utilising the court in style.

Emma Raducanu leads British charge with stunning victory over Jessica Pegula