Emma Raducanu vs Maria Sakkari LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after dominant Centre Court win

Emma Raducanu vs Maria Sakkari LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after dominant Centre Court win

Emma Raducanu vs Maria Sakkari - LIVE!

Can you really say a 21-year-old is rolling back the years? No, would normally be the answer, that phrase usually reserved for the likes of Andy Murray bounding around late in their career to provide a reminder of their enduring quality.

But Emma Raducanu is giving it a good go, three years on from following her fourth-round appearance at Wimbledon with an extraordinary run to the US Open title at Flushing Meadows. To suggest a repeat of the latter is even on the cards later this summer would be premature in the extreme, but the former has now been matched after a sensational performance to beat ninth seed Maria Sakkari 6-3 6-2 under the Centre Court roof. Just five games dropped, as was also the case against Sakkari in their US Open semi-final clash in 2021, and Raducanu will next face qualifier Lulu Sun.

“I think today was really up there with the most fun I have had on a tennis court, I really enjoyed every single moment,” Raducanu said. “I was telling myself you don't know how many times you are going to get the chance in your life to play in front of a full Centre Court so I'm really grateful for the support.”

Raducanu vs Sakkari latest updates

  • GAME, SET AND MATCH! Ruthless Raducanu into fourth round

  • SET! Raducanu wins opener 6-2

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23:28 , Matt Verri

Can it be said that a 21-year-old is rolling back the years?

No, would normally be the answer, that phrase predominantly reserved for the likes of Andy Murray bounding around late in their career to provide a reminder of enduring class.

But Emma Raducanu is giving it a good go. There is a familiar feeling to her performances and results, three years on from when she followed a fourth-round appearance at Wimbledon with that extraordinary run to the US Open title at Flushing Meadows.

To suggest a repeat of the latter is even on the cards later this summer would be premature in the extreme, but the former has now been matched after a sensational performance to beat ninth seed Maria Sakkari 6-3 6-2 under the Centre Court roof. Just five games dropped, as was also the case against Sakkari in their US Open semi-final clash in 2021.

Raducanu will next face qualifier Lulu Sun, with a potential quarter-final against Donna Vekic or Paula Badosa beyond that.

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Result from Court One

20:40 , Matt Verri

Well then. The 29th seed Dayana Yastremska has been beaten by Donna Vekic in three sets - that draw really is there for anyone to make a run now.

One of Raducanu, Vekic, Paula Badosa and Lulu Sun will be in the semi-finals next week.

Top-ten opponents dispatched!

20:04 , Matt Verri

First Jessica Pegula at Eastbourne, now Maria Sakkari at Wimbledon.

Emma Raducanu is starting to consistently deliver when coming up against tougher opponents.

Momentum very much with her right now.

Draw opening up?

19:43 , Matt Verri

Time to get ahead of ourselves, as we always have to.

Raducanu will now face qualifier Lulu Sun in the fourth round. The Australian has won six matches just to reach that stage.

Win that, and it would be a quarter-final against Paula Badosa or one of Donna Vekic and Dayana Yastremska...

And now... mixed doubles!

19:36 , Matt Verri

Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray will team up tomorrow, they are the last match on Court One.

That could prove to be a late finish.

Job done!

19:26 , Matt Verri

Raducanu enjoying every single second on the tennis court right now... and it shows.


19:21 , Matt Verri

Raducanu 6-2 6-3 Sakkari

Second match point, Sakkari cannot cope with these returns coming back with interest from Raducanu.

Sakkari hanging on for dear life - Raducanu frames the return this time.

Sakkari making problems for herself, double point and Raducanu is gifted another match point.


Raducanu 6-2 5-3* Sakkari

19:19 , Matt Verri

Another forehand error from Sakkari to add to the tally. 0-15... and that becomes 0-30 after a perfect return from Raducanu. Right at Sakkari’s feet.

Seed still battling away, serve helps get her back to 30-30.

SHOT. Match point Raducanu, another sensational backhand return.

Sakkari saves it, Raducanu on the stretch and her slices floats long. Deuce.

And deuce again, as the Brit comes to the net and Sakkari can’t make the pass down the line.

Raducanu 6-2 5-3* Sakkari

19:14 , Matt Verri

Could have been nasty as Raducanu slips behind the baseline, trying to change direction. Quickly back up and looks to be fine.

Great slice, stays low and Sakkari can only send a forehand long in response.

Timely first serve, Raducanu wraps up a comfortable hold and she is a game away from victory.

Raducanu 6-2 *4-3 Sakkari

19:09 , Matt Verri

Sakkari glares at the line as Raducanu fires a flat forehand winner past her - nod from the umpire confirms it was in.

Everything has been pretty good for Raducanu this match... except for the sliced backhand drop shot she’s tried a few times. Again it’s wayward.

Back to basic with a flat return next point, too good. 40-30.

Raducanu goes big on the forehand... out. Sakkari holds.

Raducanu 6-2 4-2* Sakkari

19:05 , Matt Verri

Couple of cheap points on serve are never far away at the moment, the Sakkari radar is still off. Particularly on her forehand.

To be fair Raducanu is serving superbly. Another first serve in, gets a short ball back and the forehand does the rest.

Raducanu two games away.

Raducanu 6-2 *3-2 Sakkari

19:00 , Matt Verri

Second-serve return lasered deep into the court by Raducanu, she’s looked really good when being aggressive in returning.

Can only watch next point, as the ace out wide flies by.

Raducanu then gets to the overhead from Sakkari, but can’t make the pass on the run. Sakkari holds.

Raducanu 6-2 3-1* Sakkari

18:57 , Matt Verri

Sakkari at full stretch, return somehow clips the top of the net and drops dead. Raducanu left with no chance.

Cry of frustration from Sakkari towards her box, as the forehand return is sent miles long, and the first serve does the job again for Raducanu.

Yet another hard-fought hold.

Raducanu 6-2 *2-1 Sakkari

18:54 , Matt Verri

Sakkari had a good few minutes at the start of the set, but it’s looking ragged now. Swings in frustration as another forehand lands well out.

Follows it with another one, hand waved at her box. 30-0.

But Sakkari is still capable of that, winner slapped past Raducanu as she gets a short ball to put away. Double fault from the Brit - 30-30.

Break point. Raducanu in charge of the point, goes for the drop shot and gets it all wrong.

Saves it, as she has done all match so far. Sakkari has another chance... ace! Raducanu hanging tough. Deuce.

Raducanu 6-2 *2-1 Sakkari

18:47 , Matt Verri

Raducanu finds her range returning, two flat backhands and it’s 0-30.

She looks to jump all over the next second serve too, but goes for too much and the forehand sails long.

Here we go - another Sakkari mistakes and two break points for Raducanu.

ONE WILL DO. Sakkari’s forehand is wild all of a sudden and Raducanu really is in charge now.

Raducanu 6-2 1-1* Sakkari

18:44 , Matt Verri

Sakkari on the charge, massive return down the line and Raducanu has no chance of getting that back. Ninth seed has started this set with real intensity.

Tame return into the net there, though. And again as she goes for the backhand down the line.

Raducanu holds, all she really had to do in the end was get the ball in play and wait for the mistakes.

Raducanu 6-2 *0-1 Sakkari

18:39 , Matt Verri

Sakkari to get us up and running in the second, and the doubles faults are still an issue.

Backhand down the line isn’t - brilliant shot and Raducanu gets nowhere near that. 30-15. Sakkari backs it up with superb touch at the net, just dropping that volley over.

First serve doesn’t come back and Sakkari makes a confident start to the set.

Raducanu 6-2 Sakkari

18:34 , Matt Verri

Set point Raducanu, as Sakkari nets the return.

And she takes the first set!

We’ve had 44 minutes in this match and Raducanu has been largely brilliant. Cruises to the opening set.

Raducanu *5-2 Sakkari

18:33 , Matt Verri

Raducanu serving for the opening set.

She very nearly produces another ridiculous lob from miles behind the baseline, but this one lands just long. 15-30.

Sakkari hasn’t looked particularly thrilled with life in the last ten minutes or so and that doesn’t help - net cord and she can’t get there.

Double fault from Raducanu is a gift, break point for Sakkari. Can’t take it, first serve is too good. Deuce.

Another break point coming up, Sakkari’s backhand looked to be long earlier in the point but no challenge from Raducanu.

Saves this one too - forehand winner catches the line! Back to deuce.

Raducanu *5-2 Sakkari

18:27 , Matt Verri

Forehand error puts Sakkari under pressure at 15-30, but she makes up for it with a clean winner next point.

That’s not what she needs... a second double fault of the game from Sakkari and it’s break point for Raducanu. Continues to get chances on the seed’s serve.

OUTRAGEOUS! Sakkari with the smash, Raducanu with the lob... bang on the baseline. Sensational. Double break for the Brit!

Raducanu 4-2* Sakkari

18:22 , Matt Verri

Sakkari with the challenge, as her forehand is called out. It definitely was... and the replays confirm that.

She’s right in this game, though. Double fault from Raducanu and it’s 30-30.

Break point, big forehand from Sakkari and Raducanu can’t get it back. That last game feeling important right about now...

Raducanu saves it, the rallies are getting longer but she’s coming out on top. Forehand down the line is causing real issues for Sakkari.

Another mammoth rally... another one won by Raducanu. Huge hold.

Raducanu *3-2 Sakkari

18:15 , Matt Verri

Double fault from Sakkari, who then goes for a delicate drop shot and doesn’t clear the net. 0-30... another opening for Raducanu.

Brilliant return, three break points now!

One goes, as Sakkari puts away the volley the net. And a second, Raducanu’s return lands just long. 30-40.

Deuce! Real chance for Raducanu, but the first overhead isn’t great and the second is then dumped into the net. Sakkari survives for now.

Huge roar from her as she holds, forehand put away confidently as Raducanu lobs the ball up.

Raducanu 3-1* Sakkari

18:09 , Matt Verri

Challenge from Raducanu, though not sure she’s fully convinced by it. Winner from Sakkari was indeed in.

But it’s hit-and-miss from Sakkari. There’s the miss, followed by a glare up at her box. And again - 40-15.

Great first serve catches the line and it’s a routine hold for Raducanu.

Raducanu *2-1 Sakkari

18:05 , Matt Verri

Massive return from Raducanu, Sakkari can only watch that. But she responds with a forehand winner of her own - seriously high quality start to this match.

That juuuust about catches the line from Sakkari, before Raducanu sends a return long

Sakkari on the board.

Raducanu 2-0* Sakkari

18:01 , Matt Verri

Sakkari with the forehand winner crosscourt, she’s dominated the first two points of this game. 0-30.

Backhand low into the net from Raducanu, who now has two break points to try and save.

Does so! Sakkari misfires on the forehand with the first, before Raducanu fires down an ace out wide. Deuce.

Bruising rally, Raducanu having to defend really well - Sakkari is throwing the kitchen sink at basically every shot. Brit standing up to it, though, and the errors from Sakkari are eventually coming.

It’s a great hold.

Raducanu *1-0 Sakkari

17:55 , Matt Verri

Couple of cheap points on serve to kick things off for Sakkari, before a deep second-serve return from Raducanu gets her up and running.

Lovely backhand winner from the ninth seed, but she goes long with that backhand. Still work to do at 40-30. Even more so now, deuce. Raducanu gets the better of the baseline exchange.

Double fault - break point for Raducanu.

Taken! Sakkari with another unforced error and the roar from Centre Court tells you all you need to know.

Here we go!

17:49 , Matt Verri

Time to get up and running.

Sakkari to serve first. PLAY.

Players out on Centre Court

17:44 , Matt Verri

That Alcaraz match went on for nearly four hours, so a bit of time to make up on Centre Court.

Raducanu and Sakkari straight out, ready to start the warm-ups.

Roof still closed as the rain falls over SW19.

It's time!

17:32 , Matt Verri

Carlos Alcaraz has beaten Frances Tiafoe in five sensational sets.

Serious win from the defending champion, who survives a massive scare to keep his Wimbledon campaign on track.

And it means Raducanu and Sakkari will be on court very shortly!

Busy weekend for Raducanu!

17:24 , Matt Verri

Emma Raducanu will hope to have plenty of tennis to come in the next few days.

She is partnering Andy Murray in the mixed doubles, with their first round match expected to be played tomorrow, and it’s a condensed schedule.

Raducanu had no doubts, though, when it came to accepting the offer.

“Some things are bigger than just tennis,” she explained.

“Some things are a once in a lifetime memory that you’re gonna have for the rest of your life. To play at Wimbledon with Andy Murray.. those things don’t come by.

“At the end of my life, at the end of my career, when I’m like 70 years old, I know I’m gonna have that memory of playing at Wimbledon with Andy Murray on our home Slam. For me, it was an honour to be asked.”

Raducanu back to having 'fun' on court

17:06 , Matt Verri

Round one was winning ugly and round two was just fun, according to Emma Raducanu as she returned to the court of her Wimbledon debut demise.

Raducanu had scrapped to pull off a day-one win, likening it to England's less-than-eye-catching victory over Slovakia at the Euros.

On Wednesday, against Elise Mertens, she was aggressive and in full flow from the outset as she dropped just three games.

It was in stark contrast to her last time on Court No1 in 2021 when she suffered breathing difficulties and had to pull out mid-match against Ajla Tomljanovic, having burst onto the tennis scene and into the fourth round at what was then her maiden Wimbledon. "I didn't even think of that," she said when reminded afterwards of her on-court troubles.

Raducanu had talked at Eastbourne at the start of last week about having recaptured the fun factor with her tennis, which was reflected in the second-round measured performance as her opponent, a former grand slam semi-finalist who has twice made the last 16 here, struggled for any sort of rhythm.

"I enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun," Raducanu said. "I think that when my character shows through my tennis is when I play my best."

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Settle in...


Carlos Alcaraz has won the fourth set on Centre Court, he’s going to a decider against Frances Tiafoe!

The third match on Court One is about to get underway - we’re still a fair way off the second on Centre.

Raducanu and Sakkari won’t be out on court until 6pm at the very earliest.

They've come a long way!

16:44 , Matt Verri

It’s another big day for British tennis.

We’ve obviously got Emma Raducanu looking to book her place in the fourth round, but so too is Sonay Kartal.

The 22-year-old came through qualifying and so has already won five matches to reach this stage - been a serious battle!

Not going to get any easier either, as she faces Coco Gauff on Court One this evening.

Raducanu and Kartal both very familiar with each other...

One previous meeting...

16:34 , Matt Verri

And it was a big one!

Raducanu faced Sakkari in the semi-finals at the US Open in 2021, as the Brit made a remarkable run all the way to the title.

A similar result and performance this evening and the expectation really will start to grow again...

Last night at Wimbledon

16:18 , Matt Verri

Andy Murray may yet have at least one more match to play but Wimbledon bid farewell to the two-time champion in an emotional tribute on Centre Court on Thursday night.

Past champions from Novak Djokovic to John McEnroe graced the court, so too the British men tasked with taking over Murray’s mantle at SW19 in Jack Draper, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans.

Sue Barker was brought out of retirement to interview him on court while video messages played out from the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

It almost seemed immaterial that Murray had just played a match – his first at Wimbledon with brother Jamie – so too that he lost it 7-6, 6-4 to John Peers and Rinky Hijikata.

The Australian duo must almost feel like villains for defeating the British pair in echoes of Federer bowing out on the losing side of his doubles match with Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup - also in London - at the end of last year.

Read more on that here!

Wait could go on...

16:08 , Matt Verri

Those on Centre Court today are certainly going to get value for money!

Frances Tiafoe has just won the third set, he’s now two sets to one up on defending champion Carlos Alcaraz. Potentially a huge shock on the cards there.

If Tiafoe is to be denied, it’s going to have be some comeback from Alcaraz... and means there is plenty of tennis still to be played.

Raducanu and Sakkari could be on in 45 minutes or so, it could be two hours away. They’ll both be watching on as they go through their warm-ups.

Standard Sport prediction

15:56 , Matt Verri

Tough, tough match to predict.

Sakkari is the ninth seed and has not dropped a set yet this week, so really should be a firm favourite against an opponent who needed a wildcard to get into Wimbledon.

But that opponent is Raducanu, who has been in fine form on the grass in recent weeks and has experience of delivering on the biggest stage.

With confidence high and the Centre Court crowd firmly behind her, Raducanu can keep her run going.

Raducanu to win in three sets

Centre Court schedule

15:42 , Matt Verri

As we mentioned earlier, Emma Raducanu and Maria Sakkari are the second match on Centre Court this afternoon.

The first is Carlos Alcaraz vs Frances Tiafoe and that has been a real battle already, with two hours on the clock. They are locked at one-set all, with it still on serve in the third.

Fair way to go in that match still, so Raducanu and Sakkari could have a bit of a wait on their hands.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Raducanu vs Sakkari

15:30 , Matt Verri

TV channel: In the UK, the BBC once again has exclusive free-to-air broadcast rights for Wimbledon this year.

On Friday, coverage begins at 11am BST on BBC Two and continues on that channel right through until 9pm, when the ‘Today at Wimbledon’ highlights begin.

BBC One will also have concurrent live coverage from Wimbledon between 1:45pm-6pm and again from 7pm.

Live stream: You can watch all the action from Wimbledon live and for free online via the BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer apps and websites.

Live blog: Follow it all right here with us!

Good afternoon!

15:13 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Emma Raducanu vs Maria Sakkari!

The British star is back in action as she looks to continue a strong week by reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon.

Raducanu has been hugely impressive so far but this is her toughest test yet, up against ninth seed Sakkari.

We’ll have all the build-up and then full coverage of that match, which is second on Centre Court. Currently looks likely to be up and running at around 4:45pm BST.