Emmerdale's Alex receives a shock as his drugs plan continues

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale villain Alex Moore suffers another setback with his ongoing scheming tonight (March 27).

Alex is plotting to steal drugs from the local GP surgery, needing to pay off some debts as quickly as possible.

The bad boy has already made one attempt to break into the building, but he was interrupted when Manpreet Sharma nearly caught him in the act.

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In Monday's episode, Alex's secret partner-in-crime Clare returns and rebukes him for delaying his next move.

Clare fears that Alex is getting a little too comfortable with his new life in the village and she orders him to finish what he started.

When Alex finally returns to the surgery, he hopes that it'll be an easy mission. He previously managed to secretly record Manpreet when she keyed the security code into the drugs cabinet.

Sadly for Alex, he now finds the drugs cabinet completely empty. It's clear that the doctors have stepped in to move the supplies elsewhere for security reasons.

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Alex soon faces Clare's fury for messing up again, but he ominously promises that he has a Plan B and urges her not to give up on him.

Emmerdale bosses have previously confirmed that Alex will be caught out by Charles Anderson later this week.

Charles is horrified when he realises that Alex has been playing the Anderson family for fools over the past few weeks. It's particularly hurtful as Alex admits that his relationship with Charles' daughter Naomi Walters was all part of the plan.

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Kevin Mathurin, who plays Charles, recently explained: "From the get-go, Charles is devastated. It hurts him that he was right about Alex and that he knew it all along – that Alex wasn't a repentant convict, so to speak!

"Charles feels let down, but moreso let down that he invited Alex into his home and welcomed him into his family."

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