Emmerdale's Caleb is confronted by Kim as his scheme falls apart

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale schemer Caleb Miligan's plan to take over Home Farm may finally be exposed next week when he is confronted by Kim Tate.

Caleb has been plotting against Kim since his arrival in the village in a bid to secure Home Farm for himself. He views Home Farm as his birth right as he's the secret son of Frank Tate.

In upcoming scenes, Caleb takes his plan to the next level. When Kim logs into her bank account, Caleb manages to hack in as well, and recovers the last outstanding password needed to clear her account.

caleb, emmerdale

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Unaware that Caleb is working against her, Kim discusses their plans for the stud farm and asks Caleb to arrange a visit from the architect.

Meanwhile, Nicky is struggling with his guilt ahead of his wedding to Gabby Thomas and faces further turmoil when his boyfriend Ally suggests he tell the truth and marry him instead.

With the pressure mounting on Nicky, he's panicked when Caleb insists that they have to play the long game and that Caleb will have to continue living a lie for now. Tired of his involvement in Caleb's scheme, Nicky admits he wants out.

caleb, emmerdale

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On the day of the wedding, Caleb introduces Kim to his contact Adrian, who is posing as the architect.

However, Caleb's plan looks set to go awry when Gabby reveals to Nicky that she wants him to formally adopt Thomas. Nicky finally breaks down and reveals that he's gay and can't go through with the wedding.

When Caleb realises that Nicky has pulled out of the wedding and put their plan into jeopardy, he confronts his son and punches him. Nicky is shocked when Caleb orders him to take the blame when he empties the Home Farm accounts.

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nicky, emmerdale

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With his plan at risk, Caleb tries to contact Adrian with no success. He logs into the accounts and is horrified to see that they're already empty.

Before he can react, Kim arrives to confront him. Is it game over for Caleb?

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