Stuart Broad reminds England why he will be hard to drop for Ashes first Test

Stuart Broad had yet another day to remember at Lord's - AFP/Glyn Kirk
Stuart Broad had yet another day to remember at Lord's - AFP/Glyn Kirk

By Nick Hoult, at Lord’s 

There was barely a flicker of emotion when Stuart Broad bowled Mark Adair for his fifth wicket but inside he knew the importance of what he had achieved.

A 20th Test five wicket haul is a nice round number, another milestone to treasure, but this was a performance with deeper meaning for his short-term future. Broad’s five for 51 has made it very difficult for England to not pick him at Edgbaston in the first Ashes Test.

Broad led the return of Bazball to the English summer. Ireland were bowled out in 56 overs for 172, and by the close England were just short of a lead at 152 for one, flying along at more than six an over in the evening sunshine with Ben Duckett unbeaten on 60 in his first home Test to set up what could be a bruising Friday to be an Irish bowler.

Not far from St John’s Wood, down in Beckenham, David Warner was netting as he prepares for the threat of Broad bowling round the wicket at him. Few players at his age, 36, improve on a weakness against a certain bowler. There is too much history, too many old wounds for it to go away in a sport like Test cricket that taxes the mind like no other.

Probably Warner’s best bet is for England to repeat their generosity of the last Ashes tour and not pick Broad for the first Test. There is still a chance that could happen, but Broad has made it a whole lot harder.

Broad constantly pitched the ball up on a day when he displayed his experience and wicket-taking nous - Getty Images/Alex Davidson
Broad constantly pitched the ball up on a day when he displayed his experience and wicket-taking nous - Getty Images/Alex Davidson

Watching Broad running in from the Pavilion End, bandana flapping in the wind and bowling an exacting line and length, it was hard to think here was a bowler playing for his Ashes place. But James Anderson and Ollie Robinson, if fit, are ahead of him and Mark Wood was rested for this game with an eye on the Ashes. There is no room for another seamer unless Ben Stokes moves up the order and plays as a batsman.

Broad admits he is playing towards the end of his career but is no longer set in his ways. He bowled an attacking length demanded by Stokes with four slips and a big open gap at extra cover to tempt the drive. He swung the ball after lunch and was the pick of the bowlers all day.

Broad has hardly returned the figures of a Test cricket legend in county cricket: 15 at 28.5 that does not even put him in the top 50 bowling averages in Division One. But, like a wise old pro, he used county cricket to find rhythm, and avoid injury, while other England colleagues, such as Anderson and Robinson were different class when bowling to county players but picked up niggles.

Broad knows timing is everything and a new ball, on a seaming pitch against Ireland’s top order is one of those gifts not to be wasted. His performance was a lesson to his two younger colleagues, Matt Potts and Josh Tongue. Potts improved with each over, looking better to the left handers than last summer, but his two for 36 did not push his Ashes claims much and Tongue was wicketless on debut. He showed something to work with, his average pace of 87 was lively but on a day that demanded hitting the top of off, he was asked to bang it in to a leg side field so wickets would be harder to come by than for Broad pitching it up. Tongue hit a couple of batsmen on the helmet, but he did not give Irish tailenders the shivers and was forced to revert to three slips and a gully.

Stokes did not bowl because he has to budget his overs like a financial officer in charge of a company’s balance sheet. There is only so much money in the pot and he has to spend it wisely so he stood back and rested his knee. It meant Leach bowled after only 10 overs of the Test on an early English summer’s day. The left-arm spinner bowled well, attacking and holding at the same time. He is dependable because he revels under Stokes’ captaincy. He kept the field up to tempt Ireland’s only dangerman, Paul Stirling, and he obliged, dismissed trying to sweep to the deep square-leg boundary only to pop up a catch off the glove.

Jack Leach at Lord's - AFP/Glyn Kirk
Jack Leach at Lord's - AFP/Glyn Kirk

If Stokes is not fit to bowl, and England pick three seamers, Leach will have to get through a lot of work in the first innings against Australia, and they will go after him hard, hoping to reopen wounds. It will be a fascinating subplot. Ireland, Stirling apart, did not try and hit him over the top so he could settle in. By the time Curtis Campher, who made a patient 33, took him on it was too late. Campher missed and was bowled, charging down the pitch.

At 19 for three Ireland were reeling. Broad striking three times in 18 balls, England catching smartly in the slips including Ireland captain Andy Balbirnie for a duck. When Ireland’s hot young talent, Harry Tector, clipped Broad straight to leg slip for nought they were left to just scrap for any kind of total as Broad reigned supreme, barely bowling a bad ball. Opener James McCollum hung around until after lunch but edged a catch to first slip off Broad for 36. And the England great had five when he nipped one back to beat Adair.

Zak Crawley and Duckett were fed plenty of width and put it away. The sun was shining by now on what had been a chilly day and not many had left the ground because they knew how England would play it. Crawley produced some wonderful strokes, outshining Duckett who was excellent himself. Crawley fell for 56 but he had done enough to clear the doubt over his place, although not quite as emphatically as Broad.

England on top after day one at Lord’s - as it happened

06:59 PM

Josh Tongue speaking to Sky Sports on his England debut

On his emotions playing for his country...

“It was a very special day, making your debut at Lord’s it was just an amazing feeling. I’ve never played here before but I’d obviously been here to watch cricket.”

On Jimmy Anderson giving him his Test cap...

“There was no better feeling than Jimmy Anderson giving me my Test cap and having all my family here was a special feeling. Jimmy just said you’re here for a reason, go and enjoy it.”

Any nerves?

“I had some nerves but bowling a maiden was nice. after the first ball I just got into my work.”

On how he thought he bowled...

“I thought I started my spell quite well and I was a bit unlucky with some plays and misses, but I was happy with what I did.”

Josh Tongue - Getty Images/Alex Davidson
Josh Tongue - Getty Images/Alex Davidson

On being asked to perform the enforcer role...

“As a bowling attack you’ve got to be different so with my extra pace, to make the batter just be a bit doubtful in their foot movement, we went shorter. Whatever Stokesy wanted me to do I will just say ‘definitely’. I have done similar for Worcestershire.”

On the mood in the camp...

“We are very happy. It was a great day all round.”

06:45 PM

Salivate over this

06:35 PM

Close of play: ENG 152/1 (Pope 29 Duckett 60)

England have gone at just over six an over without playing a shot in anger. That’s down to the fact there’s been at least one four-ball bowled by Ireland every over. The hosts are well on top having bowled the visitors out for 172 - it’s been a tough day at the office for the Irish.

06:33 PM

STUMPS: ENG 152/1 (Pope 29 Duckett 60)

The last over of the day sees Campher tempt Pope into a dab into the off side for one, he edges it but it fall short of Stirling at second slip. How Ireland could have done with that carrying.

06:28 PM

OVER 24: ENG 149/1 (Pope 27 Duckett 60)

Two singles are followed by a well-run two from Duckett and he moves into the 60s.

One over to go and all questions will ponder how many England will score tomorrow...

06:24 PM

OVER 23: ENG 145/1 (Pope 26 Duckett 57)

Pope is hurried into a stroke by Campher, who’s bowling his first over. The ball wraps the England batsman on the pads but it’s a bit high and there is no review. Pope then pushed down the ground for two. Possibly only one over left, at a push two...

06:19 PM

OVER 22: ENG 140/1 (Pope 24 Duckett 54)

Duckett pulls behind square for one and five dot balls follow.

06:16 PM

OVER 21: ENG 139/1 (Pope 24 Duckett 53)

Pope is now motoring nicely, he leans into a cover drive for four. That was up there with Babar Azam and Ian Bell in terms of pure driving artistry. There then follows a full toss and the Surrey man belts it away to the cover boundary (another buffet ball) Ireland have no control and it’s simply a case of how many England will score.

06:11 PM

OVER 20: ENG 126/1 (Pope 16 Duckett 52)

A Duckett single gets Pope on strike and the Surrey man adds four more dabbing with soft hands down to the vacant third man boundary. A much better shot follows and Adair bowls way too short and Pope pulls for four in front of square. This Ireland attack is way too slow to bowl that short and that’s a buffet ball for someone of Pope’s quality.

06:06 PM

Duckett's fine 50

06:06 PM

OVER 19: ENG 117/1 (Pope 8 Duckett 51)

Pope is off the mark with a whip to leg. He doubles his tally working the ball to long leg and scampering a double. He then, again, doubles his tally with an imperious cover dive. Three balls into the over and eight runs have come off them. Thankfully, for Ireland at least, three dot balls follow.

06:01 PM

OVER 18: ENG 109/1 (Pope 0 Duckett 51)

Pope is the new batter but he doesn’t face a ball this over as Duckett plays out a maiden facing Mark Adair, who’s getting better with every over.

06:00 PM

Will MacPherson at Lord's on the paradox that is Zak Crawley

You can probably use that innings to make absolutely any point you like about Zak Crawley. On the one hand – the England argument – it was a punchy cameo studded with stunning strokes that cemented England’s position of strength. On the other, he was a lucky so and so, with three inside edges flying past his stumps and a few other false strokes. Either way, it’s over, and Ffion Hand has his first wicket.

05:57 PM

OVER 17: ENG 109/1 (Pope 0 Duckett 51)

That was a real missed opportunity for Crawley. He had ridden his luck a bit (see below tweet) but firmly in a big score was his for the taking.

05:55 PM


Crawley c&b Hand 56

Great catch from Hand as Crawley slaps the ball at pace back at the Ireland bowler, who takes it well at the second attempt in his follow through.

FOW - 109/1

05:53 PM

OVER 16: ENG 109/0 (Crawley 56 Duckett 51)

The first ball of this Adair over sees Duckett reach his 50 the second sees England reach their 100 and the third sees Crawley reach his 50, thanks to a glorious cover-drive. That was lovely and controlled, Crawley at his best. He then repeats the shot, this time it’s a little straighter but the same result. Another good over for the hosts - 12 from it.

05:48 PM

Will MacPherson at Lord's

Zak Crawley can count his lucky stars, there. Two inside edges past his own stumps in three balls? That’s crazy fortune. Make it count, Zak...

05:47 PM

OVER 15: ENG 97/0 (Crawley 47 Duckett 48)

Duckett plays the shot of the day so far. The ball from Hand isn’t a bad one, full and outside off peg, but the left-handed opener shows the full face of the bat and punches down the ground for four. That was by no need a half-volley but it was delicious to watch.

Crawley then dances down the track and looks to flick from outside off through mid-wicket and only succeeds in getting yet another inside edge (his third) for four...He’s living dangerously.

05:42 PM

OVER 14: ENG 88/0 (Crawley 43 Duckett 43)

There have been no real false shots played this innings, that is until now. Adair is back on and bowls short and wide, but Crawley nearly cuts onto his stumps, the ball going for four down to fine leg. Adair then over adjusts and bowls too straight and full and Crawly clips him for four through square-leg. Then it’s the false stroke again - Crawley trying to drive outside the off stump, again getting an inside edge and again the ball goes for four.

05:38 PM

Lord's offers up some great sartorial statements

Mostly in a shade of the MCC’s red and yellow (or egg and bacon...). But what about this...?

05:37 PM

OVER 13: ENG 74/0 (Crawley 29 Duckett 43)

After that rapid start the run rate has slowed a bit - just the four runs from this over, all off the bat off Duckett.

05:30 PM

OVER 12: ENG 70/0 (Crawley 29 Duckett 39)

Better from Ireland and Hume in particular. Four dot balls are followed by a Duckett single, a prod forward into the covers, and the run rate, that was heading towards eight an over, has ever so slightly been pegged back.

05:26 PM

OVER 11: ENG 69/0 (Crawley 29 Duckett 38)

Crawley inside edges a full Hand delivery for a single first up before Duckett again plays off his pads for two. There is now protection out in the deep - a sign of just how badly Ireland have bowled (we’re only 11 overs in...).

05:23 PM

OVER 10: ENG 65/0 (Crawley 28 Duckett 35)

Duckett flicks in front of square for two and those are the only runs from that Hume over. AND that’s the first over of this innings without a boundary - Ireland need to take these (very) small wins...

05:18 PM

OVER 9: ENG 63/0 (Crawley 28 Duckett 33)

This is super batting from Crawley and Duckett. The former hitting back-to-back fours the second of which he hits at the top of the bounce behind point. The bowling isn’t great - it’s just too short - but the openers aren’t looking these gift horses in the mouth and making hay while the sun literally shines.

05:14 PM

OVER 8: ENG 55/0 (Crawley 20 Duckett 33)

England’s 50 comes up after seven overs and two balls - Duckett pouncing on a bit of width that Hume gives him cutting for four.

05:10 PM

OVER 7: ENG 49/0 (Crawley 20 Duckett 28)

Hand comes on to replace Adair and first up bowls full and across Duckett, getting the ball to move away. He beats the bat and that’s the first real trouble this opening pair have found themselves in so far. Duckett then gets his own back on the Ireland man, smacking a short one for four the very next ball. The ninth four of the innings (it’s only the seventh over) then follows as Hand strays on line and Duckett flicks him to the mid-wicket boundary.

England haven’t really played a shot in anger and are going at seven an over.

05:05 PM

OVER 6: ENG 40/0 (Crawley 20 Duckett 19)

Hume to Duckett and the Ireland man gets one to nip down the hill - he’s keen but, importantly, the umpire and his team-mates are not. It’s given not out and there’s no review. Good decision as the replay shows it got a glove on its way to the pads. Crawley then flick one for four up the hill - that one was too straight and that’s meat and drink to the Kent opener. As we’ve come to expect, England are going at a good lick here.

05:01 PM

OVER 5: ENG 33/0 (Crawley 16 Duckett 16)

A bit of deja vu as Crawley gets two twos in exactly the same manner - flick to backward square-leg. He adds another couple of runs before a thick outside edge runs to the vacant third-man boundary for four. That was a genuine edge, the ball was full and that should illustrate to this Ireland attack that they need to bowl fuller, they’ve bowled too short so far.

04:56 PM

Not a bad way to get off the mark

04:56 PM

OVER 4: ENG 23/0 (Crawley 6 Duckett 16)

Duckett has once again started well - he’s given a bit of width and flat bats a drive for four, again good timing from the lefty. Sky Sports has just revealed that under this regime (McCullum and Stokes) he’s averaging 58, tasty.

04:52 PM

OVER 3: ENG 18/0 (Crawley 5 Duckett 12)

Can Adair bowl fuller this over? The answer is an immediate ‘yes’ but Crawley can flick it off his pads for a single.

Duckett is now on strike and there’s the lesser-seen-in-Tests wide, the wicketkeeper taking the ball in front of first slip. Duckett then plays a peach of a shot, off the back foot punching it between mid-wicket and mid-on. That was pure timing as it raced up the hill. He repeats the trick next ball - one that is pretty poor, short and wide - as the opener pulls for another boundary.

04:47 PM

OVER 2: ENG 8/0 (Crawley 4 Duckett 4)

Graham Hume takes the new ball from the Nursery End, Duckett is facing. The England opener is away third ball as the Ireland bowler is too straight and Duckett flicks one off his pads for a well-timed four through backward square leg. Those are the only runs off the over.

04:43 PM

OVER 1: ENG 4/0 (Crawley 4 Duckett 0)

It’s Mark Adair with the new ball for Ireland, he bowls to Crawley. There are four slips waiting for that outside edge...To state the obvious the Kent opener could do with a score here...

Second ball is short of a length and wide and Crawley punches for four through the covers. That was a pretty ordinary delivery but the opener won’t care. The next three deliveries are too short and either left or defended with ease. Adair needs to try and tempt Crawley into that big, booming drive, his undoing so often...

04:35 PM

Will MacPherson at Lord's

Well, Ireland are all out for 172. Neither the score they were hoping for, nor any sort of embarrassment. A smart catch, diving to his left, from Jonny Bairstow at the end there, to give Matt Potts his second wicket, to go with three for Leach and five for Broad, who leads England off. Nothing for Josh Tongue, who bowled swiftish, and looked at home at this level. He will get another chance, probably tomorrow after England go full blitzball with the bat.

04:34 PM

Brilliant from Broad

Broad was once again in fine form at Lord's - PA/John Walton
Broad was once again in fine form at Lord's - PA/John Walton

We were treated to peak Stuart Broad - wonderful, probing bowling and an overly optimistic review (because he’s worth it...). He ended with figures of five for 51, his fourth appearance on the Lord’s honours board. The perfect display with which to state his case for being in the XI to face Australia in the first Test at Edgbaston.

04:29 PM

IRELAND are 172 all out

Job well done for the hosts. They won the toss, elected to bowl and have taken 10 wickets in just over two sessions. The sun is shining and it’s a good time to bat.

04:28 PM


Hand c Bairstow b Potts 1

That’s it, Potts bowls back of a length, it jags back, catches the inside edge and Bairstow has another easy take behind the stumps.

Ireland 172 all out 

04:26 PM

OVER 56: IRE 172/9 (Hume 0* Hand 1*)

Leach’s return immediately brings the ninth wicket and he now has three for 35 - confidence boosting ahead of the Ashes where, you strongly suspect, the Australians will target him.

04:24 PM


Campher b Leach 33

It’s a ‘mind the windows’ moment as Campher has a rush of blood to the head. He dances down the track, seemingly with the aim of planting the ball somewhere near Primrose Hill, misses it and is clean-bowled.

FOW - 172/9

04:21 PM

OVER 55: IRE 172/8 (Campher 33* Hand 1*)

Potts replaces Leach, the Leach from the Pavilion End experiment not lasting too long. Two from the over.

04:16 PM

OVER 54: IRE 169/8 (Campher 32* Hand 0*)

Adair dabs one down to third man for four - he was well in control of that shot and these are valuable runs for the visitors. They’ll think 220 will be a good score having been seven down for not a lot - the tail is ever so slightly wagging here.

Jinxed it as Broad then strikes...that’s the fourth time he’s been on the honours board at Lord’s - tremendous stuff.

Hand is the new man in and he prods forward to his first ball without any scares.

04:15 PM


Adair b Broad 14

Broad clean bowls Mark Adair who was looking good - this one nips back and clips the top of off peg. It’s another five-fer for the all-time great.

FOW - 169/8

04:10 PM

OVER 53: IRE 165/7 (Campher 32* Adair 10*)

It’s the Broad-Leach combo once again. He’s still getting good bounce and making Jonny Bairstow extremely excited in the process. “Oh Jacky, that’s fantastic bounce!” the Ginger Bradman can he heard to exclaim. He’s even more excited when Leach beats the inside edge and wraps the pads of Campher. It’s given not out and there’s no review.

04:05 PM

OVER 52: IRE 164/7 (Campher 32* Adair 9*)

Broad with the first over after tea from the Nursery End. The sun is still shining and Broad is still getting some genuine inswing, you fancy he’ll get one to hold its line outside off soon enough. There’s a no-ball last ball and that’s the only change to the scoreboard that set of six balls.

04:00 PM

Nick Hoult's teatime verdict

It wasn’t a bad afternoon session for Ireland — three wickets for 84 runs when most would have expected England to be batting by tea. England have not exactly looked threatening against the tail.

They are missing Mark Wood’s express pace to put the frighteners on tailenders. Josh Tongue has averaged around 87mph, not lightning fast, and it was something of an admission of a failure when he reverted to bowling with three slips after the leg theory failed against Curtis Campher.

Stuart Broad has been the pick of the attack, Matt Potts has improved as he has worked into his spells but there’s no sign of Ben Stokes on a seaming pitch.

03:41 PM

OVER 51: IRE 162/7 (Campher 32* Adair 8*)

Tongue is still bowling with pace - he’s up in the 88mph zone and he looks as though he’s enjoying himself, always half the battle. It’s a maiden and it’s time for tea.

03:37 PM

OVER 50: IRE 162/7 (Campher 32* Adair 8*)

Broad to Campher and he again gets one to dart back into the right-hander, Campher doing well to get bat on ball and push for a single to leg. Broad then tries to tempt Adair with a wide one and the Ireland man gets a thickish outside edge that runs away down towards the Tavern Stand for four - the England man doesn’t look happy.

03:33 PM

OVER 49: IRE 157/7 (Campher 31* Adair 4*)

Adair is off the mark as he tucks one for two off his legs, he adds two more the final ball of the over with a cut past backward point.

03:29 PM

OVER 48: IRE 153/7 (Campher 31* Adair 0*)

Broad returns and immediately finds the edge of Campher’s bat but it’s played with soft hands and falls short of the slips. He then bowls too leg side and is glanced elegantly for four.  Campher is batting well here, Ireland need him to hang in there and give them a chance of getting to and above 200.

03:25 PM

Nick Hoult at Lord's

Steady return behind the stumps by Jonny Bairstow. His left ankle - the one he injured on the golf course -  is very heavily strapped and it has been noticeable that he has not chased the ball around as much as he used to; Joe Root ran after one that rolled down towards the pavilion. But with the ball wobbling through the air in the first session, he was comfortable,. He has been very vocal, his voice carrying through the stump mic, making everyone aware he is back. When Jonny is chirping, it shows he is happy.

03:24 PM

OVER 46: IRE 149/7 (Campher 27* Adair 0*)

Tongue is continuing to bowl well, with pace and purpose. Clearly bowling to a plan, short stuff and he looks at home in his first appearance at the Home of Cricket. One from the over

03:19 PM

Scyld Berry at Lord's

Lovely batting conditions now, but Ireland have no batting specialists to use them. Still, Ireland in their first 7 Tests have adjusted as well as Bangladesh did.

03:18 PM

Perfect from Potts

03:17 PM

OVER 45: IRE 148/7 (Campher 26* Adair 0*)

Tongue’s over goes for six a gloved pull for four round the corner and a two. The short stuff is continuing from Potts and Tongue.

03:11 PM

OVER 44: IRE 142/7 (Campher 20* Adair 0*)

Potts continues round the wicket to McBrine and again has a decent shout for lbw. He doesn’t look too interested, nor does the umpire, but Stokes and the slip cordon are keen and they review. Hawk-Eye shows it would have clipped the top of leg stump - it remains not out. Then next ball he sends McBrine back to the pavilion. Adiar is the new man in and Ireland could do with this tail wagging.

It’s a wicket maiden and it’s a brilliant over from the impressive Potts.

03:09 PM


McBrine c Bairstow b Potts 19

Potts gets one to hold its line and take the outside edge of the lefthand and Bairstow makes no mistake with the gloves.

FOW - 142/7

03:04 PM

OVER 43: IRE 142/6 (Campher 20* McBrine 19*)

Campher illustrates the wisdom of that old maxim ‘if you’re going to slash, slash hard’ as he goes for a wide full Tongue delivery, the ball going off the thickish outside edge, over gully for four. Those are the only runs from the over.

03:00 PM

OVER 42: IRE 138/6 (Campher 16* McBrine 19*)

Potts, taking the lead from Tongue, is really coming in hard now. Banging the ball in short and asking questions of this pair. Alas, the pitch isn’t quick so it can sit up and asked to be hit - this one does and McBrine says ‘thank you’ pulling for four in the process.

02:57 PM

OVER 41: IRE 132/6 (Campher 16* McBrine 13*)

Tongue bangs one in short and Campher pulls well for four. The Worcestershire man then dishes up some more chin music and this one clashes into Campher’s lid. The physio comes out and concludes the Ireland batter is OK to continue. Good over from Tongue who is bowling with a good bit of pace and at the body.

02:49 PM

OVER 40: IRE 124/6 (Campher 12* McBrine 12*)

Potts replaces Leach...

Here’s Scyld Berry on the Durham paceman.

About Matty Potts, when I interviewed Durham’s bowling coach Alan Walker a fortnight ago, he made the point that Potts is an old-school bowler who likes to keep on bowling and maintain his rhythm. If he has a week off, like now, he takes time to get back into it - and this morning he bowled too straight at times and got picked off legside. The best should be yet to come...

McBrine dashes at a wide one and the ball flies over the slips for four - Ireland will take runs however they come at the moment. Potts, coming round the wicket, then gets one to dart back and has a decent enough lbw shout. It’s given not out and Stokes doesn’t review.

02:42 PM

OVER 39: IRE 120/6 (Campher 12* McBrine 7*)

Broad is replaced by Tongue and Campher punches him for two through the covers before the debut boy induces a wild drive with the ball flirting with the outside edge. Two from the over.

02:39 PM

OVER 38: IRE 118/6 (Campher 10* McBrine 7*)

Having seen Campher drive for four McBrine gets in on the act, this time against Leach. If anything it’s a better shot, it’s not a half volley, he hits it at the top of the bounce - delightful. Then McBrine attempts another drive, it careers to Root at first slip and he drops it. It went at some pace, but probably should have caught it.

02:36 PM

OVER 37: IRE 114/6 (Campher 10* McBrine 3*)

Five dot balls are followed by a beautiful and brutal drive through the covers for four by Campher. A much-needed boundary thanks to a Broad half-volley.

02:31 PM

OVER 36: IRE 110/6 (Campher 6* McBrine 3*)

You can see why Tucker reviewed, he was a fair way down the pitch but umpire’s call went England’s way this time. McBrine is the new man in and has five balls to negotiate. First up he, and everyone else, is beaten by one outside the left-hander’s off peg. Six and a wicket from the over.

02:27 PM


Tucker lbw b Leach 18

Leach floats one up again inducing the the sweep. The Ireland man misses it, there’s a bit of bounce, and is wrapped on the pads and the dreaded finger is lifted. Tucker reviews but the replay shows it would have clipped the top of the bails and the visitors are six down...

FOW 104/6

02:25 PM

OVER 35: IRE 104/5 (Campher 4* Tucker 18*)

Broad to Campher and the seamer delivers a vicious inswinger (not as in Waqar vicious but decent enough...)  that hits the Ireland batter on the boot. It’s given not out but Broad, as he tends to do, is desperate for a review despite it looking as though it’s going way down legside. Stokes acquiesces and sure enough it’s not out. The fact it was such a full delivery doubtless convinced the captain to review but in hindsight it was a poor decision.

02:20 PM

Scyld Berry on Broad's four-fer

Stuart Broad is stealing a march while James Anderson is absent. Anderson has the most Test wickets at Lord’s, 117. Broad, after dismissing James McCollum, his fourth wicket, now has 106.

02:19 PM

OVER 34: IRE 104/5 (Campher 4* Tucker 18*)

Leach appeals for lbw as Tucker attempts another sweep. The Ireland batter is looking to be positive but there are no runs for him or his side during this maiden.

02:17 PM

OVER 33: IRE 104/5 (Campher 4* Tucker 18*)

Tucker is looking to play his shots against a Broad who is looking in fine form - brave and gutsy, but also possibly a bit fool hardy? He comes down the wicket to one that bounces and nips back before pulling for one, that run brings up the 100 for Ireland, a welcome landmark having been bowled out for 38 the last time they were here. Campher then edges one, he plays with soft hands so it doesn’t carry but it beats Root at first slip for four. Broad is bowling well and then beats the bat with one that goes back up the hill - a peach.

02:12 PM

Will MacPherson at Lord's

The weather is lovely here now, just as forecast. In the interests of competitive balance, it would be lovely if Ireland could make a bit of headway here and build their way towards a decent score. McCollom has dug in, Tucker is being busy and there’s still some batting to come.

02:11 PM

OVER 32: IRE 99/5 (Campher 0* Tucker 17*)

Jacky (as Bairstow is calling him, it’s not just me...) Leach has five balls to the new batter following a Tucker single. The left-armer makes the Irishman play at every one of them and Campher is up to the task, looking solid in defence in the process.

02:09 PM

OVER 31: IRE 98/5 (Campher 0* Tucker 16*)

Campher is the new batter and he survives the remaining two balls of the over. Broad has four wickets, is calling how he’s going to take them, and looks a happy camper.

02:04 PM


McCollum c Root b Broad 36

Broad is annoyed with himself has he fored one down leg side first up. It goes for four leg byes. He looks to Stokes as if to say ‘I’m searching for the one that goes away from the bat’ and a few seconds later he bowls a ball that does exactly that, forcing McCollum forward and taking his outside edge. Root snapping up the chance at first slip with ease. The opener’s vigil is over.

FOW 98/5

02:01 PM

OVER 30: IRE 94/4 (McCollum 36* Tucker 16*)

Leach to McCollum and the Ireland opener paddles one well for four first up. That won’t bother Leach too much, he wants the Ireland batters to play those crossbat shots to him. Bairstow, as most wicketkeepers do, is chirping away every ball, basically commenting that every ball is a wicket-taking peach. It’s slightly annoying but long may it continue. Five from the over.

01:58 PM

OVER 29: IRE 89/4 (McCollum 31* Tucker 16*)

Broad bangs one in short and Tucker’s eyes light up - partly because with plenty of men around the bat he knows there are lots of wide open spaces. He doesn’t connect perfectly but gets enough on it to pull in front of square for four.

01:53 PM

OVER 28: IRE 84/4 (McCollum 31* Tucker 12*)

It’s Jacky Leach with the first over after the break from the Nursery End. Tucker sweeps for two first up - the left-armer continuing to entice that dangerous shot (how he got Stirling’s wicket). Two singles follow and there are four from the over.

01:49 PM

OVER 27: IRE 80/4 (McCollum 30* Tucker 9*)

It’s Broad, unsurprisingly, with the first over after lunch from the Pavilion End, he’s already got a three-fer and will be hunting more wickets. McCollum defends the first ball resolutely before flicking the second off his pads for a single - he was solid this morning while wickets fell at the other end, facing 93 balls for his 29 not out. A single follows for Tucker and those are the only runs from the over.

01:43 PM

The players are back out on the hallowed turf

And the afternoon session is about to get under way.

The sun is out so better so better batting conditions for the visitors, and boy do they need them.

01:40 PM

Nick Hoult's lunchtime verdict

England picked up where they left off under Ben Stokes – taking wickets and dominating their opponents who have done little to suggest this will be nothing more than a one-sided stroll in the park before the Ashes.

It was meat and drink with the new ball for Stuart Broad, picking off the top three, and Jack Leach was backed fully by Stokes to come on in the 10th over of the Test.

Stokes attacked with his fields, his trusty left-armer delivering on his captain’s faith with the wicket of Paul Stirling, Ireland’s most dangerous player who fell sweeping, unable to resist the bait as Stokes brought up square leg and tempted him to hit over the top.

Stokes himself will not bowl in this Test, barring an Irish fightback, because he will not be needed. Why waste overs when there are so few left in his knee? Josh Tongue had the most placid of introductions to Test cricket - coming on against an Ireland team reeling at 26 for three.

He reached 87mph, looked lively but bowled a touch too short in his first spell. he returned to send down bumpers before lunch to a leg side field, England testing out whether he can do that effectively with Australia in mind. This is a rehearsal for bigger things to come.

01:39 PM

Brendon McCullum has just been interviewed on Sky Sports

It was a wide-ranging interview and well worth a watch if you can catch a repeat.

Here’s what he had to say about Test cricket.

“We’ve got an opportunity to captivate [children] not just into just to cricket but to Test cricket. How do we provide that next shot in the arm to get them to want to watch and play Test cricket. We do that by making it fun to play and watch the biggest stage of the game.”

He and Stokes have had a great 12 months and how they build on that over this Ashes summer will be a fascinating sub-plot throughout the battle against the Australians.

01:21 PM

They may be four wickets down at lunch but...

...Ireland can be content in the knowledge their attire is definitely world class.

01:03 PM

LUNCH: IRE 78/4 (McCollom 29* Tucker 8*)

Potts will bowl the final over before the lunch break. He strays a bit too wide once more and McCollom plays the ball late and gets four through point. A lovely shot, once more – his fourth boundary of the day. Ireland have recovered well from 19/3 but are not in a great position having been put in to bat by Ben Stokes. Another single and it’s six runs off Potts’s final over of the session.

That is also my final over of the day, handing over to Greg Wilcox for the final two sessions.

12:58 PM

OVER 25: IRE 72/4 (McCollom 24* Tucker 7*)

Tongue continues with the short stuff. Tucker tries to pull but it comes off his glove. Maybe it wasn’t. It sounded like it, though. He gets a run for it in any case. The final ball is very short and McCollom ducks underneath it.

Probably one more over before lunch.

12:54 PM

OVER 24: IRE 71/4 (McCollom 24* Tucker 6*)

Tucker skips down the pitch to Potts and clips the ball nicely off his pads for four. The next ball squares him up outside off, though, and beats the outside edge by not very much at all. Potts with a fairly probing over here. The sun is now fully out in NW8.

12:51 PM

OVER 23: IRE 66/4 (McCollom 24* Tucker 1*)

Tongue carries on with some short stuff. Bowled a maiden first up but has been a bit leaky since then. Still, not a bad start from the debutant. A good over this one, though, just the leg bye from it.

Josh Tongue of England bowl during Day One of the LV= Insurance Test Match between England and Ireland at Lord's Cricket Ground on June 01, 2023 in London, England - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Josh Tongue of England bowl during Day One of the LV= Insurance Test Match between England and Ireland at Lord's Cricket Ground on June 01, 2023 in London, England - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

12:44 PM

Lunch is approaching

What’s on the menu?

12:44 PM

OVER 22: IRE 65/4 (McCollom 24* Tucker 1*)

Lorcan Tucker the man in at six and he gets off the mark second ball with a single onto the leg side.

Josh Tongue to return for his second spell.

12:41 PM

WICKET! Stirling c Bairstow b Leach 30

Stirling tries to sweep Leach, he doesn’t quite get to the pitch of it, there’s some extra bounce and it catches his gloved and loops up in the air for a simple catch for Bairstow! Stirling goes for an aggressive 30 off 35. A much-needed partnership ends at 45.

FOW 64/4

Scyld Berry writes: “Stirling out just as sunshine breaks through but Ireland, four down, haven’t enough batting left to make most of it...?”

12:39 PM

OVER 21: IRE 64/3 (McCollom 24* Stirling 30*)

Broad continues and bowls his third maiden of the day.

England's Stuart Broad (L) bowls the ball to Ireland's Paul Stirling during day 1 of the Test match between England and Ireland at the Lord's cricket ground in London, on June 1, 2023 - Getty Images/Glyn Kirk
England's Stuart Broad (L) bowls the ball to Ireland's Paul Stirling during day 1 of the Test match between England and Ireland at the Lord's cricket ground in London, on June 1, 2023 - Getty Images/Glyn Kirk

Tim Wigmore writes: “Good little battle between Stirling, at his old home ground, and Leach. Stirling very happy to use his feet - including with a powerful straight drive last over; Leach spilled a very tricky return catch when he was 22.”

12:34 PM

OVER 20: IRE 64/3 (McCollom 24* Stirling 30*)

The onslaught (sort of) continues. Stirling dances down the pitch again and punches Leach hard down the ground for four to move into the thirties. His next shot is not quite so handsome and nowhere near as well timed. A bit of a hack, but he avoids being stumped at least.

Will Macpherson writes: “A solid first spell in Test cricket from Josh Tongue. He started with two fine maidens, before just dropping a bit short. But he’s never bowled here – the slope takes some getting used to – and he’s been the quickest on display by some distance. You can see why England fancy a look.”

12:30 PM

OVER 19: IRE 60/3 (McCollom 24* Stirling 26*)

Stuart Broad returns for his sixth over, with figures of 3-14 so far. Stirling gets a thick-ish outside edge down to wide third man. Think he meant to guide it in that general direction but he didn’t quite get all of it. It’s three runs from him and it brings about a slightly perplexed expression from Broad.

McCollom then has a shot at Broad, pulling him slightly unconvincingly in the air out to the deep midwicket boundary, down the slope for four. Another decent over for Ireland, seven from it.

12:25 PM

OVER 18: IRE 53/3 (McCollom 20* Stirling 23*)

Stirling keen to get after Leach when he can. He skips down the pitch and punches a full one straight back down the ground. Leach gets a right hand on it and saves a run, deflecting it to mid-on. Just a single to Stirling from the over.

12:22 PM

OVER 17: IRE 52/3 (McCollom 20* Stirling 22*)

Stirling latches onto a wide short-ish ball from Tongue, cutting him for a simple four before then punching him off the back foot for four more! Lovely stuff and that moves Ireland to 50. A good recovery from Ireland and Tongue recovers himself in this over too.

12:18 PM

OVER 16: IRE 41/3 (McCollom 20* Stirling 13*)

No real threat from Leach so far as these two build their partnership. Currently 23 at the start of this over, so a but of a recovery. Decent enough stuff from Leach, though.

England's Jack Leach bowling - PA
England's Jack Leach bowling - PA

12:12 PM

OVER 15: IRE 41/3 (McCollom 19* Stirling 12*)

Tongue concedes his first runs, getting one to move back into the pads of Stirling. It’s an unconvincing clip off his legs, possibly bat into pad. McCollom then swivel pulls a slightly short ball out for two, fielded by Ben Duckett on the long leg boundary.

The next ball is superb. Cutting McCollom in two, moving dramatically back from off stump to beat the inside edge. There’s an appeal from one England player, not sure who. Ben Stokes decides to review...

The ball moves a lot but the sound was ball hitting trouser leg and Tongue has to wait for his first Test wicket. 

McCollom then puts that behind him by leaning into a superb off-drive that gets him four runs through point, before keeping the strike with a nudge off the pads off the final ball.

12:09 PM

OVER 13: IRE 32/3 (McCollom 12* Stirling 11*)

Leach continues with his slow left-arm spin. Pushing it through a bit, nearly touching 60mph here. It’s just a single to Stirling off the over.

12:03 PM

OVER 13: IRE 32/3 (McCollom 12* Stirling 10*)

It has gone a little quiet since that Broad-induced flurry in the fifth and seventh overs, which is just what Ireland needed. They’ve added a few runs in that time since. Tongue bowling in the mid to high-80s. It’s another maiden and he beats the outside edge with the final ball of the over. A good start.

11:59 AM

OVER 12: IRE 32/3 (McCollom 12* Stirling 10*)

Jack Leach on to bowl his first over of the day. Will Ireland attack? Yes, Stirling sweeps hard first ball and gets four through backward square leg. A couple of other singles, so that’s six from the over.

11:55 AM

OVER 11: IRE 26/3 (McCollom 11* Stirling 5*)

A decent start. In the corridor of uncertainty outside off, McCollom thinks about playing but leaves, the old vertical bat-swivel. A low, skiddy one slips under McCollom’s bat off the sixth ball, it was a fairly wild slash. Tongue’s maiden Test over is itself a maiden over.

Tim Wigmore writes: “James Anderson normally bowls from the Pavilion End at Lord’s, but Stuart Broad relished the chance to do so under the clouds today: 3-14 from his opening five-over spell have furthered his claims to retaining his spot when Ollie Robinson and Anderson return for the Ashes.”

11:51 AM

Josh Tongue on to bowl...

...on his debut.

11:50 AM

OVER 10: IRE 26/3 (McCollom 11* Stirling 5*)

Bairstow giving Potts, so far wicket-less, encouragement from behind the stumps. He has not created as much as Broad but has bowled okay so far. Perhaps a little bit wide outside off this over and without quite enough movement. A bit legg-ish on the final ball and McCollom clips it off his pads for a single.

11:46 AM

OVER 9: IRE 25/3 (McCollom 10* Stirling 5*)

Stirling off the mark with a boundary, clipping it wide of leg slip. A single a piece then to Stirling and McCollom before Broad finds his line again.

11:43 AM

OVER 8: IRE 19/3 (McCollom 9* Stirling 0*)

A tidy over from Potts. A maiden.

11:40 AM

OVER 7: IRE 19/3 (McCollom 9* Stirling 0*)

Ireland in a bit of trouble here after two wickets in that Broad over. 3-8 for him off his four overs so far.

Scyld Berry writes: “Potts fielding leg slip and good catch – no surprise because he fields at slip for Durham’s spinner Patel. Athletic, good hands.”

11:36 AM

England think they have a wicket, but Ireland review successfully

Paul Stirling next man in and Broad gets one to move back at him first ball. It raps him on the pads and the umpires finger goes up! It just looked out but he reviews anyway. 

Stirling did move over to to the off-side but the ball tracking shows the ball is missing the stumps. Not by much but Stirling survives and Ireland are just three down.

11:35 AM

WICKET! Tector c Potts b Broad 0

Two ducks in an over and Broad has three! Harry Tector goes second ball. He advances down the track and towards the off-side and clips it off his pads straight to Matthew Potts at leg slip! A fairly simple but quick catch for Potts.

Strange-ish dismissal, second ball in a Test match but he was clearly keen to get off the mark and didn’t get enough on it.

FOW 19/3

11:31 AM

WICKET! Balbirnie c Crawley b Broad 0

A little away-swinger, Balbirnie throws his hands at it a little hard, it takes the outside edge and Crawley dives to his left to take a two-handed catch. Broad has his second in short order.

Will Macpherson writes: “Well, Stuart Broad will be very pleased with his morning’s work so far. That’s a smart catch from Crawley to give Broad his second. Brings Harry Tector to the crease.”

FOW 19/2

11:29 AM

OVER 6: IRE 19/1 (McCollom 9* Balbirnie 0*)

Potts gets one to move back dramatically to McCollom. He leaves it, probably on line, but it comes back and bounces over the top of middle stump. He then leans into a cover drive to get four. Probably a little full but a lovely stroke nonetheless and it races down the hill to the deep cover boundary or thereabouts.

11:26 AM

OVER 5: IRE 15/1 (McCollom 5* Balbirnie 0*)

The skipper comes to the crease...

Scyld Berry writes: “Stokes running around from mid-off but not far. Moor out aiming through square leg not mid-on”

11:21 AM

WICKET! Moor lbw b Broad 10

Broad angles it down the hill from over the wicket, Moor continues to walk across his stumps as he has done so far today, the ball moves a bit into his pads – Moor plays outside, it slides into his pads... and it’s a very easy decision for the umpire.

FOW 15/1

11:19 AM

OVER 4: IRE 15/0 (McCollum 5* Moor 10*)

Potts beats the outside edge of McCollom with the first ball of his second over. Didn’t really move much at all but he played inside it. Genuine movement off the seam the next ball, though, and that also beats the edge. A tidy finish to the over, beatign the outside edge of McCollom once again on the final ball and it’s a maiden for Potts.

11:14 AM

OVER 3: IRE 15/0 (McCollum 5* Moor 10*)

McCollum’s thick outside edge runs down... not quite to the boundary as Leach fields. Three runs. Broad sends one in full, not a half-volley, but Moore punches handsomely down the ground for four on the off side. Lovely shot. Not much movement out there.

Seven runs from the over and Ireland have made a positive start.

11:09 AM

OVER 2: IRE 8/0 (McCollum 2* Moor 6*)

After a McCollom single, Moore clips one from middle through deep square leg for four to get himself off the mark. A drive (not brilliantly well-timed but good enough) through the covers next ball gets him another two. Potts gets it a bit straighter for the next two balls to finish the over.

11:05 AM

OVER 1: IRE 1/0 (Moor 0* McCollum 1*)

McCollom gets himself and Ireland off the mark with a single out on the leg side.  The fourth ball beats the edge... or does it? There’s a sound and a bit of an appeal from behind the stumps but it is not too enthusiastic. The umpire is unmoved and England do not review. Looks like it clipped the right-leg pocket on the way through to Bairstow. Just that one from the over.

Scyld Berry, at Lord’s, notes that having Potts at leg slip makes Broad bowl straighter. Potts will be the next man with the ball, by the way.

11:00 AM

Stuart Broad to open the bowling for England

Seven sessions the previous meeting between these two sides lasted. Hopeful for a bit more this time around.

10:54 AM

Eoin Morgan rings the five-minute bell

A more fitting choice there could not be.

10:48 AM

JM Bairstow speaks to MA Atherton

It’s amazing. What a special place this is, what a special feeling it is to represent England, to be back with the boys it’s been cracking. It [the injury] was horrendous, it wasn’t easy that day nor the few months post, but that’s why we want to get back to playing the cricket we really enjoy, it’s just another hurdle you’ve got to overcome.

10:38 AM

The teams


Ben Duckett
Zak Crawley
Ollie Pope
Joe Root
Ben Stokes (c)
Harry Brook
Jonny Bairstow (wk)
Stuart Broad
Matthew Potts
Josh Tongue
Jack Leach


Peter Moor
James McCollom
Andrew Balbirnie (c)
Harry Tector
Paul Stirling
Lorcan Tucker (wk)
Curtis Campher
Fionn Hand
Andy McBrine
Mark Adair
Graham Hume

10:34 AM

Will Macpherson is also at Lord's

Good morning from Lord’s, where it’s overcast, blustery but actually quite bright. England had a lovely huddle just now, where cap No613, Jimmy Anderson, presented cap No711 to the debutant Josh Tongue. It’s been a cool 20 years since Anderson made his own debut. Tongue’s family – parents, brother, partner, child – were all in the huddle and looked thrilled to bits. Lovely start.

10:33 AM

Nick Hoult at Lord's

The Lord’s pitch was almost as green as the Irish team training tops this week but it was shaved last night and looks a good Test strip - straw coloured with a sprinkling of live grass. The MCC relaid the strip over the winter, digging down 10 millimetres and seeding it with new ryegrass. This came after complaints from England over the slowness of the pitches. Whether it makes any difference we will see. Middlesex players were a bit bemused to read about it having more zip after the start of the county season but the showpiece centre wickets are saved for England and may have a bit more life.

10:32 AM

England win the toss and bowl

England captain Ben Stokes speaks about why:

It looks pretty good conditions to bowl in, looking forward to getting out there as a group. Pretty good, it’s been an exciting time, looking forward to the build-up to the summer... and what the summer holds. We tried to keep it as simple as we possibly can and continue the mindset and role we find ourselves in as a team. We’ve got to take every day as it comes this summer, this is the start of something we’ve got coming up in the summer.

It’s the first time I’ve spent any time around Tonguey... he’s obviously a good enough player to be here in the first place and this is a great opportunity to see another exciting talent come through.

10:27 AM

Ireland's Paul Stirling speaks to Eoin Morgan

“It’s a great place to play cricket, isn’t it? It’s brilliant to be back seeing all the staff and smiles. We haven’t played too much red-ball cricket... red-ball cricket tends to be a tougher prospect for myself. I think it’s true that form in any format is good in any cricket, so hopefully get a couple of runs.”

10:18 AM

Good morning

Welcome to our live coverage of the first and only Test between England and Ireland at Lord’s. England have had a busy winter and have a busy summer ahead of them, with the Ashes kicking off later this month. Regaining the urn will, clearly, be the focus but they will need to make sure they do not underestimate Ireland in this encounter.

The last time these two sides met in Tests England emerged victors by 143, but that was after being bowled out for 85 in the first innings. They did, though, then bowl Ireland out for 38 themselves.

Meanwhile, England captain “Ben Stokes has warned Australia he has ‘worked his nuts off’ to get back to his 2019 best after it emerged the England captain has sought treatment for chronic tendonitis,” writes Will Macpherson.

Stokes is confident that careful management and a period on the sidelines at the IPL has brought his fitness back to the level of his golden summer four years ago and will allow him to play a “full role” as an all-rounder in Thursday’s Test against Ireland and in the Ashes, which start on June 16.

The injury was at its worst on England’s tour of New Zealand in February, when he was able to bowl just two overs in the defeat in Wellington. He played just two matches at the IPL.

“The knee is obviously in a much better place than it was in Wellington,” Stokes said. “I’ve been in India over the last nine to 10 weeks but what I have done is get myself into a position where I am not able to look back and regret or say I have not given myself the best opportunity to play a full role with the ball this summer.

“I have worked incredibly hard with the medical team in Chennai, who were liaising with the ECB guys, and got myself into a place where I feel like I am back at a 2019, 2020 space in terms of my own body and fitness.

“I made a promise to myself and team-mates, in particular the bowlers, that I will be doing everything I possibly can to be in a position to fulfil that role. I’ve done that.”

The toss and team news will be happening shortly and we will be here for over-by-over updates of the entire day. It’s a bit cloudy and not all that warm in north-west London today, so could be a good day for bowling.