Euro 2024 sweepstake kit: Download and print yours here

Euro 2024 sweepstake kit: Download and print yours here
Euro 2024 sweepstake kit: Download and print yours here

The 17th edition of Uefa’s European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2024, is underway.

Germany kicked things off with victory in their opening game against Scotland in Munich, marking the start of a month-long football feast.

Download your printable sweepstake here

To keep things interesting, why not take part in our Euro 2024 sweepstake.. and see if you emerge from this summer’s tournament as a winner, even if England – or your favourite team – lets you down on the pitch! Click on the link below to bring up your printable PDF.

How this sweepstake works

Each of the 24 teams in action in Germany are listed on the sweepstake, alongside their odds of success at the tournament, and the groups they have been drawn in.

All you need to do is print out the sweepstake, and cut out each team individually to be ready to play.

How to run a Euros sweepstake

Place the teams into a hat, or a similar container big enough to hold all 24 teams, and allow family, friends or work colleagues to take their pick of the nations.

If you have 24 people willing to play, you could make entry £5 per team with £80 for the winner, £30 for second place and £10 for third.

Alternatively, £2 per entry could be split up with £25 for the winner, £15 for second place, £8 for third place.

If you’re playing among a smaller group of people, you could pick two or more teams each to ensure all are taken.

To help you keep on top of the schedule, you can also print off our Euro 2024 calendar.

Want to know more about the team you draw and their fixtures? Have a read of our guide to all of the teams at the tournament. Or think you’re already a decent expert? Try out Euro 2024 predictor tool to pick your winner. Plus, what do you think of our Euro 2024 kit rankings?