European Super League plan is ‘selfish’ and ‘only about greed’ says Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle

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Jack Rosser
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Glenn Hoddle has accused the owners of the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ of disregarding “the history and traditions of football” and said their plans are “only about greed”.

As plans to launch a European Super League were met with a huge backlash, Hoddle said the rebel clubs are “trying to get blood out of a stone” by forming a new tournament.

“It is only about greed, it is only about money,” said Hoddle in his Standard Sport column and on the Glenn Hoddle Footy Show podcast. “You have got to look at the ownership of those clubs who are looking to do this. Unfortunately, you have got American owners and it is all about money.

“They have not thought about the game, they have not thought about the history and traditions of football. I do not think it will happen and I hope it does not happen. I think it would be wrong for the game.

“We have got it perfect at the moment, with the group phase in European football and then knockout. I think the balance is right now. There are more games in the Champions League than there were and they are getting the finances out of it.

“They are trying to get blood out of a stone and it is very selfish. You have got to think of the depth of football rather than yourself.”

Gary Neville on Sunday furiously accused the owners of the ‘Big Six’ of being “imposters” with “no loyalty to this country” and today continued his blistering attack on their plans.

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“This lot think they can sweep up £300million more each season than the other teams and then wander back on a Saturday and play with that advantage in the Premier League,” he said. “Deduct points, fine heavily and embargo transfers. I hope they haven’t bought some of the other 14 clubs.

“The clubs should be deducted points, that includes this club [Manchester United] - the club that I love and I’ve supported all my life. But I’m ashamed of them, absolutely ashamed. Forget [the owners], they have nothing to do with this football club, they’re just custodians.”

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Neville, who on Sunday described Arsenal as being “an absolute shambles of a football club”, added: “People think my initial reaction was emotion, it wasn’t... we’ve got to stop the powerbase of football in this country being in the hands of the top six in the Premier League.”

Rio Ferdinand has called the plans “a war on football” and Standard Sport columnist Alan Smith tweeted: “Just feel sick to the stomach this morning. And depressed. And extremely worried for the future of our game.”

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