Sunderland Fan View: Forget relegation - David Moyes staying on is the real disaster

As a Sunderland fan my biggest fear is not the team’s impending relegation but rather the dread that goes with having David Moyes as manager going forward. I suspect I am not alone. This view now echoes resoundingly amongst other supporters too. In fact it is becoming increasingly evident from the terraces that things cannot go on as they are on Wearside.

Even though you may argue it is outside their direct control, supporters will not allow this situation to fester for much longer. Change, yet again, is inevitable and it is just a matter of time. The question becomes how far will Ellis Short allow the Black Cats to plummet before action is taken.

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No one within Sunderland welcomes the prospect of demotion from the top flight. But we are a hardy bunch in this part of the world and there would be a reluctant acceptance of relegation if there were even the slightest sense of moving in the right direction.

Even just a hint of a game plan or an overarching vision for next season, which supporters could get behind, would be welcomed.

Instead we are meant to take solace that with David Moyes at the helm the club now has ‘stability’. Well, if ‘stability’ is being treated to directionless, appalling dross every week then we have it in spades.

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If we’re playing the blame game the players have to take responsibility too. Yet, despite some reports claiming Moyes was not backed in the transfer market he cannot truly complain. A not insignificant number were brought into the side having already played for the Scot either at Everton or Manchester United. Over two transfer windows there is now enough of Moyes’ own players to lay to rest any excuses he may have about not having opportunity to build his own team.

The truth is Moyes has failed to motivate and improve a squad, which he himself partly built. Papy Djilobodji and Didier Ndong came at a combined cost of £22million. One hardly appeared during the campaign due to his inept performances and the other has only showed flashes of quality on too few occasions. We could easily point to Hull and Watford as examples of teams who were in a far worse position yet have done a better job with less resources.

This season has shown one simple truth. There can be no other conclusion than with Everton, Moyes was merely the right man at the right time – a fluke. The more he tries to recapture this era with other football clubs the further away he gets.




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