'My foul-mouthed rant left Andy Robertson absolutely terrified - but he learned'

Andy Robertson was on the receiving end of a foul-mouthed tirade that had his teammates laughing at him
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Andy Robertson has grown to be one of the dominant characters in the Liverpool dressing room but as a youngster, he was firmly put in his place by then Hull City boss Steve Bruce.

The 30-year-old Scotsman joined Hull from Dundee United in 2014 and he quickly became a key player for his manager. But Robertson was taught a harsh lesson when he tried to board the team bus with dozens of cans of beer to be shared around the squad.

"He was only 20 years old and was staggering under the weight of two huge Tesco carrier bags when he tried to get on the coach with them," Bruce told the Mirror in 2022. "Two bags rammed full of Carlsberg. He clambered aboard and I’ve stopped him and said ‘Where do you think you’re going with them?’

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"He just looked at me and said ‘What’s the matter?’ I said ‘You’re supposed to be elite athletes - get that ------- beer off this ------- coach.’

"He was absolutely terrified. Petrified. I think he thought I was going to sack him - or smack him. The lads were absolutely howling with laughter at the back. Did I let them have the beer? What do you think? But he learned a lesson. Next time, he asked."

Robertson spent three seasons with Hull before earning his move to Anfield, where he has become a modern legend and a Premier League and Champions League winner. Bruce, who also had a big role in Jordan Henderson's development at Sunderland before joining the Reds, is proud of what the pair have gone on to achieve.

Steve Bruce is currently on his longest career break as a manager
Steve Bruce taught Andy Robertson a harsh lesson -Credit:Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

"Watching Andy progress to the level where he is now has been one of the nicest parts of management," Bruce said. "Both him and Jordan. Smashing lads. But Andy’s energy is incredible. I’ve seen the statistics. He’s running 12,500m with 1,500m of that at high intensity. Those are huge numbers and he does it week after week after week. He has a huge determination to succeed. That’s what marks him down as different. He arrived at Hull and he thought 'I’m going to have a right good go at this.’

"And he did the same at Liverpool. And he’s flourished. Two years ago, he invited me into his box at Anfield to watch a game. I think it was a Champions League game against Roma. I was so pleased for him.

"As a manager, it’s one of the best parts of the game - I’m delighted to have played a little part in his development. One of the best left-backs in the world playing for one of the world’s best teams. Not bad, that, is it?"