Iga Swiatek keeps lid on her emotions – but not the French Open trophy

Iga Swiatek clinches third French Open title after thrilling win over Karolina Muchova - Getty Images/Julian Finney
Iga Swiatek clinches third French Open title after thrilling win over Karolina Muchova - Getty Images/Julian Finney

By Simon Briggs, at Roland Garros

World No1 Iga Swiatek was so delighted with her nerve-wracking win over Karolina Muchova – which delivered her third French Open in four years – that she dislodged the top of the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen while shaking it in celebration.

The president of the French Tennis Federation – Gilles Moretton – had to scurry round and retrieve the trophy’s missing lid. Yet Swiatek showed no sign of embarrassment. Having just escaped an upset against a woman ranked 42 places below her, she was far too relieved to worry about this minor clanger.

All the pressure had been on Swiatek, the defending champion, as she took on the unseeded Czech strokemaker Muchova. Hardly anyone gave the underdog a chance against the woman who has held the top spot on the ladder for the last 62 weeks.

Yet this final turned into a bumpy ride for Swiatek, who stood only five points from defeat towards the end of a riveting third set. At that moment, all the chat about the new world order in women’s tennis – in which Swiatek had supposedly established herself at the top of a Big Three – felt in danger of being thrown out of the window.

Some matches hinge on a single point, and here it was: Swiatek serving at 4-4, 30-40, with her reputation as a ruthless finisher hanging in the balance. If she had a thought in her head at that moment, it was probably “Deep breaths, Iga.”

Focusing her mind, Swiatek served wide to the Muchova forehand, then followed up with two deep and penetrative backhands, while moving forward to the net. She earned the reward for her boldness when Muchova’s lob floated long. And with that, Swiatek began a sequence of seven successful points out of the last eight.

The last of those was the only anti-climactic part of an otherwise excellent final, as Muchova double faulted and Swiatek sank to her haunches with her hands over her face. “It wasn’t an easy match,” she told the host broadcasters after her 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 win. “It was a pretty intense last few weeks. I am just really happy. I never really focus on the records. I just do my best every day.”

Iga Swiatek keeps lid on her emotions – but not the French Open trophy - Getty Images/Mustafa Yalcin
Iga Swiatek keeps lid on her emotions – but not the French Open trophy - Getty Images/Mustafa Yalcin

Speaking of records, Swiatek had now equalled Naomi Osaka’s tally of four major titles, as well as Osaka’s perfect record of winning all four finals that she has contested. The only active player with more slams – and the word “active” feels questionable these days – is Venus Williams with seven.

Even that number should be within Swiatek’s compass, because her spin-heavy game is so perfectly adapted to the French Open’s conditions that it is hard to see who can beat her here. Assuming that she continues to hold her nerve.

“It’s so understandable those emotions,” said Eurosport pundit Chris Evert, when asked about Swiatek’s free-flowing tears at the end of the match. “She was in such trouble in that third set against a formidable opponent. But that’s what champions do: when their backs are against the wall, they find a way to win and it might be sheer will. She just hit with a vengeance those last few games.”

Muchova deserved no little credit for her lovely all-court game, which includes some of the silkiest volleys on either tour. In the end, though, Swiatek was probably grateful to have avoided the two women who have pushed her hardest this season, and created the aura of a Big Three.

The first is Elena Rybakina, who withdrew from this event a week ago through illness. The second is Aryna Sabalenka, who led Muchova 6-7, 7-6, 5-2 in Thursday’s semi-final, but choked when she should have put her opponent away.

Swiatek has now won three of the last five majors, alternating with Rybakina’s triumph at Wimbledon last summer and Sabalenka’s breakthrough in Melbourne in January. The era of the left-field champion seems to be over, at least for the moment. There hasn’t been one since Emma Raducanu at the 2021 US Open.

Admittedly, Muchova stood within touching distance of becoming another unseeded sensation when she held that break point at 4-4. But when it mattered, Swiatek managed to keep a lid on her emotions. She didn’t do quite so well with the trophy.

Iga Swiatek vs Karolina Muchova, as it happened

05:45 PM

French Open women's singles titles

  • 7 - Chris Evert

  • 6 - Steffi Graf

  • 5 - Margaret Court

  • 4 - Helen Wills, Justine Henin

  • 3 - Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Monica Seles, Serena Williams, Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek clinches third French Open title after thrilling win over Karolina Muchova - Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne
Iga Swiatek clinches third French Open title after thrilling win over Karolina Muchova - Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne

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The last 10 winners of the French Open women's singles title

  • 2023 - Iga Swiatek, Poland

  • 2022 - Iga Swiatek, Poland

  • 2021 - Barbora Krejcikova, Czech Republic

  • 2020 - Iga Swiatek, Poland

  • 2019 - Ash Barty, Australia

  • 2018 - Simona Halep, Romania

  • 2017 - Jelena Ostapenko, Latvia

  • 2016 - Garbine Muguruza, Spain

  • 2015 - Serena Williams, United States

  • 2014 - Maria Sharapova, Russia

  • 2013 - Serena Williams, United States

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Swiatek reacts

First of all, congrats to Karolina. Since we first played I knew we would play these matches and finals. I was struck by your variety and I really hope we are going to play more finals.

Thank you to my family as well. So many people from Poland, I really feel the love.

This is my favourite place on tour so thank you everybody. It’s always a pleasure to come back.

05:22 PM

Swiatek trophy lift

Funny moment as Swiatek collects the Suzanne Lenglen trophy and shakes it as she hoists it in the air but the lid of the cup falls to the clay.

05:18 PM

Muchova speaks

Tears for Muchova now just as she is encouraged to speak. Chrissie gives her some words of comfort.

It’s been an amazing three weeks for me and my team. I want to congratulate Iga.

This was so close but so far but this is what happens when you play the best. Iga I want to congratulate you once again and your team. I want to thank everyone behind the curtains as well.

I would like to thank each one of you, thank you I think I wouldn’t be standing here if you didn’t push me in each match. I have never lived this and it is unbelievable. Last one to my team, my box.

This is the hardest one. When I look at those people I feel like I am the winner so thank you.

05:12 PM

Trophy presentation time

Chrissie Evert is welcomed onto court to hand over the trophies.

05:10 PM

The winning moment for Swiatek

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Twitter reacts

05:04 PM

Tears for Swiatek

An emotional Swiatek wipes away the tears as she celebrates winning her fourth grand slam title.

She leaves the court and goes into her support box to hug her team.

05:00 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 Muchova (*denotes next server)

It has been an epic contest. How much more will the players give us?

Defensive lob by Muchova goes long after all-out attack from Swiatek, 0-15. Muchova forehand down the line goes long, 0-30.

Muchova finds her first serve and gets a return error from Swiatek. Muchova forehand into the tramlines, 15-40. Two championship points.

Oh no. Double fault Muchova. GAME SET CHAMPIONSHIP SWIATEK!!!

04:55 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-7, 5-4 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

But Muchova comes right back at Swiatek, forcing a couple of errors, 0-30.

Swiatek responds to a deep Muchova forehand return with a huge forehand winner down the line, 15-30.

Muchova has a chance at lobbing Swiatek but the ball drops just long, 30-30.

Tight forehand by Swiatek flies long, break point Muchova. A tentative point from Muchova and that allows Swiatek to take control and a defensive lob by Muchova goes long.

Relief for Swiatek as she holds when Muchova nets a forehand return.  After the changeover, Muchova will serve to stay in the match.

04:49 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7, 4-4 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Swiatek finds the line with a forehand winner down the line, 0-15. Massive hitting from both players but Swiatek strikes the decisive blow with another forehand winner, 0-30.

Muchova forehand long, 15-40. Swiatek goes on the attack, Muchova hangs on for dear life and plays a forehand drop shot but Swiatek misses with a backhand down the line, 30-40.

Sixth ace of the match by Muchova, deuce. What a time to find it.

Aggressive shot making from Swiatek and it pays off as she closes the net and finishes the point with a backhand volley.

Brain freeze by Muchova, completely lost her bottle and puts a soft drop shot into the net.

Swiatek breaks back.

04:41 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-7, 3-4 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Double fault by Swiatek, 0-30. That looked like a tense shot.

Great change up from Muchova to hit a drop shot, which we haven’t seen in a while. Swiatek gets the ball back but Muchova puts away the overhead match, 15-40.

Muchova goes for Swiatek’s forehand, gets a short ball and whips a short angled forehand that Swiatek sends long.

Muchova breaks again.

04:35 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7, 3-3 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Brutal hitting from Swiatek on the forehand side and she blasts through the Muchova defence, 30-15.

Swiatek gets a look at a second serve but sends her backhand return long, 40-15. She will be frustrated by that miss.

Muchova holds Swiatek’s forehand return goes into the tramlines.

04:32 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Paris

What a remarkable reboot Swiatek has performed. She lost ten straight points to go 0-2 down in the decider, then pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE and surged back into form, maybe her best form of the day. Now leads 3-2 and striking the ball with fluency and poise.

Exactly what Sabalenka was unable to do in the semi-final.

04:30 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-7, 3-2 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Now it is Swiatek in the ascendency and playing like a world No 1 and defending champion.

She’s is reading Muchova’s plays and rediscovered her serve. An ace makes it 40-0 and she holds when she finds another first serve and Muchova sends a forehand long.

04:27 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7, 2-2 Muchova (*denotes next server)

All out attack from Muchova and Swiatek responds by rifling a backhand down the line for a winner, 0-15.

Huge slice of luck for Swiatek as an attempted backhand down the line clips the net cord and the ball goes over Muchova’s head, 0-30.

Muchova has a look at a backhand pass but pushes it long, three break points. Serve and volley from Muchova to save the first break point.

But she can’t save the second. Swiatek attacks Muchova and the Czech nets a forehand.

Swiatek breaks.

04:21 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-7, 1-2 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Vital hold to 15 for Swiatek to weather this storm from Muchova. The tension is all over her tennis at the moment.

Can she respond?

04:19 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Paris

If I were a Dungeons & Dragons fan (well, maybe I am), I’d say that Muchova is a mind-flayer. This is the second match where she has induced a freak-out in her opponents, for no particularly obvious reason.

She still had to close the set out, though, and the three glorious volleys she played on the penultimate point, scrabbling in the clay after slipping over on the last one, had this previously sleepy crowd on their feet.

04:17 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7, 0-2 Muchova (*denotes next server)

An incredible turnaround in this match. At this stage of the match, Swiatek looks rattled while Muchova is cool as a cucumber.

Real fluidity and rhythm on serve for Muchova. A fourth ace of the match makes it 40-0.

And a fifth ace gives her the game. Muchova has now won 9 of last 11 games and 10 points in a row.

04:15 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-7, 0-1 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Swiatek berates her box again after a forehand error, 0-30.

Running cross court forehand winner by Muchova, three break points. Swiatek double fault! Wow.

Muchova breaks.

04:12 PM

Point of the match

04:11 PM

Twitter reacts

04:08 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-7 Muchova (*denotes next server)

The nerves are hitting both players at the moment. A double fault by Muchova makes it 0-30. Muchova hits a deep forehand behind Swiatek and gets the error.

Muchova ace, her third of the match gets her level in this game. Swiatek backhand long, set point Muchova.

Well timed return by Swiatek and Muchova nets a backhand, deuce.

Smart play by Muchova after earning a mid-court ball, she wrong foots Swiatek with a forehand winner, second set point.

Incredible hitting from Swiatek, she keeps attacking Muchova with her forehand and finally extracts the error, deuce.

Point of the match - serve and volley for Muchova, Swiatek reaches it and hangs in the rally with a backhand down the line but Muchova reaches it again. Swiatek flicks a forehand down the line but Muchova covers it with a backhand stretch volley winner, third set point.

Swiatek backhand return long and we are going into a third set. Incredible end to the set.

03:59 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 5-6 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Another exquisite forehand down the line winner from Muchova, 15-15. Deep Muchova forehand down the line and Swiatek’s flicks a backhand wide, 15-30.

Swiatek nets a backhand, 15-40. A third error from Swiatek, this time on the forehand side and Muchova breaks and will serve for the set for the second time.

03:54 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 5-5 Muchova (*denotes next server)

When Swiatek was a set and 3-0 up, it looked very unlikely that Muchova would be serving to force a third set. But here we are folks.

Muchova backhand into the tramlines on the opening point. She goes for it again down the line but misses, 0-30.

Not enough first serves from Muchova in this game which is adding to the pressure. She mis-hits a forehand and it is now, 15-40.

Swiatek drags Muchova out of position and the Czech slices a backhand long. Swiatek breaks back.

03:47 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 4-5 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Back-to-back errors from Swiatek, 0-30. She berates her support box. First time we’ve seen that in the match. Massive moment in the match.

Great rally, tremendous hustle by Swiatek, who lifts up another tricky lob which Muchova allows to bounce but she sends her smash wide, 15-30.

Muchova forehand into the tramlines, 30-30. She’s upset with herself after that shot.

Deep Muchova return and Swiatek sends a rushed forehand reply long, break point. Swiatek double fault!! Wow. Muchova breaks and will serve for the set.

03:41 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 4-4 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Definitely feels like we have a match now with Muchova going toe-to-toe with Swiatek.

Well played Muchova after a serve and volley, overhead smash winner, 40-15. And she holds when Swiatek nets a backhand.

We’re in the business end of the set now! One break could decide it.

03:36 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 4-3 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Full of confidence, Muchova perhaps overplays in this game and that allows Swiatek to hold to love and move back in front.

23 unforced errors from Muchova vs 8 from Swiatek. That has been a defining factor of this match.

03:33 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 3-3 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Muchova fails to finish off the point on an overhead smash, Swiatek gets the ball back with her backhand and Muchova nets the volley, 0-15.

When she needed it most, Muchova’s first serve comes to the part, finding the mark three time and drawing three return errors from Swiatek.

Three games in a row for Muchova now.

03:27 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 3-2 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Much better from Muchova as she rushes Swiatek and the No 1 sends a backhand wide, 0-30. Swiatek whips a forehand winner into the corner, 15-30. She gets aggressive again with her groundstrokes and sends Muchova the wrong way with a forehand winner, 30-30.

But Swiatek mis-hits a backhand long and that gives Swiatek her second break point of the match.

All out attack from Muchova as she senses the moment and rifles a forehand down the line for a winner and she breaks.

Game on?

03:22 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 3-1 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Critical that Muchova holds to keep herself in this match and she makes a solid start, moving to 30-15. But a forehand into the net makes it 30-30.

Shot of the match from Muchova as he drills a backhand cross court for a winner and Swiatek barely moved for it. She will a lot more of that.

And Muchova does win a game in this set when she goes for a rare serve and volley tactic and places her volley on the line.

03:16 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 3-0 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Not a good enough approach shot by Muchova and she is punished when Swiatek rifles a backhand down the line for a winner, 15-0.

Swiatek is hugging the baseline, dictating the point and Muchova tamely nets a backhand slice, 30-0.

As we pass the one hour mark for the match, Swiatek moves to 40-15 when Muchova’s backhand return is long.

Muchova with another backhand long and that’s five games in a row for Swiatek, who pumps her fist and walks to her chair with purpose.

03:11 PM

Swiatek* 6-2, 2-0 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Muchova drop shot into the net. The right shot but poor executed. Huge point coming up.

Great defence by Swiatek to make Muchova hit an extra ball and she frames an overhead smash long, 15-40.

Another wild forehand by Muchova and Swiatek breaks.

Way too many errors have cost Muchova dearly. Uphill task from here now.

03:07 PM

Swiatek 6-2, 1-0 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Muchova guesses well after a Swiatek backhand down the line and sends a forehand winner past her, 15-30.

Great hustle from Muchova to hang with Swiatek, who is pushing her opponent left and right. But a fatigued Muchova miscues a forehand wide, 30-30. Muchova slices a forehand long and Swiatek holds.

Another hard fought game but the reality is, Swiatek has won seven of the nine played.

03:02 PM

Swiatek is a big match player!

03:02 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Paris

Swiatek is closing in on what would be her third French Open in four years. Muchova is offering some stylish strokes but there’s not enough punch to her game.

It’s a beautiful day, though, and I get the feeling that the crowd will be happy just to have witnessed a champion at the top of her game. The aura that Swiatek is building on these courts is beginning to feel ever so slightly Rafa-esque.

03:01 PM

Twitter reacts

02:57 PM

Swiatek* 6-2 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Another must win game for Muchova but she starts the game by miscuing a backhand into the net.

Drop shot by Muchova but she doesn’t do enough with Swiatek reaching it easily and her backhand causes a volley error, 0-30.

Deep Swiatek return and Muchova strikes her backhand long, three set points.

Rally of the match - Muchova tries to attack but doesn’t finish the point and that allows Swiatek to take the set in 43 minutes.

02:53 PM

Swiatek 5-2 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Swiatek is doing a great job of making Muchova over-hit and thus make unforced errors.

Muchova clearly has a game plan to attack but unfortunately for her a forehand long moves Swiatek to within a game of the set.

02:49 PM

Swiatek* 4-2 Muchova (*denotes next server)

First double of the match from Muchova, 30-30. Went for too much given the pressure she’s coming under.

Great depth from Swiatek and Muchova nets a defensive backhand, 30-40. Composure from Muchova as she sends Swiatek wide with her first serve and after a short reply sends a backhand winner down the line, deuce.

Muchova drags Swiatek to the net with a drop shot, the Pole reaches it but Muchova is there to finish the game with a backhand winner.

02:39 PM

Swiatek 4-1 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Swiatek inexplicably sends a drive backhand long and Muchova has an opening in her service game for the first time.

Clear thinking and dominant hitting from Swiatek as she takes control of the rally and finishes with a drive forehand winner, 30-30.

Big chance for Muchova. She pushes Swiatek deep and earns a mid-court ball but sends her forehand into the tramlines, 40-30.

Swiatek tries to finish the game with a backhand down the line but the ball drops in the tramlines, deuce.

Another deep return by Muchova and Swiatek whips a forehand wide, break point. Muchova pushes Swiatek wide with her return but Swiatek puts a backhand reply low and at the feet of Muchova, who volleys long.

Longest game of the match so far, Muchova applying pressure to the Swiatek serve. But the world No 1 hangs onto serve when Muchova nets a forehand.

02:30 PM

Swiatek* 3-1 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Swiatek has won 9 of the first 10 points. Has yet to make an unforced error, while Muchova is up to 5 so far.

Must win game for Swiatek but she slips to 15-30 after a forehand into the net. Timely first ace of the match for Muchova.

Drop shot and lob combo by Muchova and Swiatek sends her defensive backhand long. And she finally gets on the board when Swiatek sends a backhand return long.

That should give her confidence and kick-start this match.

02:28 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Paris

Plenty of rhythmic clapping here from a crowd who want to believe that they are going to witness a contest. But the first ten minutes have not suggested as much. Three games, three points for Muchova.

French Open 2023 live: Iga Swiatek and Karolina Muchova face off - Getty Images/Thomas Samson
French Open 2023 live: Iga Swiatek and Karolina Muchova face off - Getty Images/Thomas Samson

02:23 PM

Swiatek 3-0 Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Ominious start by Swiatek. Her big match experience is coming to the fore at the moment. Too many errors from Muchova while Swiatek is keeping the ball in play and being patient.

Backhand on the stretch from Muchova drifts just long and Swiatek consolidates the break.

Swiatek has won 9 of the first 10 points. Has yet to make an unforced error, while Muchova is up to 5 so far.

02:21 PM

Swiatek* 2-0 Muchova (*denotes next server)

Too good from Swiatek after Muchova fails to do enough with her backhand volley and Pole whips a forehand down the line, 15-15.

Swiateak goes after Muchova’s first serve and fires a deep return at her feet and she can only send the ball flying out of court. Same again on the next point as Swiatek rushes Muchova into another error, two break points.

Muchova forehand down the line goes long and Swiatek breaks.

02:18 PM

First Set: Iga Swiatek 1-0 Karolina Muchova* (*denotes next server)

Swiatek in Grand Slam finals: 3-0 Muchova vs top-3 players: 5-0. Something’s gotta give. Should be a good match.

Early signs that Muchova wants to take the game to Swiatek but back-to-back unforced errors gives the latter a 30-0 lead.

Lovely whipped forehand down-the-line winner by Swiatek after controlling the middle of the court.

Great disguise by Muchova on a drop shot and she earns her first point of the match when Swiatek fails to get the ball back in play.

Huge top spin forehand down the line by Muchova and Swiatek slices a defensive forehand into the net, 40-30.

Swiatek survives that early test when Muchova sends a backhand return into the tramlines.

Encouraging start from both players.

02:07 PM

Early win for Swiatek

Eva Asderaki-Moore is the umpire for the final.

Muchova loses the coin toss and Swiatek opts to serve first.

02:05 PM

Here we go!

Muchova walks onto court, holding the hand of a ball boy and gets a warm reception.

Swiatek follows Muchova soon after but is wearing headphones so presumably can’t hear the reaction from the crowd.

French Open 2023 live: Iga Swiatek and Karolina Muchova face off in women’s singles final - Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne
French Open 2023 live: Iga Swiatek and Karolina Muchova face off in women’s singles final - Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne

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Twitter reacts

01:52 PM

What happened the last time Swiatek and Muchova met?

01:47 PM

Eurosport's Mats Wilander on Muchova

We have a new Ash Barty - she is as close to Ash Barty but with a little more power.

I believe Muchova has improved her serve and trusts her serve. Her forehand has improved immensely, especially her inside out forehand. In the end, she is so knowledgeable with a tennis racquet in her hand in terms of the variety.

French Open 2023 live: Swiatek and Muchova face off in women’s singles final - Getty Images/Julian Finney
French Open 2023 live: Swiatek and Muchova face off in women’s singles final - Getty Images/Julian Finney

01:31 PM

Not long to go now

01:21 PM

Women's final day at the French Open

Hello and welcome to coverage of the French Open on women’s final day.

World No 1 Iga Swiatek is aiming to defend the title she won last year when she takes on Karolina Muchova of the Czech Republic in around an hour’s time.

Swiatek comes into the match as the heavy favourite after easing through her side of the draw, without dropping a set.

The Pole is the youngest woman to reach three French Open finals since Monica Seles from 1990-1992 and attempting to become the first woman to win consecutive titles at Roland Garros since Justine Henin (2005-2007).

But Swiatek is well aware of the threat posed by Muchova, who beat world No 2 Aryna Sabalenka in the semi-finals .

“I really like her game. I really respect her, and she’s, I feel like, a player who can do anything,” she said. “She has great touch. She can also speed up the game. She plays with that kind of freedom in her movements. And she has a great technique. So I watched her matches and I feel like I know her game pretty well.”

For Muchova, the fourth-lowest ranked woman to reach the final of the French Open, reaching this moment is the conclusion of a long road back to fitness after back, abdominal and ankle injuries.

“I don’t think I will be the favourite,” she said. “It’s nice. I didn’t really even know about this statistic (5-0 against players ranked in the top three).

”It just shows me that I can play against them. I can compete, and obviously the matches are super close. It’s great to know that I win against the top players, and that for sure boosts my confidence.”

If Muchova was looking for confidence, the only previous meeting between the two players came back in 2019, when she won a close battle.