Full 2024 Money In The Bank Predictions Including Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins And Damian Priest

 Damian Priest in WWE.
Credit: WWE

I’ve done predictions for every single WWE PPV since WrestleMania 38. That’s more than two years of educated guessing as to where WWE is going with its storylines, and I don’t remember a single event I felt more apprehensive going into. Normally, there’s at least a few near guarantees at every event. Not this one. I could make a legitimate case for either side of every single match, and it could potentially make sense for a long-term story Triple H, Bruce Prichard and company might be trying to tell. As a fan, it’s exhilarating. As a professional prognosticator, it’s terrifying.

But that’s the name of the game. Sometimes I’m wrestling a metaphorical jobber and cruising to an easy victory like I’m Yokozuna on an early 90s episode of WWE Superstars, and sometimes I’m fighting for airtime amidst 87 other people in the nWo like I’m Scott Norton on a late 90s episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Regardless, the PPV card should be highly entertaining. Money In The Bank matches are, as a general rule, more exciting when the outcome is in doubt, and there’s plenty of doubt in both of the title matches. In addition, Damian Priest and Seth Freakin’ Rollins’ match carries huge ramifications for both men, and beyond that, we’ve got Bron Breakker wrestling for his first singles title on the main roster and the next chapter of The Bloodline Saga, which has been cooking.

Before I’m forced to pick a side on all these matches, however, let me pat myself on the back and present my predictions history…

Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton And Kevin Owens Vs 3 Members Of The Bloodline

So, my first instinct here is to say The Bloodline needs to win. Jacob Fatu can’t possibly lose his first match, given all the hype around him, right? The problem is we don’t technically know if Jacob Fatu will even be in this match, and also, we all know Roman Reigns is going to return at some point. Paul Heyman getting powerbombed through a table last Friday would seem to accelerate that timeline. Plus, Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga beat Randy Orton and KO at Backlash France. They can’t just keep winning over and over again, right?

Well, I still think they’re probably going to. Rumors have been swirling for awhile that Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa may be the plan for SummerSlam, and that plan makes a lot more sense if The Bloodline gets another victory here. In addition, as much as WWE tries to push Money In The Bank as being one of the so-called Big 5 PLEs, it’s clearly a step behind SummerSlam. Roman’s return would be a lot more impactful there.

I’m not extremely confident about this match, but it’s certainly the one I’m most confident about. I’m going to somewhat assertively say The Bloodline wins.

Predicted Winner: The Bloodline

Sami Zayn (Champion) Vs Bron Breakker For The Intercontinental Championship

I’m not quite sure what the original plan was here. Sheamus, Ludwig Kaiser and Bron Breakker were all feuding and were building something pretty fun that was loosely connected to Sami Zayn’s Intercontinental Championship. I was thinking we might see a multi-man match here at Money In The Bank for the belt, but Kaiser was recently injured. He still got a taped segment on this week’s Raw, but the MITB match is just Bron Breakker and Sami Zayn. Given how much they have been building Bron and making him look like a terrifying beast, I cannot imagine him losing clean here. So, the options are he either wins the belt, probably in a good match, not a squash, or one of Sheamus or Kaiser interferes and costs him the match.

My guess is the WWE writers are going to want to reincorporate Zayn into the upcoming Bloodline Civil War storyline, given how well that worked the first time. That doesn’t necessarily mean he needs to lose the title right now. After all, Roman hasn’t even returned yet, but even so, losing to Bron right now would be a great way to build a new star. So, I think they’re going to do that, unless the plan is for Chad Gable to win Money In The Bank and then cash in his briefcase for the IC Title.

Predicted Winner: Bron Breakker

Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Last year, Iyo Sky was a strong favorite to win Money In The Bank. Given the internal tension with Damage CTRL at the time, the storyline was right there, and while it was satisfying for fans, it wasn’t exactly some huge shock she won. This year, there’s tension again within Damage CTRL, but Sky is not the prohibitive favorite again. WWE can definitely choose to run the tension between her and Bayley back and give her the briefcase, but that’s just one of several viable options in a wide open Money In The Bank field that’s perhaps the most unpredictable in years.

If you’re the type of wrestling fan who is habitually on wrestling Twitter, you likely know the favorite in the minds of many hardcore fans is Chelsea Green. She’s been fantastic in her role since returning at the 2023 Royal Rumble. Despite playing a heel, she’s very over with the crowd, and given her mic skills and general personality, it’s easy to imagine her having the most fun with the briefcase. Unfortunately, she’s done almost nothing but lose matches since she arrived in WWE, however, and it’s hard to imagine her as a World Champion. Maybe that’s the point and she’d be the first woman to fail in her cash-in attempt. Maybe.

Another strong maybe is Tiffany Stratton. She’s arguably the most talented NXT call-up on the women’s side since Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley, and many fans really want to see her have a big moment. Money In The Bank has long been about building new stars, and building her into a star has to be high on WWE’s agenda. Plus, we’ve seen a lot of interplay with her and Nia Jax, and given Nia is facing Bayley for the title at SummerSlam, adding in the briefcase would add another fun dimension to their relationship. Maybe they go there.

Or maybe this is finally the moment they invest in Naomi. She’s been getting consistent TV time since returning, but she’s never felt on the main event level. Maybe this is the moment where they decide to really push her. Or maybe WWE is even more invested in Lyra Valkyria than any of us realize. She got all the way to the finals in the Queen Of The Ring tournament and is currently feuding with Damage CTRL She needs to get a little more charismatic on the mic, but she’s getting there and has been superb in the ring. Maybe. Or maybe we’re in for a real surprise and it’ll be Zoey Stark. That’s unlikely given the lack of a push she’s gotten basically since Trish left, but she’s extremely capable. Maybe.

Predicted Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Let’s eliminate the people who have no chance or almost no chance right off the top. I love Carmelo Hayes. I think he’s got a really bright future, but he doesn’t have any real momentum going on, apart from every smart fan realizing his incredible potential. His only goal here should be looking good and having a few fun spots. The same thing could likely be said for Andrade. If WWE ever decides to really get behind him, watch out. He’s one of the best mixes of raw power and athleticism on the entire roster, and he’s extremely charismatic, even if his promos are shorter and delivered with an accent. With all due respect to WWE Speed, we haven’t seen enough storybeats to make this seem believable. I also don’t buy LA Knight. He’s certainly over enough with the crowd, but his character arc seems destined to collide with Logan Paul at SummerSlam. He doesn’t need the belt for that. He had a much better case last year.

So, that leaves us with Jey Uso, Chad Gable and Drew McIntyre (since Finn Bálor shockingly was not added to this match). Instead of thinking about who should win this match, I often find it easier to think about who WWE could tell the best story with if they had the briefcase. That’s where I struggle with Jey Uso. He just wrestled and lost to World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest at Backlash France. He previously wrestled and lost to Gunther earlier this year, who is wrestling for that title at SummerSlam. It doesn’t make any story sense to have him feud with Cody Rhodes. Yes, he’s incredibly over with fans right now, but unless WWE sees him as a good long-term antagonist to Gunther, I don’t really see how him having the briefcase would work.

So, that leaves us with Chad Gable and Drew McIntyre. I think most fans are expecting CM Punk to show up and cost Drew McIntyre the briefcase, meaning it would be a fantastic swerve if he perseveres through that and wins. That would set up some really interesting dynamics around SummerSlam, as it would hover the threat of a cash-in over the Gunther match against either Damian Priest or Seth Freakin’ Rollins, and it brings up the possibility McIntyre could could feature multiple times the same night. That’s for sure the highest upside, most plot relevant way to use Money In The Bank this year.

But WWE could also look at that and say Drew McIntyre doesn’t need it. His story with CM Punk is one of the best non-title feuds we’ve seen in decades. Fans are white hot for these two to finally get in the ring, and when they do, it doesn’t need the title. I’m not even sure if the title amplifies it that much. A blood feud is more about seeking vengenance, not winning a prize. So, that would point toward Chad Gable. I know it’s highly unusual (at least outside of Austin Theory), but WWE may decide to use the briefcase this year as a plot device for the Intercontinental Championship. Gabel has been vigoriously pursuing it for what feels like a year at this point, and the briefcase could be what he needs to finally win it. That would keep Money In The Bank from affecting any world title plots, and it would really add an element of intrigue around The IC title, which has a history of ebbing and flowing in importance.

Predicted Winner: Chad Gable

Damian Priest (Champion) Vs Seth Freakin’ Rollins For The World Heavyweight Championship

I believe in Damian Priest. I know there’s some chatter on the Internet at times about how he’s not quite ready for a world title, and I can see that viewpoint. He’s definitely learning on the job, especially on the microphone, as he’s delivering the longest and most complicated promos of his career. But he will have 30 second stretches where he sounds like one of the biggest stars on the roster. He will have moments where you can see just how high his ceiling is. I want WWE to explore that more, especially since we just got 9 months from Seth as champion. It was nice to see him have another moment on top, but it didn’t leave me immediately wishing to relive the experience. At this point, Priest has only been champion for like 3 months. I want him to have a longer run.

But it’s also easy to see the argument for Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Whoever wins this match is going to face Gunther at SummerSlam. That’ll be one of WWE’s most high profile matches on the entire card, and the biggest moment to date of The Ring General’s career. You already know at this point in the article that I love Damian Priest. He’s my guy, but he’s also not Seth Rollins. He wasn’t in The Shield and doesn’t have multiple World Championships to his name. If WWE is trying to sell the card, especially if Roman Reigns and The Rock, among others, aren’t going to be advertised, then Seth Rollins vs Gunther is likely way more appealing to casual fans.

So, it could go either way. Ultimately, my pick here is going to mostly rely on the other stipulation as part of the match. If Damian Priest wins, Seth can’t challenge for the title again as long as Priest is World Champion. If Seth Rollins wins, Damian Priest needs to leave Judgment Day. Between Liv, Rhea and Dominik drama and Finn and Damian not getting along, it feels like Judgment Day, despite holding multiple titles, is starting to implode. There’s a lot to explore there, and Priest losing would really accelerate all that drama, but to me, that feels like ripping a band-aid off way too quickly. Rhea Ripley isn’t even back from injury yet. Isn’t Triple H going to want her to have a say in whether Priest stays or goes? Plus, Gunther is probably going to win the title at SummerSlam or in a rematch at Bash In Berlin; so, even if Rollins loses, it’s likely he’ll be able to challenge for the belt again within a few months.

Predicted Winner: Damian Priest

You can catch WWE Money In The Bank on Saturday night. It'll be streaming for free with a Peacock subscription, and there are also other options, depending on where you live in the world.