GMB’s Alex Beresford bedridden with Covid for a week after relaxing mask wearing

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Mr Beresford admitted he had relaxed his hand washing  (Good Morning Britain)
Mr Beresford admitted he had relaxed his hand washing (Good Morning Britain)

Good Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford has been stuck in bed with Covid for a week.

The GMB weatherman, 41, took to Twitter to give fans an update after falling unwell in the last week.

Mr Beresford admitted he had relaxed his hand washing and mask wearing in the last two weeks before being struck down by the virus.

Whereas before, the TV breakfast star said he had been strict with the Covid precautions because he was working on projects for the last few months.

He wrote to his followers: “Been in bed since last week with covid. Feels like a really bad flu.

“I’ve been actively wearing my mask and washing my hands these last few months because I was on projects I couldn’t fall out of, but I know I relaxed up these last 2 weeks and here I am!”

His tweets went out to more than 247,000 people who follow his account on Monday.

In another tweet, he added: “I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine.”

His following showed their support with a number of kind messages in the comments below, wishing him a speedy recovery amid his battle with Covid.

Among the sea of comments, one wrote: “Thank you for speaking out. There are so many people who think they know it all, discouraging others from wearing masks. It’s so important for people with your experience and who are in the public eye, to remind people that this is not like a cold.”

Another added: “Aww I feel for you... Keep rested and hope you recover soon!”

Others wrote: “Get well soon Alex, this is a nasty virus and people need to just follow basic safety measures to keep us all safe.”

“Wish you speedy recovery Alex.”

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