Graeme Souness grilled over 'Celtic captain' slapdown as Rangers icon taken to task live on air

Graeme Souness has been taken to task live on air over his scathing criticism of Callum McGregor and referring to the Scotland midfielder as 'the Celtic captain'.

Souness appeared to upset the green-and-white half of Glasgow as he pointed the finger of blame at McGregor in the build-up to Germany's second goal in Friday night's 5-1 thrashing in Munich. Instead of referring to McGregor by name, the Rangers legend irked Hoops viewers by citing the midfielder as 'the Celtic captain' as he dissected the goal highlights live on ITV.

Some Celtic fans on social media accused Souness of taking the opportunity to aim a petty dig at the Scottish champions on the opening night of the Euros and one punter even called talkSPORT this morning to challenge the former Ibrox manager on his choice of words. However, the Scotland great provided an innocent explanation as he admitted he simply forgot McGregor's name.

He responded: "I can answer that, I couldn't remember his name. But I knew he was captain of Celtic. I was critical of him because if you remember the build up to the goal, he tried to nick it off [Ilkay] Gundogan and Gundogan turned him.

"He should have just been goal side trying to get a challenge in, but he tried to step in front and nick it. Further on in the same attack which led to the goal, he's tried to nick it off Jamal Musiala again. So twice he's tried to nick it instead of just being strong in the challenge and that would've prevented us conceding that goal.

"I have to say, that question can only arise in the west of Scotland. I forgot his name, I couldn't remember his name but I knew he was a good little football player and if it's been taken as a slant or criticism, I didn't mean it. I genuinely forgot his name."

Souness - named CBE in the King's Birthday honours list - said live on TV on Friday night: "Gundogan, again, great turn, he slips Havertz in, back to Musiala, wrong foots the Celtic captain yet again, that's two in the same move. He tries to nick it here, Callum McGregor, and he gets back in, he tries to nick it again – just stay goalside and stop the effort on your goal."