Gran, 55, Becomes Britain’s Oldest Mother Of Triplets

A 55-year-old grandmother who forked out £15,000 on IVF treatment has just become Britain’s oldest mother of triplets.

Sharon Cutts, from Boston, Lincolnshire, and boyfriend Stuart Reynolds 40, have just become parents to sons Mason and Ryan and daughter Lily.

The grandmother - who also has four grown-up children - was forced to pay out for IVF after she was refused NHS treatment because of her age.

She travelled to Cyprus where IVF is focused on women up to the age of 60 - but she was shocked when she discovered that the treatment had been more successful than she had imagined.

Sharon told The Sun: “At the scan we were told there were three heartbeats. Stuart was shocked and I was in tears, crying with joy.

Glamorous: Sharon had Botox and got hair extensions before giving birth (Facebook)

“The first thing I thought was: ‘Oh my God, how am I going to cope?’”

The glamorous granny wanted to look her best for the birth, so she got Botox and even sneaked out to get hair extensions while on the maternity ward.

She added: “I only injected a little bit, because really you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant.

“I gave myself a dose while I was staying in the maternity ward for 11 weeks.”

Sharon has already gone through the menopause so she used eggs from a woman who looked like her while trying to get pregnant.

Happy parents: Sharon and Stuart are delighted with their three new babies (Facebook)

The NHS only offers IVF treatment for women up to the age of 42 so she and boyfriend Stuart took out loans to pay for the medical bills.

The couple had made two previous IVF attempt in 2014 but none of the nine embryos placed in Sharon’s womb were successful.

She became pregnant with triplet on the third attempt and despite warnings from doctors that she should abort one of the babies because of the dangers of pregnancy at her age, all three babies were born safely last month.

Factory worker Sharon said: “I was excited, and then bricking it. Now they’re here I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

She added: “I don’t care that my babies are younger than my grandchildren - it means they’ve got lots of playmates.”

Top pic: Facebook