Inside the half-finished Grand Designs house that lost owner £5 million and wrecked his marriage

Joe Gamp
·Contributor, Yahoo News UK

The state of a half-finished luxury lighthouse-inspired home that featured on Grand Designs has been revealed - as the owner admitted the project had cost him millions of pounds and his marriage.

Edward Short, 50, who owns Chesil Cliff House in a unique location at that boasts panoramic views across Croyde Bay to the north - said he will finish the project.

But Mr Short said he will have to sell it to cover the large amount of money he borrowed to build it.

The extraordinary house, located in one of the most picturesque settings in Devon, featured on this week's episode of the Channel 4 programme.


The instalment of the long running show was described as the "saddest episode ever" by many who watched it.

The episode followed Mr Short and his family as misfortune beset the eight-year project.

During the episode, Mr Short admitted the costs to get to just this stage have hit around £3 million, with around £2 million needed to finish it.

And sadly, the process of building the house affected Mr Short’s personal life, resulting in his separation from his wife Hazel.

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However, the family were back together with their two children last night to watch the show as it aired.

Mr Short said: "We found it very funny, particularly the bit where Kevin McCloud went out in the hailstorm - it really was coming down sideways.

"I thought North Devon looked stunning, it came across really well. We all knew there was a sad ending coming but that's just the journey it's been."


A series of pictures taken on Friday, a day after the episode aired, show the sad state the building had been left in.

One witness described the building as "half finished" with concrete slabs across the site, window panels not in place and graffiti daubing the entrance.

However, Mr Short claims he is very close to securing funding to finish the building - and that work could start again by the end of October.


He added: "I can't say too much at this stage but we are close to a new finance deal.

"All being well it could be finished by August or September next year.

"We've had an amazing time living in that spot (at the old house).


"There were days when the girls would come back from school, get straight off the bus and we'd all jump straight into the sea to mess around in the waves or go kayaking.

"But the whole project has been a horrendous strain for Hazel, I have sunk our family purse into this and I really feel for her. I never meant to put her through any of this."

Although the main Grand Design project has not been completed, the smaller property - known as The Eye - has been finished and featured at the end of the programme.


Meanwhile, the beleaguered owner reiterated his apologies to locals who are fed up of seeing the unfinished grey eyesore on the point, but he also asked them to "stick with it".

He said: "I know it's a mess, and I have to fix that - but when it is finished it will be amazing. Judge it when it's finished."