Greggs Is Doing Cinnamon Coffees On Their Easter Menu

greggs easter menu
Greggs Has Launched A Brand New Easter Menu!Greggs

A cheeky little stop in Greggs is one of life's great pleasures.

Whether you're a sausage roll, steak bake or sweet treat kind of person, there's something for everyone at Greggs - it's truly the snack haven of the people.

It's for this reason that we were very happy indeed to announce that the Greggs Easter menu has FOUR new items!

While we do love an Easter-themed bake, which the new Easter Bun and Bunny Biscuit and Easter Chocolate Cake Bar very much satisfy our craving for, we're extra pumped for the two new cinnamon coffees on the menu.

The Cinnamon Flat White and Cinnamon Swirl Latte are both new for 2023, and sound like totally dreamy coffee-break treats.

The Cinnamon Flat White is made with a double espresso made Fairtrade coffee beans, cinnamon style syrup, and topped with steamed silky milk then finished off with a dusting of cinnamon flavoured sugar. Yum.

greggs easter menu cinnamon flat white

For even more of a treat, the Cinnamon Swirl Latte is also made with Fairtrade coffee beans, steamed milk and cinnamon syrup before being topped with sweetened cream and a dusting of cinnamon flavoured sugar.

greggs easter menu cinnamon swirl latte

Now, let's put the spotlight on the new baked goods.

The Bunny Biscuit is an automatic YES. It's a) cute. B) it's covered in milk chocolate. C) even the biscuit is chocolate-flavoured.

greggs easter menu bunny biscuit
Nicky Gibson

The Easter Cake bar is also tickling our fancy as it's basically an Easter mini roll made with chocolate sponge cake, chocolate icing and an icing Easter decoration.

greggs easter menu chocolate cake

And last but by no means least, there's the adorable Easter buns. Made with vanilla flavour sponge, topped with fondant and a sugar paste decoration, they're the ideal little bite that'll have you feeling all the Easter feels.

greggs easter menu easter bun