Hollyoaks' Cindy Cunningham to make a huge mistake in robbery story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Cindy Cunningham will make a huge mistake in Hollyoaks' ongoing robbery story.

For the past several months, Cindy has been plotting a bank robbery with best mates Zara Morgan and Grace Black (aka Luke's Angels) in order to save the marketplace from financial debt.

In upcoming scenes, the plot goes awry when Damon Kinsella is drafted into the trio's inner circle to act as their getaway driver when they rob a bank van.

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This all comes about when Cindy, Zara and Grace are left scrambling as their previous getaway driver bails on the plan at the last possible moment. An unsuspecting Damon will give the Angels an idea to salvage their plan.

Once Damon unexpectedly turns up at the Loft door, Zara is selected as the one to convince him to come on board their robbery. At the same time, Zara learns a trick or two when she bumps into Jack Osborne in the village.

Zara is keen to squeeze as much information from Jack as possible when he talks to her about his time working to catch robbers when he was on the police force years ago.

Alarm bells are soon ringing when DS Zoe Anderson visits the Angels at the Loft to warn them that she'd heard rumblings about a potential robbery being planned in the community.

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Grace immediately blames Damon for grassing them out, leading Zara to confide in him about their plot and ask him to come aboard as their getaway driver.

The other two Angels are stunned when Zara arrives for a meet-up with Damon to announce to her mates that he's officially in on their plan. This leads Damon to explain that he's joined because he wants more out of life than running the Love Boat.

It's not long before Cindy admits she's the one who called the cops to get some more insight, and the slip-ups continue when she hides a gun inside a teddy bear left out in the open.

Grace has to race home when she later finds out that Hilton and Curtis have been playing with the bear. Before she can even confront her cohorts about the potentially deadly mistake, Cindy drives up in a flashy car they'll use as their getaway vehicle.

A furious Grace tries to give Cindy some hard truths, but her mate is more determined than ever to go through with the robbery.

Grace reluctantly agrees to rejoin the mission, though there are hints she has an ulterior motive.

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Cindy becomes suspicious when she spots Grace booking a flight to visit Courtney. Grace reminds her that Cindy scheduled the robbery on the same as Hilton has an inset day, adding yet another complication to the plan.

Cindy promises to take of the matter by sorting childcare for all of the kids so Luke's Angels can focus entirely on the robbery. But is Cindy in over her head?

These scenes will air next week on Channel 4 and E4.

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