House of the Dragon season 2 will be shorter than season one

It seems that the second season of House of the Dragon is set to be slightly shorter than its first.

The Game of Thrones prequel series debuted last year on HBO with 10 episodes, and quickly became a huge success for the broadcaster.

However, it has been confirmed via Deadline that the next season will consist of only eight episodes, as part of a long-term plan for the series.

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According to the site, HBO is deciding whether to greenlight a third season and move a portion of what was originally planned for season 2 – including a big battle – into the next season (which has already been mapped out).

This would indicate that House of the Dragon would likely run for four seasons in total, though no concrete plans haven't been finalised or confirmed.

The series is set nearly 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and focuses on the Targaryen dynasty on the Iron Throne.

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Filming on season 2 began this month, with HBO boss Casey Bloys recently suggesting that the new episodes will premiere around summer 2024.

Bloys also spoke on whether fans may get more Game of Thrones spin-offs, he explained: "My philosophy is a good script is number one priority."

"I am not doing it based on wanting to have one [show] a year, two a year. I want to do it based on the scripts that we’re excited about."

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"Remember, to get House of the Dragon following up from Game of Thrones, we developed a lot of shows, shot a pilot, developed a bunch of scripts and we got House of the Dragon."

Before he teased: "To do that again is going to take the same amount of effort. You have to develop a lot of things, try things. You never know what’s going to work. So we’re currently doing that."

"I’m not opposed to any number of shows. There’s probably a natural limit to how many fans want, but I’m open to any as long as we feel really good about the scripts and the prospects for a series."

House of the Dragon airs on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. Season 2 has been confirmed. Game of Thrones seasons 1-8 are available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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