Ian Wright left in hysterics and fires eight-word message as Roy Keane spotted in Arsenal shirt

Ian Wright reports pitchside for ITV Sport television ahead of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Qualifier group D match between England and North Macedonia at St. Mary's Stadium on September 17, 2021
-Credit: (Image: Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Ian Wright could hardly contain his laughter after spotting Roy Keane in a retro Arsenal shirt. The duo have regularly featured alongside one other on ITV this summer, offering opinion and insight as Euro 2024 unfolds in Germany.

Whether they're delivering some harsh truths or cracking a joke, Wright and Keane have reaffirmed themselves as one of the viewers' favourite television partnerships. Their brilliant chemistry is not just for the cameras though, sparing time behind the scenes to crack a joke or two.

And it appears that Keane may have just pulled a short straw or lost a friendly bet with Wright. The Manchester United legend has been spotted donning an Arsenal jersey, which left the Gunners icon in stitches.

"Man United fans are gonna do their nut," Wright joked. As it stands, it remains unclear why Keane was sporting the Arsenal top, but it was probably for promotional purposes or for something related to their work on ITV.

Wright and Keane feature on the Overlap podcast with Jamie Carragher, Jill Scott and Gary Neville, who are also both working for ITV this summer. Hilariously, the Red Devils legend never hid his dislike for Arsenal during his playing days.

"I had a lot of hatred for Arsenal because they were big rivals," Keane told the ITV documentary ‘Keane & Vieira - Best of Enemies’ in 2013. "I can't think of any other word that springs to mind when I was going into battle with Arsenal.

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"Hatred was the word. Usually when you play football one or two players you like but I don’t remember liking anybody at Arsenal. I never felt like that against any other team but Arsenal certainly brought out something different in me."

While a move to Arsenal was never on the cards for Keane, he does regret not plying his trade overseas. Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, he said: "I definitely should've gone abroad. I had opportunities to play abroad.

"I should've been brave enough to have gone over and played in Italy or Germany or Spain, and I had the opportunity. Do you know, I always had a soft spot for Juventus.

"And they offered me a deal but I remember the deal wasn't, kind of… At the time thinking it wasn't amazing, I was going for an amazing deal.

"The club that offered me the most amazing deal ever was Bayern Munich. And then when I left United I went up to Celtic and I could've gone to Real Madrid for a year and a half."