India hold their nerve to beat Bangladesh by five runs at 2022 T20 World Cup

Hardik Pandya plays a shot in the air and is caught during the ICC men's Twenty20 World Cup 2022 cricket match between India and Bangladesh - AFP
Hardik Pandya plays a shot in the air and is caught during the ICC men's Twenty20 World Cup 2022 cricket match between India and Bangladesh - AFP

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India taken to the brink

The tournament favourites India survived a major scare to beat Bangladesh by five runs on a night of tension and weather-watching at the Adelaide Oval.

A defeat would have left India needing a favour from Pakistan if they were to reach the semi-finals, and that looked likely when rain stopped play during Bangladesh’s run-chase. At that stage Bangladesh were well ahead on DLS thanks to an extraordinary innings from Litton Das, but when play resumed India held their nerve – and their catches – to sneak to victory.

India looked set for a comfortable win when they posted 184 for six after being put in by Shakib Al Hasan. KL Rahul returned to form with a spectacular 32-ball 50, including four sixes, and Virat Kohli extended his purple patch with an unbeaten 64. Kohli now averages 220 in the tournament.

Virat Kohli made his third half-century of the T20 World Cup - James Elsby/AP
Virat Kohli made his third half-century of the T20 World Cup - James Elsby/AP

Even Kohli was outshone by Das, who played a series of delightful strokes to reach his half-century in just 21 balls. When the rain came Bangladesh were 66/0 after seven overs – 17 ahead of the DLS par score.

When play resumed after a delay of 50 minutes, Das immediately slipped and hurt his hand; then he was run out for 60 off the next ball after stumbling while trying to take a second.

It still required a superb direct hit from Rahul to get rid of Das, and India’s fielding – with a wet ball, under the most extreme pressure – was immaculate. Suryakumar Yadav (twice), the substitute Deepak Hooda and Arshdeep Singh all took fine catches.

Arshdeep turned the game India’s way with a marvellous 12th over that cost just two runs and brought the wickets of Afif Hossain and the captain Shakib. Hardik Pandya picked up two more in the next over, and though Nurul Hasan and Taskin Ahmed gave Bangladesh hope with some defiant blows, the ask was just a bit too big.

Hasan needed to hit the last ball of the match from Arshdeep for six to take the game to a Super Over. He managed only a single, and the whole of India sighed with relief.

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Rohit Sharma's verdict

It was important for us to stay calm as a group and execute the plans. A shortened game can go either way, but I thought we held our nerve pretty well. It was a good win in the end.

I was impressed by how KL [Rahul] batted – it was important for him and the team. When he plays well it puts the team in a very different situation.

I thought our fielding was brilliant. Some of the catches we took under pressure… it was great to watch. It shows the character of the guys.

12:33 PM

Shakib Al Hasan's verdict

It’s the same story when we play against India – we are almost there but can’t get over the line. It was a very good game of cricket.

Litton Das is probably our best batsman at the moment. The way he played in the first six overs gave us belief that we could win the game.

(He wasn't asked about the conditions, though he didn't seem at all unhappy.)

12:26 PM

The player of the match is Virat Kohli

Pretty close game. Not as close as we would have liked it to be (sic). Another good day with the bat I guess. I’m just in a happy place. I don’t want to compare anything – the past is the past. I just want to contribute for the team.

As soon as I knew the World Cup was in Australia I was grinning from ear to ear. I’ve played a lot here and I knew good cricketing shots would be the key. I’ve always backed myself to hit through the line.

I absolutely love playing in Adelaide. I don’t know what it is. Even the nets at back – as soon as I enter the stadium I feel at home. This ground and this wicket has been very kind to me.

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A bitter blow for Bangladesh

They were in a great position when rain stopped play, thanks to Litton Das's extraordinary innings of 60 from 27 balls. He was run out as soon as play resumed after slipping on the wet pitch. Whether conditions were playable is highly debatable, but India held their nerve under the most extreme pressure. Their catching was brilliant, and Das was run out by a sensational direct hit from KL Rahul.

India need a point against Zimbabwe to be certain of reaching the semi-finals, though they could go through with a defeat if other results go their way. Bangladesh aren't quite out yet, but they need snookers to get through. Theirs is to be haunted by life's most bittersweet question: what if?

12:18 PM

India win by 5 runs (DLS)

After the mother, father and extended family of all scares, India have one foot in the semi-finals. Hasan could only manage a single off the last ball, and Arshdeep set off an aeroplane celebration. Virat Kohli clenches his fists with delight. India dodged one there.

Nurul Hasan couldn't get Bangladesh over the line - Brenton Edwards/AFP
Nurul Hasan couldn't get Bangladesh over the line - Brenton Edwards/AFP

12:15 PM

OVER 15.5: BAN 144/6 (Hasan 24 Taskin 12)

Leathered for four! Bangladesh need six off the last ball for the Super Over.

12:15 PM

OVER 15.4: BAN 140/6 (Hasan 20 Taskin 12)

Just two, which isn't enough for Bangladesh. They need a six and a four to take this to a Super Over.

12:14 PM

OVER 15.3: BAN 138/6 (Hasan 18 Taskin 12)

Brilliant from Arshdeep, a blockhole dot ball at the most crucial time. Bangladesh need 13 from 3 balls.

12:13 PM

OVER 15.2: BAN 138/6 (Hasan 18 Taskin 12)

Hasan pulls Arshdeep's second ball for six! It's not over yet - Bangladesh need 13 from four balls.

12:09 PM

OVER 15: BAN 131/6 (target 151 from 16 overs; Hasan 12 Taskin 11)

Taskin can only squirt the fourth ball for a single; 20 needed from eight balls. Make that 20 from seven when Hasan swings wretchedly at fresh air.

Correction: Bangladesh need 20 from six balls after another precious dot-ball from Pandya. There was a call of 'wide ball', but it came from the batter rather than the umpire. The Bangladesh fans are booing, but the upshot is that India are almost out of jail. I don't think it was a wide.

12:07 PM

OVER 14.3: BAN 130/6 (target 151 from 16 overs; Hasan 12 Taskin 10)

Taskin drives Pandya's first ball for four. Harsha Bhogle reports that one of the Indian backroom staff is patrolling the boundary with a brush to dry the Indian players' shoes.

Pandya manages a precious dot ball - but then Taskin launches a length ball over midwicket for six! Hello! Bangladesh need 21 from 9 balls.

12:04 PM

OVER 14: BAN 120/6 (target 151 from 16 overs; Hasan 12 Taskin 0)

Nurul Hasan lifts Arshdeep over mid-off for four, an excellent if almost certainly futile stroke. The usual scampering makes it 12 from the over, though even that isn't enough. Bangladesh need 31 from 12 balls.

11:57 AM

OVER 13: BAN 108/6 (target 151 from 16 overs; Hasan 2 Taskin 0)

Bangladesh need 43 from 18 balls, aka a miracle. They've lost four for nine in the last two overs.

11:56 AM

Wicket! Mosaddek b Pandya 6

Six and out for Mosaddek Hossain. He smashed his first ball over extra cover for six, missed the second and was cleaned up by the third. You miss, I hit. FOW: 108/6

Hardik Pandya celebrates with Dinesh Karthik - Matt Turner/Shutterstock
Hardik Pandya celebrates with Dinesh Karthik - Matt Turner/Shutterstock

11:53 AM

Wicket! Yasir c Arshdeep b Pandya 1

Another one gone! Bangladesh are falling in a heap. Yasir top-edges a pull towards backward point, where Arshdeep takes another good catch. For all the controversy over whether conditions are playable, India have caught the wet ball superbly. FOW: 102/5

11:51 AM

OVER 12: BAN 101/4 (target 151 from 16 overs; Yasir 1 Hasan 1)

Just two runs from a brilliant over by Arshdeep. Bangladesh need 50 from 24 balls, aka snookers. 

11:49 AM

Wicket! Shakib c sub b Arshdeep 13

This is a matchwinning over from Arshdeep Singh - five balls, one run and now two wickets. Shakib launched one miles in the air on the leg side, and the substitute Deepak Hooda ran in to coolly take the catch. FOW: 100/4

11:46 AM

Wicket! Afif c Yadav b Arshdeep 3

Another catch for Suryakumar Yadav! Afif, who really struggled in his short innings, launched Arshdeep high in the air towards long on. Yadav ran in, steadied himself and took a calm catch. FOW: 99/3

India celebrate the wicket of Afif Hossain - James Elsby/AP
India celebrate the wicket of Afif Hossain - James Elsby/AP

11:43 AM

OVER 11: BAN 99/2 (target 151 from 16 overs; Shakib 13 Afif 3)

Terrific batting from Shakib, who hits Ashwin for successive boundaries - the first muscled down the ground, the second lifted over the covers. A flustered Ashwin bowls two wides down the leg side, and then Afif toe-ends a reverse sweep just short of the man running in from mid-off.

Bangladesh need 52 from 30 balls.

11:38 AM

OVER 10: BAN 88/2 (target 151 from 16 overs; Shakib 5 Afif 2)

The official ICC commentators are saying nothing about the conditions, which is a pretty poor show. At the very least there should be a discussion about whether the outfield is playable.

India are starting to turn the screw. When Afif flicks Shami off the pads, Karthik does superbly to save three runs with a full-length dive. Just four runs from a terrific over from Shami. Bangladesh need 63 from 36 balls.

11:35 AM

Wicket! Shanto c Yadav b Shami 21

Shanto slugs Shami to wide long-on, where Suryakumar Yadav takes a very good low catch. India are still in there and fighting, though the fact the players are on the field at all doesn't feel right. FOW: 84/2

11:32 AM

OVER 9: BAN 84/1 (target 151 from 16 overs; Shanto 21 Shakib 3)

Hardik Pandya comes into the attack. Shanto, who was almost strokeless before the rain, has no choice but to unsheath the long handle now. He top-edges a zesty pull over fine leg for six. 

That's the only boundary from an over that goes for 10. Bangladesh need 67 from 42 balls.

11:28 AM

OVER 8: BAN 74/1 (target 151 from 16 overs; Shanto 13 Shakib 1)

Shanto misses a wild heave at Ashwin, with the ball just bouncing over the stumps. He launches the next ball over extra cover for four.

One more thing on the Das dismissal - he stumbled as he turned, presumably because of the wet conditions. There is going to be plenty of controversy if Bangladesh lose this. They need 77 from 48 balls.

11:25 AM

Wicket! Das run out 60

Litton Das is run out! He turned for a second, going to the non-striker's end, and was beaten by a sensational throw from the deep by KL Rahul. It hit the stumps direct with Das well short. He goes for a wonderful 60, made from just 27 balls, and India will feel a whole lot better about life. FOW: 68/1

11:22 AM

OVER 7.1: BAN 67/0 (target 151 from 16 overs; Shanto 7 Das 60)

Das takes a single off Ashwin's first ball - but he slips when trying to turn for a second and hurts his hand. Hmm, that's not good.

There's a break in play while Das receives treatment. You have to question whether conditions are playable if a batter is slipping first ball.

Litton Das receives treatment - James Elsby/AP
Litton Das receives treatment - James Elsby/AP

11:21 AM

The players are back on the field

And Ravichandran Ashwin is going to bowl. This is deliciously tense.

11:14 AM

Play will restart at 11.20am GMT

And Bangladesh's target is 151 from 16 overs, which means they need 85 from 54 balls.

11:12 AM

The last covers are being removed

The only issue now is whether the outfield is safe. The drainage is very good in Adelaide, so we should get a reduced game. The radar suggests there won't be any more rain tonight.

11:01 AM

The covers are coming off

Great news for India, although it hasn't completely stopped raining. We don't yet have a restart time or a revised target for Bangladesh.

10:57 AM

The DLS table

Bangladesh are 66/0 after seven overs, 17 ahead of the par score.

10:55 AM

No news

Which is bad news for India, who must be starting to fear the worst. There's a bit of time yet but even so, they are dangerously close to a sensational defeat.

A Bangladesh fan watches on at the Adelaide Oval - Surjeet Yadav/AFP
A Bangladesh fan watches on at the Adelaide Oval - Surjeet Yadav/AFP

10:48 AM


I think we start losing overs in around 10 minutes' time. This is getting exceedingly interesting.

10:41 AM

It's still raining

10:39 AM

What happens if India lose?

They won't be out, but they would need a favour from - and you'll like this - Pakistan. Bangladesh's last group game is against Pakistan on Sunday.

If India lose today, they can only go reach the semi-finals if they beat Zimbabwe and Pakistan defeat Bangladesh.

10:34 AM

No need for India to panic... yet

The forecast is for light showers in Adelaide this evening, so we should get more cricket at some point. But it's an unwelcome development for India, who will be in all sorts of trouble if they lose this game.

The reason Bangladesh are so far ahead on DLS is a quite stunning innings from Litton Das: 59 not out from 26 balls, with seven fours, three sixes and a wagon wheel to die for.

10:30 AM

Rain stops play!

Oh my, I didn't see this coming. The players have left the field, and as things stand Bangladesh are 17 ahead of the DLS target.

10:29 AM

OVER 7: BAN 66/0 (target 185; Shanto 7 Das 59)

The left-arm spinner Axar Patel comes into the attack. India have the extra bowler today, so Rohit Sharma has plenty of options. He'll need them if Das is still at the crease in half an hour.

The Powerplay is over, so Bangladesh are happy to milk Patel for six runs. They need 119 from 78 balls.

10:23 AM

OVER 6: BAN 60/0 (Shanto 4 Das 56)

Litton Das races to a 21-ball fifty! He drags Shami for four and then hoicks a pull over square leg for six. It's the second-fastest half-century of the tournament, after Marcus Stoinis's assault against Sri Lanka.

India have no answer at the moment. Das gets four more later in the over, making room to belt Shami over extra cover. This is a sensational performance, just so relaxed.

Litton Das reaches a memorable half-century - James Elsby/AP
Litton Das reaches a memorable half-century - James Elsby/AP

10:21 AM

OVER 5: BAN 44/0 (target 185; Shanto 3 Das 41)

Das survives a run-out referral after playing tip-and-run to mid-on. Kohli hit the stumps with a fine throw but Das was home.

India would like to see the back of Das because he is playing outrageously well. He walks across to scoop Kumar over short fine leg for six, and a scampered two takes him to 41 from 19 balls.

Litton Das hits out - James Elsby/AP
Litton Das hits out - James Elsby/AP

10:14 AM

OVER 4: BAN 35/0 (target 185; Shanto 2 Das 33)

Mohammed Shami is on for Arshdeep. Das misses an on-the-run swipe but clatters the next delivery over midwicket for three. He's seeing it like a basketball.

Das has 33 from 14 balls, Shanto 2 from 10.

10:10 AM

OVER 3: BAN 30/0 (target 185; Shanto 2 Das 28)

This is marvellous batting from Litton Das. He hits Kumar for 14 in three balls, a pull for six followed by a flat-batted boof over mid-off and a deliberate edge past slip.

He edges the next ball, this time much finer than he intended, and Karthik drops a difficult chance, diving full stretch to his right. Das has 28 from 11 balls.

10:06 AM

OVER 2: BAN 14/0 (Shanto 1 Das 13)

The left-armer Arshdeep Singh's first ball is sliced through backward point for four by Das. It was in the air but wide of the fielders.

The ball is swinging, but Das doesn't care about that. He's beaten outside off stump and then times an inswinger whence it came for four more.

An eventful over continues with an outside edge that is taken almost on the half-volley by the wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. The umpires go upstairs, with a soft signal of not out, and replays show it bounced just in front of Karthik. The captain Rohit Sharma is affronted but it was the right decision.

Das finishes the over by spanking another boundary through the covers.

India appeal for the wicket of Litton Das - Matt Turner/Shutterstock
India appeal for the wicket of Litton Das - Matt Turner/Shutterstock

09:59 AM

OVER 1: BAN 2/0 (target 185; Shanto 1 Das 1)

Kumar's first ball is a jaffa, which swings back to cut Najmul Hossain Shanto in half.

Another big inducker is inside-edged for a single by Litton Das, and then Shanto survives an LBW appeal. There was a big inside-edge.

A lovely over from Kumar, who is such a threat with the new ball. If India play England at any stage, his battle with Jos Buttler - who Kumar has troubled enormously of late - will be crucial.

09:55 AM

The players are back out on the field

This feels like a very tall order for Bangladesh. If they are to have any chance, they have to get through Bhuvneshwar Kumar's opening spell.

09:47 AM

Bangladesh need 185 to win

India will be pretty happy with that batting performance. They had to work hard early on, when Taskin Ahmed bowled a luckless spell of 4-0-15-0, but KL Rahul punished the other bowlers to make a much-needed fifty. Virat Kohli anchored the innings with 64 not out, and there was another eyecatching cameo from Suryakumar Yadav.

09:45 AM

OVER 20: IND 184/6 (Kohli 64 Ashwin 13)

The over, bowled by poor old Shoriful, goes for 14. Ashwin muscles a pull for six and then drives over mid-off for four, though Shoriful nails his yorker with the last three deliveries. Kohli finishes unbeaten on 64 from 44 balls, and Shoriful - brought in for this game - finishes with grisly figures of 4-0-57-0.

09:39 AM

OVER 19: IND 170/6 (Kohli 61 Ashwin 2)

Ashwin survives a run-out referral after a direct hit from mid-off. The single brings Kohli on strike, and he hammers Hasan's last two balls for four and then six! The first was pulled over backward square leg, the second driven majestically over long-on. He now averages 217 in this World Cup.

09:36 AM

Wicket! Patel c Shakib b Hasan 7

Axar Patel falls, spooning a slower ball from Hasan to Shakib in the covers. That's Hasan's third wicket. FOW: 157/6

09:34 AM

OVER 18: IND 157/5 (Kohli 50 Patel 7)

A poor ball from Mustafizur is tickled fine for four by Axar Patel, who then mishits a cut stroke that just evades the diving Shakib in the covers. That first ball aside, it was a superb over from Mustafizur, culminating in a wide yorker that beat Kohli.

09:30 AM

OVER 17: IND 150/5 (Kohli 50 Patel 0)

That was the last ball of the over. Bangladesh are hanging in there, though India are still well on top.

Virat Kohli celebrates another half-century - James Elsby/AP
Virat Kohli celebrates another half-century - James Elsby/AP

09:29 AM

Wicket! Karthik run out 7

Karthik walks across his stumps to sweep Shoriful - a seamer, not a spinner - for four. Poor Shoriful, who was brought into the team today, is having a bit of a stinker.

A bouncer is called wide by umpire Kohli, who then pushes a couple to reach the usual half-century: 37 balls, 7x4. As Harsha Bhogle notes on commentary, he loves the Adelaide Oval.

But Bangladesh end the over by picking up another useful wicket - Dinesh Karthik, run out after being sent back by Kohli. FOW: 150/5

09:23 AM

OVER 16: IND 140/4 (Kohli 46 Karthik 2)

A rancid slower ball from Hasan is lifted over backward square leg for four by Kohli, who is moving inexorably towards another half-century. He's now averaging 202 in this tournament: 82*, 62*, 12, 46*.

Hasan's sixth delivery is over shoulder height, the second such delivery of the over. That means a free hit, though Karthik can't take advantage. Shakib wasn't thrilled with the no-ball call, probably because Kohli had appealed to the umpire after hooking the ball for a single. But it ended with an embrace between Shakib and Kohli.

Shakib Al Hasan and Virat Kohli discuss the laws of the game - James Elsby/AP
Shakib Al Hasan and Virat Kohli discuss the laws of the game - James Elsby/AP

09:18 AM

Wicket! Pandya c Yasir b Hasan 5

A good wicket for Bangladesh. Hasan digs in a very short ball to Pandya, who slaps it straight to backward point with both feet off the ground. He'll regret that in the morning, and probably in about 90 seconds' time when he sees the replay. FOW: 130/4

How not to play the cut stroke, with Hardik Pandya - Surjeet Yadav/AFP
How not to play the cut stroke, with Hardik Pandya - Surjeet Yadav/AFP

09:17 AM

OVER 15: IND 130/3 (Kohli 40 Pandya 5)

Virat Kohli has had a few moments of fortune today and there's another, an inside-edge wide of leg stump for four off an exasperated Mustafizur. His next stroke, an emphatic clout back over the bowler's head for four, brooks no argument. He has 40 from 31 balls.

Kohli's average in T20 World Cups is an absurd 87. The next best, among those who have played at least 10 innings, is 55.

09:12 AM

Live scoreboard

Don't forget that you can also follow the game via our live scoreboard. Here's the link.

09:11 AM

OVER 14: IND 119/3 (Kohli 32 Pandya 3)

Shakib, who kept his cool amid the onslaught, finishes with figures of 4-0-33-2. Well bowled.

09:09 AM

Wicket! Yadav b Shakib 30

Done him! That's lovely bowling from Shakib, who skids one on to hit the stumps when Suryakumar Yadav misses an attempted cut. He goes after a sparkling cameo of 30 from 16 balls. FOW: 116/3

Suryakumar Yadav walks off after being bowled by Shakib Al Hasan - Surjeet Yadav/AFP
Suryakumar Yadav walks off after being bowled by Shakib Al Hasan - Surjeet Yadav/AFP

09:07 AM

OVER 13: IND 115/2 (Kohli 30 Yadav 30)

Yadav stands tall to smack Hasan over mid-off for four. It's a helluva stroke, which he repeats next ball - this time after walking down the track. He ends the over with another boundary, driven handsomely through point. That takes Yadav to 30 from just 15 balls. He is in unbelievable form right now. In his last twenty T20Is he has an average of 49 and a strike rate of - and you'll like this - 182.

09:02 AM

OVER 12: IND 101/2 (Kohli 29, Yadav 16)

Suryakumar Yadav has been dropped! He top-edged Shakib towards short fine leg, just KL Rahul earlier in the innings, but this time Mustafizur couldn't hang on to a tricky running catch. Shakib's poor luck continues when Yadav edges a fast-handed slash wide of the keeper for a couple.

India have scored 59 from the last fiver overs and are on course for a huge total.

08:59 AM

OVER 11: 92/2 (Kohli 26, Yadav 11)

Yadav plays a couple of lovely off-side strokes for two, one square and one through extra cover. He has raced to 11 from six balls. Never mind being in form; it feels like he has been in the zone for the past six months.

08:57 AM

OVER 10: IND 86/2 (Kohli 24 Yadav 7)

The new batter is Suryakumar Yadav, who has just gone to No1 in the ICC batting rankings. He's off straight away, hitting his third ball for four.

08:56 AM

Wicket! Rahul c Mustafizur b Shakib 50

KL Rahul falls the ball after reaching his half-century. He top-edged a sweep off Shakib towards short fine leg, where Mustafizur took an excellent running catch. It’s the end of a stylish and important innings from Rahul, who had not reached double figures before today. That’s one less thing for India to worry about for the remainder of the tournament. FOW: 78/2

08:55 AM

OVER 9: IND 76/1 (Rahul 48 Kohli 23)

Kohli waves Shoriful through mid-off for four, a stroke of the highest class. India are flying now, and Rahul clouts a stunning six over long-on to bring up the fifty partnership. It was a no-ball too, which means a free hit.

Shoriful panics and bowls a wide, which means another free hit – and Rahul pings an attempted wide yorker over backward point for six. That’s an outrageous shot. He back cuts the next ball for four more, and there are 24 runs from the over. Rahul has 48 from 30 balls; his poor form is so last month.

08:55 AM

OVER 8: IND 52/1 (Rahul 31 Kohli 18)

Shakib brings himself into the attack. A poor delivery is pulled through midwicket for four by Rahul, a beautifully placed stroke that takes him into the thirties. India are going pretty well.

08:55 AM

OVER 7: IND 42/1 (Rahul 23 Kohli 16)

Shakib decides to bowl Taskin out in the hope of taking a wicket while the ball is still doing a bit. Alas, no dice, and he ends a high-class spell with figures of 4-0-15-0

08:54 AM

OVER 6: IND 37/1 (Rahul 21 Kohli 13)

The big left-armer Mustafizur Rahman is on. Kohli softens his hands to edge short of slip and away for another four. He now averages 169 in this tournament.

Virat Kohli in action - Brenton Edwards/AFP
Virat Kohli in action - Brenton Edwards/AFP

08:54 AM

OVER 5: IND 30/1 (Rahul 18 Kohli 9)

Kohli drives Taskin for consecutive boundaries, though that doesn’t quite tell the story. The first was pinged just over cover, the second edged over the man at slip. Taskin, a class act, responds by beating Kohli twice in three balls. Another superb over from Taskin, whose figures of 3-0-10-0 are both excellent and unjust.

08:54 AM

OVER 4: IND 22/1 (Rahul 18 Kohli 1)

Rahul top-edges a cut over the keeper for four. There’s really good bounce in this pitch. Rahul nails the stroke next ball, lashing a cut over cover for six. That’s an awesome shot. A very eventful over from Hasan – 11 runs and the wicket of Rohit.

08:54 AM

Wicket! Rohit c Yasir b Hasan 2

Gone this time! Hasan Mahmud, who dropped Rohit in the previous over, has taken the wicket himself. It was a good short ball that followed Rohit, who leaned back and slapped it straight to gully. FOW 11/1

08:53 AM

OVER 3: IND 11/0 (Rahul 8 Rohit 2)

Oh dear. Rohit pulls Taskin to deep square leg, where Hasan Mahmud puts down a pretty straightforward chance. Taskin is bowling brilliantly here, and he ends the over by straightening one past Rahul’s outside edge.

08:14 AM

Technical issue

The blog will be down for a short while due to a technical issue. We'll update you on the action as soon as we're back online. Thanks for your patience.

08:13 AM

OVER 2: IND 10/0 (Rahul 8 Rohit 1)

The left-arm seamer Shoriful Islam, brought into the side today, shares the new ball. His second delivery is a no-ball, but Rahul can't take advantage of the free hit.

He makes up for it later in the over with a beautiful pick up over square leg for six. Oh to be out of form like that.

08:06 AM

OVER 1: IND 1/0 (Rahul 1 Rohit 0)

Taskin's first ball is a good one that kicks from the pitch to beat KL Rahul. He goes past the outside edge again two balls later, this time thanks to a bit of seam movement.

Rahul, understandably given his recent form, looks nervous; he needs to get to double figures, by hook or by crook, and then take it from there. He gets off the mark with a single into the covers, the only run from a really good over.

08:02 AM

Here we go

The impressive Taskin Ahmed is about to bowl the first over.

07:58 AM

The rain has stopped

and the players are lining up for the anthems. Play should start on time.

India line up for the national anthem - James Elsby/AP
India line up for the national anthem - James Elsby/AP

07:51 AM

Dignity, dignity

In other news, this unfortunate incident happened during the Netherlands/Zimbabwe game.

07:47 AM

It's raining

There's a bit of drizzle in Adelaide, so the covers are being put on as a precaution. We'll probably have a delayed start, though there is no suggestion that the game is in danger of being washed out.

07:42 AM

Scyld Berry on England

England's impressive win over New Zealand yesterday has put them in a good position to reach the semi-finals. Read Scyld Berry on why spin can be Jos Butter's friend for the remainder of the tournament.

07:38 AM

Team news

Both teams make one change, each designed to beef up their bowling. Bangladesh bring in Shoriful Islam for Soumya Sarkar; India prefer Axar Patel to Deepak Hooda.

India KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma (c), Virak Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh.

Bangladesh Najmul Hossain Shanto, Litton Das, Shakib Al Hasan (c), Afif Hossain, Yasir Ali, Mosaddek Hossain, Nurul Hasan (wk), Taskin Ahmed, Hasan Mahmud, Mustafizur Rahman, Shoriful Islam.

Ravichandran Ashwin warms up ahead of the match against Bangladesh - Brenton Edwards/AFP
Ravichandran Ashwin warms up ahead of the match against Bangladesh - Brenton Edwards/AFP

07:34 AM

Bangladesh win the toss and bowl

It's a bit overcast, and the Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan says he doesn't know what is a good score on this pitch.

Rohit Sharma says he would have batted anyway.

07:31 AM

The state of play in Group 2

  1. South Africa 5pts

  2. India 4

  3. Bangladesh 4

  4. Zimbabwe 3

  5. Pakistan 2

  6. Netherlands 2

Zimbabwe and Netherlands have one game remaining; everyone else has two.

07:24 AM

Netherlands beat Zimbabwe by five wickets

There was a bit of a shock in the early game, with the Netherlands turning Zimbabwe over. They chased a target of 120 fairly comfortably, and their captain Scott Edwards is full of the joys in his post-match interview.

That result doesn't really change anything for Bangladesh or India, but it effectively ends Zimbabwe's hopes of reaching the semi-finals.

07:09 AM

Good morning

...and welcome to live coverage of Bangladesh v India at the Adelaide Oval. This should be a comfortable win for India, but that’s all part of the challenge. The greater the assumption of an Indian victory, the bigger the humiliation – and vitriol – if it goes wrong. They know this from the 50-over World Cup in 2007, when they were unthinkably beaten by Bangladesh and went out before the Super 8 stage.

A defeat today could have similar consequences. So far, India’s tournament has been a mixed bag – an epic win against Pakistan, an underwhelming, entirely forgettable, did-it-even-happen stroll against the Netherlands and a tight defeat to South Africa. That loss means they have little margin for error, both today and against Zimbabwe on Sunday. Win both and they will be through to the semi-finals; lose one and they will be in plenty of bother.

Within the big picture, there are plenty of interesting details. India would love some of their players to hit form today – Rohit Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin and especially KL Rahul, who is yet to reach double figures in the tournament. The batting has been dangerously dependent on Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav, although there are worse people upon whom to depend.

Bangladesh will also reach the semi-finals if they win their last two games, but that feels like a reach. They laboured to victories over the Netherlands and Zimbabwe, either side of an emphatic tonking at the hands of South Africa. Aside from some fine pace bowling from Taskin Ahmed – only Sam Curran has taken more wickets at the Super 12 stage – and that bizarre finish against Zimbabwe, there has been little to write home about. But that will all change if they beat India.

The match starts at 8am GMT, with the toss and team news due at around 7.30am.