Inside England's luxury Euro 2024 base as Gareth Southgate stance clear

Gareth Southgate
-Credit: (Image: Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

England's football stars are all set to check into their luxurious Euro 2024 resort, gearing up for what could be their most indulgent experience yet. Gareth Southgate has consistently emphasised the importance of a top-notch basecamp and training facilities to maximise their chances of tournament success.

They lodged in Repino, a 45-minute drive from St Petersburg during the Russia World Cup, and sought to capture the essence of Qatar by staying next to a soukh in Al Wakrah in 2022. However, Golfresort Weimarer Land - roughly a half-hour drive from Erfurt - offers an entirely different level of luxury.

As the name implies, it features two 18-hole courses and an additional 9-hole course. The plush 94-room resort also boasts two full-size football pitches and high-end spa facilities where suites fetch £300 per night.

FA staff have spared no effort in perfecting every detail, and insiders suggest this could be the best tournament basecamp yet. England manager Southgate inspected it last winter when the training pitches were blanketed in snow, but the surfaces are excellent, the gym is cutting-edge, and it's equipped with all the latest gear, reports the Mirror.

UEFA proposed a list of potential venues for national teams, but Weimarer Land didn't make the cut. However, England managed to secure it before other interested countries, including Germany.

Germany utilised it as a training base for their recent squad gathering ahead of the Euros, but they will be stationed at the adidas Football Centre. England's squad will enjoy a blend of relaxation and focus at the Weimarer Land Spa & Golf Club, which boasts two swimming pools, a fitness centre, spa, and seven restaurants and was used by Championship side Queens Park Rangers in 2022.

The venue, usually welcoming guests at £300 a night, will be exclusively tailored to the team's needs. Back in Qatar, each player received a bespoke presentation box containing their shirt, number, and the history of great players who previously donned it.

Southgate added a personal touch with a handwritten note to each squad member, a gesture he's expected to repeat. To create a homely atmosphere, family photos will adorn the players' rooms upon arrival, complemented by the luxury bed linen and fragrances they're accustomed to from St George's Park.

The upcoming Euros will contrast sharply with the 2006 World Cup in Baden Baden, where the presence of England players' WAGs dominated headlines. Located in a secluded area, Weimarer Land ensures that while family visits are permitted, the environment remains focused and less glitzy, aligning with Southgate's vision.

Southgate emphasised the importance of family, stating: "'It changes the dynamic of the hotel, especially if the kids come in, and those elements are important for the players." He also highlighted the need for privacy: "We want to be somewhere where we can be a bit on our own. We need that contrast of relaxation and areas where we can work."

"You want to minimise travel where you can but, within the FA, our staff are really good at picking venues that the players will enjoy and feel comfortable in. "You want to be somewhere where everything that's going on around you, you can zone out from, but somewhere with facilities that are good for working."