January Student of the Month: Pittsburg's Bobbi Caudill

Mar. 16—Where do you want to go to college and why?

I plan to attend East Central University in Ada. The major that I'm going for is biology, but I haven't picked a concentration. The reason this school was picked is that it is close to home and more affordable. I can return to see my family on weekends or holidays. It will also be less stressful if I leave a university without having to pay off loans.

What is your list of accomplishments including scholarships received?

Quiz bowl team all star 23-24, Quiz bowl Pitt 8 champions 22-23, slowpitch softball state qualifiers 22-23, National Technical Honors Society Member at Kiamichi Technology Center McAlester, accepted into ECU Honors Program, HOSA Member

What drives you to succeed?

I know that if I want to have a good life then I need to at least try to succeed. I like nice things and I don't want to be a burden to my family. They just need to focus on themselves. I should be able to take care of myself and live how I want.

Who inspires you to excel in school and why?

My Nanna always brags on me and I kinda like it even though it is a little embarrassing. The teachers I have are very nice and helpful. My mom is always telling me to stay in school and not be like her or others. The importance of education is something I am frequently reminded of by the people around me. It is very confidence instilling and calming to do well.

What community activities are you involved in and what drives you to give back to the community?

I participate at my church's youth group on Wednesdays. We always do a Christmas carol with care packages and things that help spread positivity within the community. I have been helped by nice people who have gifted me things on holidays and it is very mood brightening. It's a reminder that most people are good and that is a message that should be spread.

What are your extracurricular activities and how do they improve your education?

Quiz Bowl has helped my education by improving the confidence in my answers and exposing me to multiple subjects. There has to be trust in your teammates knowledge and communication in picking lightning rounds. Softball is a little harder but hoping that your teammates do good is pretty fun. I may not be the best at it, but I've learned that stressing over every little thing just makes it harder to enjoy the moment.

How would a new car help you achieve your future goals?

I recently received a vehicle my Nanna spent a long time picking. It's a 2008 model but I'm still very happy with it. My uncle has been using her car until he gets his truck fixed. A car would help with that and also ensure that the older vehicle doesn't cause any problems when I drive back and forth from university.