Jimmy Kimmel Fact-Checks Trump's Crowd-Size Boast With A Damning Photo

Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump’s latest boast doesn’t pass the evidence test.

The ex-president claimed that “tens of thousands” would turn out for his weekend rally in Waco, Texas, and even said it could be his biggest ever.

“The number of tickets that are gone, I think it’s unprecedented, I think it’s the biggest we’ve had ― and we’ve had 100,000 people at rallies,” Trump told Newsmax the day before.

Photos from the event tell another story, as Kimmel pointed out.

“The venue in Waco holds 50,000 people, you can see from this aerial view that the crowd was about, I don’t know, 47,000 short of capacity,” he said. “More people show up to the annual sausage show down in Waco than showed up to this event.”

Check out the evidence in Kimmel’s Monday night monologue and decide for yourself:

A Daily Mail reporter aboard the plane with Trump snapped an aerial pic of the crowd waiting for the ex-president to arrive, and it shows a slightly bigger throng, but not by much: