Who is John Textor? The Crystal Palace owner who wants to buy Everton

John Textor celebrates with Lyon team after winning during the D1 Arkema Final match between Lyon and Paris.
-Credit: (Image: Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images)

Everton are still waiting for the takeover situation at the club to be resolved but now have another perspective buyer make his interest known.

John Textor has openly spoken about his desire to buy Everton. But the situation with the club currently subject of a takeover deal with 777 Partners makes things complicated.

The deal with 777 looks destined to not go through amid several problems encountered. Majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri has received offers, but the nature of the agreement with 777 means that no formal discussions with other parties are allowed until the end of the month.

Textor is no stranger to English football, and is currently co-owner of fellow Premier League side Crystal Palace. But he has now revealed that he is looking to sell his stake and has an eye on a potential move for Everton.

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With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about the prospective new owner.

Who is John Textor?

Textor is a 58-year-old American businessman who has made his money through several different avenues. He has been involved in businesses in snow sports, internet and technology, media and entertainment.

He is the former executive chairman of streaming service FuboTV. He stepped down from that role in 2020.

What other clubs is he associated with?

In 2021, he invested £86 million for 40 percent ownership of Crystal Palace. A year later he became the owner of French side Lyon, by again acquiring 40 per cent of the OL Group shares.

His company Eagle Football also have majority shares in Brazilian first division side Botafogo and Belgian side RWD Molenbeek. His stake in Palace means that he will have to sell up first before buying another Premier League side.

What has he said?

“Everton represents the best of English football: the struggles, the glory, the want. I love that it’s out of London. Everybody should want to buy Everton right now,” he said in an interview with the Athletic.

“That kind of club is what I’m referring to, where the risk and the reward of your relationship and community is so great and you could come in, make promises and keep them. How great would it be to take one of these great English clubs back to sort of glory?

“We’re also looking at other opportunities and we don’t need to jump right out of Palace right into something. That’d be a mistake.

“I suspect that the problem with Everton is it won’t be available by the time we would be ready for it. You can’t own two clubs in one league and we’re not going to rush the situation at Palace, no matter how good another opportunity looks.”

He added: “Yes (I’ve had conversations around buying Everton). With the existing constituents – different groups, different lenders, different equity holders.

“I’ve asked them ‘is there a way to solve all this confusion and address everyone’s problems?’ I’m very open-minded to it but I don’t want to come into a situation where I’m not really welcome.

“I’m watching it but 777 still has a contract. There are people that are close to the club who care a lot about it who are also investing.

“There’s the guy running it (Moshiri) who’s still calling the shots. Maybe we’re uniquely positioned to solve a lot of problems for people but we’re just watching it right now because there are other people who already own pieces of that club who also want to figure it out. I’m looking at that but it’s quite confusing and some things have to clean up.”