Johnny and Chozen team up for a beatdown in Cobra Kai season 5 trailer

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"I'm not a sensei anymore."

Things aren't looking too good for Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) when Cobra Kai returns for season 5 on Friday, Sept. 9. Netflix just dropped the latest trailer for the Karate Kid spin-off, and not only is the founder of Eagle Fang Karate no longer leading a dojo, his apparent new career as a ride share driver is off to a low-rated start. ("One star? 'Because the car smelled like beer.' That's because there is beer, a--hole!")

Having led the Cobra Kai dojo to (a fraudulent) victory in last season's tournament, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is expanding his franchise all across the Valley. Miyagi-Do sensei Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) thinks that he and Chozen (Yuju Okumoto) are going to be forced to take down Silver on their own — but as you'll see in the trailer below, Johnny joins their mission. He and Chozen even march straight into the viper's den together to, as Johnny puts it, teach the Cobra Kai senseis a lesson.

Johnny meeting and fighting alongside Chozen is only one of the major reveals in the new trailer. Looks like Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) made it back from Mexico okay, but he and Robby (Tanner Buchanan) still hate each other's guts. New Cobra Kai sensei Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim) reveals herself to be as brutal as her boss, and Daniel's wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), appears to be at her absolute breaking point with this whole "battle for the soul of the Valley" thing.

Oh yeah, and we get a glimpse of Kreese (Martin Kove), who seems to be surviving prison just fine — though he's clearly had a few run-ins with his fellow inmates.

The season premiere is just 24 days away. (Yes, we counted.)

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