Just Stop Oil activists attacked during protest in central London

Just Stop Oil supporters were pushed off the road by angry members of the public during a slow march through central London on Thursday morning.

In footage shared online, four activists from the group are seen slowly walking down Pall Mall when they are then confronted by two men.

After a brief confrontation with the activists, one of the men proceeds to shove two activists into a nearby hoarding.

The other then pushes another protester into a parked car and one of the men is heard shouting: “Get out of the f*****g way.”

In a separate video, the same activists are seen returning to the road to continue the slow march.

At the time of writing, the Met said it had made no arrests and that a section 12 order was issued to the group to move them off the road.

“We understand how frustrating it can be to be disrupted and ordinary people going about their daily business have a right to be angry, but violence is not the answer,” a Just Stop Oil spokesman said.

“The Government is making decisions which will inevitably lead to mass destruction, famine, and death for the many ordinary people in this country and around the world. That is something that it is really worth fighting against.

“We will end our campaign as soon as the government makes a meaningful statement to end new oil and gas.”

Members of the group have been protesting for the last six weeks, most notably disrupting events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, the Gallagher Premiership final, and walked in front of the England cricket team bus on its way to Lord’s last week.

The group is protesting in order to halt all licences for new oil, gas and coal projects in the UK.

Since Just Stop Oil launched its campaign in February 2022, there have been 2,200 arrests with two supporters serving three-year prison sentences.

The Met Police has been approached for comment.