Lindsay Lohan’s naked eye and bold lip combo *screams* holiday in the sun

lindsay lohan naked eye bold lip
LiLo's naked eye + bold lip combo screams summerJames Devaney

Lindsay Lohan is absolutely glowing in her latest Instagram post, and while we must give some credit to the pregnancy glow (look at her bump 🥹), her playful makeup choice is certainly pulling its weight in this radiant summer snap.

The actress is giving all the holiday vibes, pairing a naked eye with a bold coral lip, and it really captures the spirit of fresh-faced summer beauty. Tell me she doesn't look like she just woke up on an island and swiped on a cheery splash of colour, before skipping out the door to a delicious breakfast of fruit so fresh it's basically still on the tree. There's no time for a 10-step makeup routine when the sun is shining.

Another plus of skipping out on eye makeup? No worries about it smudging in the heat or running when you take an impromptu dip.

The rosy coral is a perfect orange toned pink for her peaches and cream complexion, bold enough to pop but not too much to overpower without a full face. She's carried the hue up onto her cheeks and we wouldn't be surprised if it was the same product. We love a multi-use makeup bag hero, which tbf, is all of them if you throw out the rule book.

I also have to point out the near match to her little handbag too, iconic.

The star has been baby-mooning at the luxury Six Senses Zighy Bay resort in Oman, going makeup-free poolside and living her best life.

I myself was complimented on a bold lip naked eye combo in the office, though had to admit, I hadn't got a seat on my commute early enough to finish my face. A happy accident I've been enjoying recreating ever since. It's safe to say we can expect to see this combo plenty more this summer as everyone embraces less-is-more makeup.

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