Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace LIVE! Premier League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

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Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace LIVE! Premier League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace - LIVE!

Darwin Nunez was shown a straight red card for a crazy headbutt as Liverpool’s frustrating start to the Premier League season continued. After an opening draw against Fulham, Liverpool were once again restricted to just a point as they drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace in an enthralling Anfield encounter.

Wilfried Zaha put the visitors in front against the run of play in the first-half, and the Eagles looked set to secure a famous win when Nunez both used and lost his head on the hour mark. Luis Diaz equalised minutes later with a brilliant individual effort, but there was to be no late winner for the hosts despite their best efforts.

Liverpool’s attention now turns to next Monday, when they will look to pile the misery on Manchester United at Old Trafford as both side’s go in search of their first league win of the season.

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace latest news

  • GOAL! Diaz with sensational equaliser

  • RED CARD! Nunez sent off for headbutt

  • GOAL! Zaha puts Palace in front on the break

  • Liverpool team news: Nunez and Phillips start

  • Crystal Palace team news: Back five for Eagles

Liverpool FC 1 - 1 Crystal Palace FC

Match analysis

22:27 , Matt Verri

If you’re ever in the market for proof that football is a silly, illogical game, then consider this fixture’s baffling arc.

For 32 minutes here at Anfield, it seemed Patrick Vieira had got it all wrong as his usually vibrant Crystal Palace side were stifled into passivity by what looked an overly conservative set-up. That was until, out of nowhere, the same masterplan which had looked a dud suddenly clicked perfectly and Wilfried Zaha opened the scoring at the end of the Eagles’ first real attack, a devastating counter.

Midway through the second-half, a moment of stupidity from Darwin Nunez saw the Reds’ marquee summer signing sent off on home debut and handed Palace the man advantage that should probably have set them on course to see out a famous win.

Instead, though, the adversity galvanised Jurgen Klopp’s side and the Anfield crowd, and prompted a wonderful equaliser from Luis Diaz to earn a 1-1 draw and a share of the points.

Read Malik Ouzia’s full analysis here!

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Darwin Nunez 3

22:10 , Matt Verri

“Missed a terrific early chance on the volley but things just seem to happen when a football goes anywhere near him. Unfortunately, he lost his head when it wasn’t. Brainless sending off.”

Malik Ouzia rates the Liverpool players!

 (Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock)
(Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock)

Costly moment...

22:02 , Matt Verri

FT: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace

21:56 , Matt Verri

More frustration for Liverpool as they drop two more points.

Nunez with a moment of madness on his home debut, before Diaz at least earned his side a point.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

21:54 , Matt Verri

90+4 mins: ALMOST!

Corner into the Liverpool box flicked on, Andersen throws himself at the ball at the back post. Knocked back across goal and loops out of play.

21:52 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Referee now waving the yellow card at anyone and everyone, as the time wasting continues and the challenges fly in. Carvalho the latest in the book.

Doing little to help Liverpool’s chances, all these stoppages.

21:50 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Alexander-Arnold clips the free-kick into the box, headed out to the edge of the box. Carvalho catches the volley really sweetly... flies wide.

Five minutes added on! Guaita booked for time wasting. Well overdue.

21:47 , Matt Verri

87 mins: Brilliant effort on the spin from Salah, just outside the box. Whistles wide. As close as Liverpool have come for a long time.

Surely going to be plenty of time added on in a few minutes. Six maybe?

Olise on for Palace, replacing Schlupp.

21:45 , Matt Verri

86 mins: Klopp screaming at his players from the touchline - not impressed it’s fair to say.

Ward boots the ball down the line and straight out of play. Hasn’t been particularly impressive from either side since that Diaz goal, Palace will be delighted with the scoreline though.

21:42 , Matt Verri

83 mins: Tsimikas swings the ball in, headed out. Palace with every player back, groans from the home crowd as Liverpool play it back.

Carvalho is on for the hosts and he turns nicely in the box, but it comes to nothing.

21:41 , Matt Verri

81 mins: Palace have to take these!

Again they’re away on the counter, cut back to Zaha in the box. Opts to take a touch rather that shooting first time, it’s a poor touch and the chance goes.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

21:38 , Matt Verri

What a chance! He’s got to go at that left-footed, surely!

21:38 , Matt Verri

78 mins: HAS TO SCORE!

How has Zaha missed from a few yards out? Ball played across the face of goal, Zaha completely free at the back post. Slides in with his right foot, bounces off the post and behind.

What a massive moment.

21:36 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Minutes ticking away with Liverpool doing little to threaten Palace’s backline.

Lots of possession at the back and in midfield, not much more than that. For now. Henderson goes long towards Diaz, he can only flick it out of play.

21:34 , Matt Verri

74 mins: Still Liverpool dominate possession despite having ten men, but Palace aren’t bothered about that at all.

Salah has had a relatively quiet game so far - can he produce a piece of magic when his team really need it?

21:30 , Matt Verri

71 mins: Role reversal, as Salah flicks the ball through to Alexander-Arnold.

Tight angle, wild finish as the full-back slices across the ball. Flies high into the Kop - probably would have been offside anyway.

21:28 , Matt Verri

68 mins: Diaz by far Liverpool’s most dangerous player now, turns Ward and the Palace captain is booked.

Hosts have to keep getting Diaz the ball, they can’t get near him.

That’s superb from Eze though, turning away from three challenges. Not a fourth - Fabinho wins it back.

21:26 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Diaz wins the free-kick, Tsimikas swings the ball into the box but it’s through everyone.

Anfield booing every Palace touch now, crowd ready to erupt at any moment.

21:23 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Time for some subs.

Milner, Robertson, Phillips off for Liverpool. Henderson, Tsimikas and Milner introduced.

Edouard replaces Ayew for Palace.

GOAL! Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace | Luis Diaz 61'

21:21 , Matt Verri


That’s sensational from Diaz. Drifts past the challenges, onto his right foot and hammers an effort into the far corner from outside the box.

He drags Liverpool level!

21:19 , Matt Verri

60 mins: Robertson looks bemused as he leaves a Palace player in a crumpled heap. Challenges flying in.

Liverpool still dominating possession even with ten men, Palace gameplan won’t change.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

21:18 , Matt Verri

That is just absolute idiocy from Nunez, who won’t go quietly either and is taking plenty of ushering away from James Milner. No acknowledgement from Klopp as he headed down the tunnel - the German will murder him.


21:16 , Matt Verri


Wow. Happened off the ball, referee wasted no time in showing the red card.

And for good reason - he’s headbutted Andersen. Madness.

21:15 , Matt Verri

55 mins: Milner swings a cross into the box, over everyone and into the arms of Guaita.

He sets Eze away, who drives forward. He’s looked brilliant in possession all night. Slides the ball through to Zaha, but he’s unable to keep hold of it.

21:12 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Last-ditch defending from Phillips, to hold off Zaha and then fly into a challenge on Schlupp. Eze keeps Palace on the attack, but the cross into the box is poor.

Ayew goes down holding his head, referee stops play. Liverpool fans furious - think it’s fair to say Ayew is going to recover from that ‘knock’.

21:10 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Ward just boots the ball away as it drops in the Palace half. Very early for defending like that!

Zaha gets on the end of a more considered pass a minute later, knocks it past Phillips and goes down. Not getting a free-kick for that.

21:08 , Matt Verri

49 mins: Salah pokes the ball through to Nunez, his scuffed effort is blocked. By a hand? He thinks so, as does the Anfield crowd. The referee does not.

Game opening up a bit, which definitely doesn’t suit Palace.

21:07 , Matt Verri

48 mins: Liverpool fans already getting annoyed with how long Palace are taking over every throw-in.

So is the referee. He calls over Palace’s captain Ward to tell his players to hurry up. Consider that a final warning.

Back underway!

21:04 , Matt Verri

Up and running again at Anfield. Going to be a long 45 minutes for Palace to try and hold on!

21:03 , Matt Verri

Nunez, Milner, Salah... all with big chances to score for Liverpool. Didn’t take them.

Zaha ran riot in the space left by Alexander-Arnold in the last 15 minutes of the first-half. What can Klopp do to address that?

Time to find out!

The very definition of clinical!

20:56 , Matt Verri

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:52 , Matt Verri

What a difference that goal has made. There is so much more conviction and intensity to Palace’s defending now.

HT: Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace

20:49 , Matt Verri


Nunez inches away from equalising as the brings the ball down in the box. Didn’t catch it all, trickles onto the post.

Falls for Van Dijk, completely slips and the chance goes. And that’s half-time!

20:46 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Three minutes added on.

Klopp will just want this half to end now, Palace look dangerous every time they win the ball back.

20:44 , Matt Verri

43 mins: Ayew looks to clip the ball through to Zaha, Phillips heads back to his goalkeeper. Earlier pass and Zaha was in again.

Liverpool break up the other end of the pitch, Elliott’s header is straight at Guaita, but he parries it out and Andersen puts it behind for a corner. Poor from Palace.

Not to worry, Schlupp heads it away.

20:41 , Matt Verri

40 mins: Diaz caught on the ball and then drags Ayew to the floor. Yellow card for the Liverpool winger.

Doucoure slips the ball through to Zaha, he’s in again... SAVED! Massive moment, he was onside. Heavy touch gave Alisson a chance, Zaha couldn’t slide the ball under the goalkeeper.

Should be 2-0.

20:38 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Zaha getting joy now on that left flank, in the space Alexander-Arnold has left behind.

Holds it up, plays it inside to Doucoure who decides it’s his turn to go for goal from 35 yards out. Miles over. Palace quickly back on the attack, Zaha shoots straight at Alisson.

20:37 , Matt Verri

36 mins: Optimistic shot from Nunez from miles out, dragged badly wide. Optimistic is generous too.

Well Palace have even less reason to push up now. Not going to be easy for Liverrpool to break them down. Especially when they keep just shooting from distance, Alexander-Arnold’s shot is blocked.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:35 , Matt Verri

33 minutes into this match and it looked, quite frankly, like Patrick Vieira had got it all wrong. His 5-4-1 looked too conservative, Palace couldn’t get out and Zaha hadn’t had a kick. But one break and they’re in.

GOAL! Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace | Wilfried Zaha 32'

20:33 , Matt Verri


Guaita plays the ball forward, Eze brings it down and drifts inside. Brilliant pass through to Zaha and he’s clean through.

Curls it low into the far corner, Alisson can’t get down in time and Palace have the lead!

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:32 , Matt Verri

Alexander-Arnold has been head and shoulders the best player on the park here. All Liverpool’s best moments have come through him and it feels a matter of time before they open the scoring.

20:31 , Matt Verri

30 mins: Alexander-Arnold playing as a number ten, picks up the ball and turns, before clipping a wonderful pass over the top.

It’s perfectly onto Salah’s head, he can’t do enough with the effort though and Guaita easily saves.

20:29 , Matt Verri

29 mins: A couple of nice passes, some composure from Eze and Palace have loads of space out on the right.

Clyne’s cross is a poor one, easily cleared away. Andersen charges up the pitch to win possession and then draws the foul. Palace will send this long into the box... or not. Taken short.

Now it comes in, Guehi nods it back across the box. Nobody there.

20:27 , Matt Verri

26 mins: Palace can’t get out, Zaha is getting absolutely nothing to work with it.

Ball played down the line towards him, Phillips reads it and intercepts. Schlupp then fouls Nunez with a clumsy challenge, Palace’s frustrations continue.

But... it’s still goalless.

20:23 , Matt Verri

23 mins: BIG CHANCE!

Another brilliant move, Alexander-Arnold has been sensational so far. Pulls it back perfectly into the path of Salah, who fires wide with the first-time effort.

Palace survive. Just.

20:22 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Alexander-Arnold swings the cross into the box, it’s Robertson who has made the run at the back post but Clyne does well to clear it away.

Very nearly fell for Nunez - getting a bit desperate from Palace again as Alexander-Arnold has a shot blocked.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:20 , Matt Verri

He was miles offside and perhaps knew it but Eze probably wants to work on his finishing one-on-one. He missed a sitter against Arsenal last week and he put that straight at Alisson before the flag spared his blushes.

20:19 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Eze now clean through on goal, as Zaha plays the ball straight through the middle of Liverpool’s defence.

Massive gap, he drives forward and the shot is saved by Alisson. All for nothing... offside flag goes up.

20:18 , Matt Verri

17 mins: Chaos in the Palace box, eventually leads to a Diaz shot that loops up for Guaita to comfortably gather.

Ball played over the top for Robertson, great run in behind. Ball won’t quite drop for him, shot is blocked. Falls for Diaz, who can’t find the space to get a clean effort away.

20:14 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Liverpool switching the ball quickly from side to side, Diaz the latest to ping it out wide to Alexander-Arnold.

Phillips goes long towards Nunez, too much on it though and Guaita can clam. Liverpool keen to involve their striker at every opportunity so far.

20:12 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Nice footwork from Eze, he finds Zaha and Palace have their first chance to break. Worked wide to Mitchell, low cross into the box is cleared away.

Liverpool go long, Nunez holds it up brilliantly and the hosts can get back on the attack. That’s what he brings!

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:10 , Matt Verri

He was exposed a bit at Fulham last weekend but Trent Alexander-Arnold has made a brilliant start here. Not sure he’ll have to do too much defending tonight and that spells trouble for Palace.

20:10 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Crystal Palace hanging on for dear life here!

Salah’s touch falls perfectly for Elliott, drifts into the box and his shot is really well blocked. Looked destined for the bottom corner.

Cross quickly clipped back in, Nunez completely free at the back post and it’s a poor effort. Should have scored.

20:06 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Guaita will be fine to continue, eventually back up and ready to continue.

Liverpool right at it so far, getting plenty of bodies forward and into the box. Elliott involved in the early stages - big chance for him to impress tonight.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:04 , Matt Verri

Looks like Wilfried Zaha is going to play as the lone front man in a 5-4-1 for Palace. There’s no doubt he’ll be a threat on the counter if Palace can get him the ball to feet and get him running at Phillips in particular.

But I’m not sure you can expect him to be holding much up against Van Dijk so the service is going to have to be good.

20:03 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Rapid start from Liverpool. Alexander-Arniold wastes no time in whipping a cross into the box, Nunez throws himself at it.

Palmed out to Milner on the edge of the box, heavy touch and he blazes over the bar. Guaita got caught by Milner as the Liverpool man got the shot away, he’ll need some treatment.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

20:02 , Matt Verri

A cracking rendition of Mikel Arteta’s favourite tune and we are underway at Anfield for the first time this season.


20:01 , Matt Verri

Underway for the final time on the second week of the Premier League season.

19:59 , Matt Verri

Players out. You’ll Never Walk Alone being belted out.

We are ready for Anfield’s first competitive action of the season.

19:54 , Matt Verri

Here we go!

Full house at Anfield, atmosphere building ahead of kick-off. Players will be out in a matter of minutes.

Ten wins in a row for Liverpool against Palace - strong chance that becomes 11 you’d have to say.

Just over 10 minutes to go!

19:47 , Matt Verri

Klopp: It’s been an interesting week

19:42 , Matt Verri

Jurgen Klopp not exactly delighted with Liverpool’s preparations to this match.

He’s told Sky Sports: “We had a real interesting week. A lot of things happened but we are here and we are ready to face Crystal Palace.”

We’ll see if they’re ready very soon!

Vieira in confident mood

19:34 , Matt Verri

Important night for Liverpool

19:27 , Matt Verri

With something bordering on perfection needed to win the Premier League these days, Liverpool won’t want to slip-up for a second game in a row at the start of the season.

Way too soon to say it’s a must-win match or anything like that, but dropped points against Fulham and Palace would surely look costly come the end of the season.

Malik Ouzia at Anfield

19:20 , Matt Verri

Back five for Palace?

19:16 , Matt Verri

Change of system potentially for Palace tonight. Looks like it could be Clyne and Mitchell as wing-backs, with Ward alongside Guehi and Andersen in the middle.

Edouard drops to the bench, with Olise making his return to take his place among the substitutes too.

Nunez in from the off

19:09 , Matt Verri

So Nunez starts for Liverpool, while Phillips partners Van Dijk at the back. Elliott and Milner in midfield alongside Fabinho.

Firmino misses out on the squad entirely, which Liverpool say is just a precaution, while Matip is out with a muscle strain.

Crystal Palace team news

19:04 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Guaita, Clyne, Ward, Andersen, Guehi, Mitchell, Doucoure, Eze, Schlupp, Zaha, Ayew

Subs: Johnstone,Milivojevic, Olise, Mateta, Hughes, Edouard, Ebiowei, Richards, Plange.

Liverpool team news

19:00 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Phillips, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Milner, Elliott, Diaz, Nunez, Salah

Subs: Adrian, Gomez, Keita, Tsimikas, Henderson, Carvalho, Clark, Bajcetic, Van Den Berg

Stand by...

18:57 , Matt Verri

Team news coming up in less than five minutes. All will be revealed imminently!

Liverpool dominate head-to-head

18:51 , Matt Verri

3-1. 3-0. 2-0. 7-0. 4-0. 2-1. 4-3. 2-0. 2-1. 1-0.

Most recent meetings between the two sides - ten Liverpool wins, not even a point for Palace.

Before that run, the Eagles won three consecutive matches at Anfield. Feels a long time ago now though!

Andersen can expose Liverpool weakness

18:43 , Matt Verri

It is amazing what a bit of prime ­airtime can do. Joachim Andersen enjoyed a fine first season at Crystal Palace, but was hardly widely lauded beyond Selhurst Park, with centre-back partner Marc Guehi more regularly the focus having made a more eye-catching switch from west London to south, arriving from European champions Chelsea rather than relegated Fulham.

Just a week into the new campaign, however, and Andersen heads to Anfield for tonight’s meeting with Liverpool with his reputation notably enhanced after a superb performance against Arsenal in last week’s showpiece Premier League season-opener.

It was, despite the 2-0 loss, a terrific display and not one that will have come as a surprise to Patrick Vieira, nor the Palace fans that watched the 26-year-old play 34 times in the League last term.

Read Malik Ouzia’s full preview!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Nunez the star

18:37 , Matt Verri

Darwin Nunez on the cover of the Liverpool programme this evening.

Does that mean a first Premier League start for the striker? We’ll find out in 20 minutes!

Klopp discusses transfer difficulties

18:27 , Matt Verri

Jurgen Klopp has insisted Liverpool will not be forced into a midfield signing that does not make sense.

Reports have suggested that the club are willing to wait until next summer to strengthen in the middle of the pitch, even with Thiago, Curtis Jones and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all currently ruled out of action.

“It’s easy for us to bring a midfielder in, it’s not so easy to bring the right midfielder in - for money reasons and contractual reasons,” Klopp said. “Most of the time they go hand in hand.

“It’s not that we deny signing a player if they have a problem with injuries. It’s a different season to the beginning of the pre-season, when everybody told me we needed a new midfielder - it was about the kind of midfielder. And it’s a completely different discussion - we didn’t need a new kind of midfielder.

“But if the right midfielder would have been available, we would have gone there as well. Now the situation changed slightly, that’s true. But it can only be about the right midfielder, that’s not easy.”

Read the full story!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

City fancied to seal title again

18:20 , Matt Verri

Early days in the Premier League season... very early days.

That hasn’t stopped Manchester City already establishing themselves as favourites for the title after winning their opening two matches.

Two-horse race again? You’d think so.

Latest Premier League title odds:

Man City: 4/9

Liverpool: 16/5

Tottenham: 14/1

Chelsea: 19/1

Odds via Betfair


Anfield’s first taste of competitive action this season!

18:11 , Matt Verri


18:04 , Matt Verri

Liverpool were not quite at the races last time out but should have shaken off any rustiness after dropping points against Fulham.

Crystal Palace battled hard against Arsenal and face a far tougher test at Anfield. We expect Liverpool to earn their first win of the season.

Liverpool to win, 3-1.

Crystal Palace team news

17:57 , Matt Verri

Crystal Palace hope to welcome Michael Olise back into the squad after the winger returned to training following a foot injury.

However, James McArthur, James Tomkins, Nathan Ferguson and Jack Butland are all out.

Predicted Crystal Palace XI (4-2-3-1): Guaita; Clyne, Andersen, Guehi, Mitchell; Doucoure, Schlupp; Ayew, Eze, Zaha; Edouard

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Liverpool team news

17:50 , Matt Verri

Naby Keita and Kostas Tsimikas should return to the Liverpool squad after overcoming illness and injury respectively, but Thiago Alcantara will miss between four and six weeks with a hamstring injury.

He joins Diogo Jota, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Curtis Jones, Ibrahima Konate, Calvin Ramsay and Caoimhin Kelleher on the treatment table. Joel Matip could also be sidelined with a groin complaint.

Predicted Liverpool XI: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Milner, Elliott; Salah, Nunez, Diaz

 (Liverpool FC via Getty Images)
(Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

How to watch Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

17:41 , Matt Verri

TV channel: In the UK, tonight’s game will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League. Coverage begins at 7pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers will also be able to watch the game online via the Sky Go app.

LIVE coverage: Follow all of the action right here, featuring expert analysis from Malik Ouzia at Anfield.

Good evening!

17:33 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Liverpool vs Crystal Palace!

Both sides looking for their first Premier League win of the season - safe to say Liverpool are somewhat more fancied to do so tonight at Anfield than Palace.

We’ll have all the latest build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 8pm BST. Stay tuned!

 (Liverpool FC via Getty Images)
(Liverpool FC via Getty Images)