‘Lizzie’s in a box’ – Scotland fans mock death of late Queen before Prince of Wales visit

'Lizzie's in a box' – Scotland fans mock death of late Queen
'Lizzie's in a box' – Scotland fans mock death of late Queen

Scotland fans have been filmed chanting a song celebrating the death of the late Queen ahead of the Prince of Wales’ visit to Germany.

Fans staying in Düsseldorf during the European Championship sang “Lizzie’s in a box” while others in Frankfurt chanted Harry Kane “licks windows on the bus” when they met English fans in the city.

As England fans again sang 10 German Bombers in defiance of police advice, a handful of Scottish fans have now been caught chanting their own offensive songs.

In footage filmed on the streets of Düsseldorf earlier this week, a small number of  Scotland fans chanted “Lizzie’s in a box, in a box, Lizzie’s in a box, na na na na na na na,” in a celebration of the death of Elizabeth II who died in September 2022.

The chant has previously been used at Dundee United matches and the footage emerged as the late Queen’s grandson Prince William is set to attend England’s clash with Denmark on Thursday.

In Frankfurt, where England will play Denmark, The Telegraph understands a handful of Scotland fans also sang the offensive chant in the city’s main square.

Hamish Husband of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs told Telegraph Sport: “There are over 100,000 Scots in Germany who have been a credit to Scotland and have integrated with the fans from all nations. The locals have embraced the tartan invasion.

“Whilst condemning the behaviour of a few, I and other Scots have been verbally abused, sadly, by a minority of England fans.”

Fans from Dundee who drank in Frankfurt on Wednesday also sang an offensive song about England captain Kane during what started as friendly joshing with England fans in the Römerberg district.

In scenes that will infuriate the majority of the Tartan Army who take pride in Scotland fans being well behaved and have been keen to keep it friendly with English fans. Supporter from Dundee sang about how Kane “licks windows on the bus” and “eats spaghetti with his hands”.

“Harry Kane licks the windaes on the bus,” they sang in a chant which was previously condemned by fellow supporters when it was used during a visit to Belgium in 2019.

Dundee is one of the most nationalist areas of Scotland, with residents being one of only four areas that voted to separate from the UK in the referendum in 2014.

Dundee United has previously blamed “a small section”  of fans for disrupting a minute’s silence for the late Queen in September 2022 before a game against Rangers.

Footage of the offensive Scotland chants emerged after police again pleaded with English fans not sing 10 German Bombers before they arrived in Frankfurt, where children have now been pictured holding inflatable bombers in the crowds.

After fans ignored warnings not to sing the offensive chant in Gelsenkirchen last week officers in Frankfurt appealed for England fans to behave ahead of Thursday’s clash with Denmark.

Ahead of Sunday’s 1-0 win over Serbia fans were heard performing the song in Gelsenkirchen and nearby Düsseldorf.

England fans have repeatedly refused to stop performing the illicit song – which mocks German casualties during the Second World War to the tune of ‘She’ll Be Coming ’Round the Mountain’ – despite facing being banned from the team’s matches if caught doing so.

Police in Frankfurt have made a fresh appeal. Asked what their approach would be if 10 German Bombers were sung on the city’s streets, a spokesman for Hessen police said supporters from all teams should avoid offensive songs.

“The song is generally not classified as a criminal offence in Germany. Regardless of this, we appeal to all fans to celebrate a peaceful and happy football festival and to refrain from provocations, abusive songs or songs that glorify violence.”