Londoner’s Diary: Does return of the capital’s restaurant King beckon?

 (Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd)
(Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd)

WHAT’S next for one of London’s most respected restaurateurs, Jeremy King?

The Londoner hears King, who ran The Wolseley on Piccadilly, is expected to return to the capital’s food scene this autumn. In April, he was ousted from his group, which also included the Delaunay and Brasserie Zédel, by a fund which had bought the major stake in the group.

King, who once pledged to buy the group back, has been seen visiting ex-staff. He is on gardening leave and declined to comment. Last week, it was announced that the Wolseley Cafe in Oxfordshire will close following a dispute. Many clients pledged not to visit in King’s absence. Watch this space.

Updated: following publication of this piece, King was in touch with The Londoner to say that he wouldn’t return before April, as he is precluded from action until then.

Angela’s booze stash

With officials cracking down on Westminster’s boozy culture, it seems Angela Rayner has moved the party to her private office. A recent photo shows a stash of spirits and wine that the Labour deputy keeps beside her office printer, as well as a handy corkscrew. The stockpile was accidentally revealed by Miguel Berger, German ambassador to the UK, when he called in for a grinning photo op. Hopefully, this won’t put too much of a strain on Angela-German relations.

Corbyn returns with a bang

Jeremy Corbyn (PA) (PA Wire)
Jeremy Corbyn (PA) (PA Wire)

Ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has opened up more party wounds with a broadside on his critics within Labour over the Forde report, which details infighting during his leadership. Corbyn claimed its findings “vindicate everything we said and did” in his time in charge. Speaking to outlet Double Down News, he slammed MPs who were “undermining and critical of my leadership” and described manoeuvres against him as “attacks on democracy”. Enough to make current leaders want a drink.

Game of Thrones prequel premiere

Londoner’s Diary 16 08 22

THE STARS of Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon came out for the Leicester Square premiere last night. Matt Smith attended with Anaïs Gallagher, daughter of Oasis songwriter Noel. Cast member Olivia Cooke was among those who praised the team’s “working-class” make-up. At the Soho House after party, Rhys Ifans, Fabien Frankel and Julian Lewis Jones were joined by Phoebe Campbell and Milly Alcock.

Rowling vs Harris clash

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

AUTHOR Joanne Harris has tried to draw a line under a dispute with JK Rowling, after Rowling claimed she had “consistently failed” to support gender-critical writers in her role as chair of the Society of Authors. Harris revealed her son is trans, and she supports trans rights, saying she won’t “lash out”.