Man City get Premier League settlement prediction on 115 charges, expulsion and points deduction

A general view of a Manchester City corner flag during the Premier League match between Manchester City and West Ham United at Etihad Stadium on May 19, 2024
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Kieran Maguire and Stefan Borson have agreed it's 'unlikely' that Manchester City and the Premier League will reach a settlement before the 115 charges of Premier League regulations are heard. In February 2023, the English top flight charged its champions with 115 alleged breaches of financial regulations.

These include accusations that the club failed to provide accurate financial information and failed to cooperate with investigations spanning nine seasons (2009/10 to 2017/18). Manchester City strongly deny any wrongdoing and the case is set to be heard by an independent commission later this year.

Speaking on the 'We’re Not Really Here' podcast by BBC Radio Manchester, football finance expert Maguire and lawyer Borson, who was once a financial adviser at the Etihad Stadium, were asked whether there's a chance that the two parties agree on a settlement before the hearing.

"It would certainly save a lot of money on behalf of both sides," said Maguire. "It could mean that both parties could claim a victory, but I think in terms of public opinion and the reaction there's likely to be from both the media, and I suspect from other clubs, it's not really something that would be palatable to the Premier League nor City."

Borson added: "There are ways in which it could occur within the Premier League rules. But I think they missed their window for a settlement. Now that it's public and now that we're so close to the hearing, it would be very unlikely for them to find common ground politically to get this settled."

In an interview with The Times in May, Richard Masters provided a brief update on the hearing. The Premier League CEO said: "All we have said is that a date has been set for the hearing. We haven't said when that is. Our rulebook requires these commissions to be held in private, and everything to be confidential."

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Then, speaking to the Evening Standard, Dan Chapman, head of employment and sports at Leathes Prior, claimed no punishment should be ruled out – from fines to expulsion from the Premier League. The solicitor said: "Considerable uncertainty remains on the current status of the Premier League proceedings against Manchester City.

"It would appear that these charges are far more serious, if they are proven, than the charges which Everton and Nottingham Forest recently admitted. Those clubs were charged with a breach of spending rules that they admitted.

"This case is entirely different, 115 charges which relate, it would appear, to serious impropriety which Manchester City robustly deny. The number and complexity of the charges will present huge challenges to all involved and it is not unlikely that the hearing could be delayed in full or in part.

"The independent commission that will hear the case will have almost limitless powers, and sanctions could range from fines to points deductions to expulsion from the Premier League. Manchester City will of course be aiming to be cleared of all charges, and nothing should be ruled out in this quite extraordinary case."